How to Get The Tier 3 Termite Axe in Grounded

Are you wondering how you can get the Tier 3 Termite Axe in Grounded?

Grounded is a survival video game made by Obsidian Entertainment. It was published by Xbox Game Studios for Windows and Xbox. Before its public release last September 2022, the game was in early access for two years.

In the game, you’ll be shrunk down into the size of insects and put into the Backyard. This is a dangerous place where bugs, termites, and powerful creatures reside. 

To survive, players must collect different resources and turn them into valuable tools, gears, weapons, and armor. The Termite Axe is among the many tools you can make in the game.

The Termite Axe in Grounded is an essential and excellent tool to craft as an upgrade for the Tier 2 Insect Axe. This tool in the game is required for farming valuable resources like Lint and Pupa, which are needed for gathering materials for higher-grade equipment. 

New fans might wonder how they can get their hands on the Termite Axe in Grounded’s vast open world. 

In this guide, we will show you how to get the Tier 3 Termite Axe in Grounded. 

Let’s get right into it!

Unlocking The Tier 3 Termite Axe

If you want to unlock the Termite Axe Recipe, you will have to harvest and analyze Tough Gunk from creatures found in the Upper Yard. Alternatively, you can also fight termites to analyze Termite Chompers or Termite Parts. 

Termite Axe Smithing Station

Once you have access to the recipe, you can make the Tier 3 Termite Axe. However, you’ll need to collect these materials: 

  • 2 Termite Chompers
  • 2 Crow Feather Pieces
  • 4 Bits of Tough Gunk

Finding Termites

You should make your way to the far northwest portion of the map to the Woodpile if you want to find termites. The easiest way to get there is to locate the pipe behind the Grill, jump the smaller gaps across the rocky Trenches, and move past the gum stuck to the bike in the grassy area. 

get the tier 3 termite axe in grounded

Now, Termites may appear around the Woodpiles, so we recommend that you equip plenty of healing supplies. You should also wear strong armor and wield decent weapons, like the Crow Crossbow or Black Ant Sword. 

Depending on the situation, you might come across smaller Termites, standard Termites, and larger Termite Soldiers. 

When fighting Termites, do not forget to use your peeper goggles to peep Termites to discover their weaknesses. It is also ideal to use ranged weapons like the Crow Crossbow to avoid the damage that termites dish out at close range. 

Finding Tough Gunk

Tough Gunk in Grounded comes from many of the toughest bugs in the Upper Yard, including Roly Polys, Ladybird Larvae, and Termites. When you fight any of these creatures, there is a chance that Tough Gunk drops after defeating them. 

Tough Gunk

However, you may need to defeat several kinds of Upper Yard creatures to get enough Tough Gunk for the Termite Axe. 

Finding Crow Feathers

While playing, you’ll eventually notice the large crow that roosts in various parts of the Backyard. This crow drops crow feathers randomly throughout the map. Crow Feathers can appear around the bird’s path. 

get the tier 3 termite axe in grounded

To harvest this resource, you will need the Tier 2 Insect Axe. 

What To Do With Tier 3 Termite Axe

After going through all the trouble of making a Tier 3 Termite Axe, you might wonder what it is used for. Well, the Tier 3 Termite Axe is a valuable tool used for harvesting tier 3 resources to make higher-grade equipment. 

Here are some of them: 

  • Lint
  • Wooden Splinters
  • Pupa
  • Dead Roots
  • Bur Wees

That ends our guide on how to get the Tier 3 Termite Axe in Grounded. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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