How to Get the Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin in Grounded

Wondering how you can get the Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin in Grounded?

Grounded is one of the most popular games right now after being on early access for two years. In the game, you play as a human who was shrunken down to the size of an insect and forced to survive the wilderness of the backyard. 

As you explore the yard, you will come across various creatures that you’ll need to fight off. You will also discover tons of resources in the game, which you can use to craft tools, gears, and weapons. 

Without the correct tools, Grounded becomes nearly impossible to finish without dying multiple times. Whether you are alone or playing with friends, you must explore the stunning and deadly world of the backyard, ready for anything. 

The Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin is a great weapon to make, which surely gives you an advantage over enemies. 

In this guide, we will show you how to get the Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin in Grounded. 

Let’s dive right in!

Obtaining the Scythe 

The only way to secure this weapon in the game is to slay the Orchid Mantis Boss. However, this can turn into a hard fight if you are not prepared. Keep in mind that the Mantis is immune to all weapon types, including Stabbing and Chopping. 

Due to this, you will have to focus on basic weapons with decent stuns to slow the Orchid Mantis during the fight. 

get the Scythe of the Blossoming in Grounded

Securing this Tier III weapon will also test your patience since it is a 3-Phase fight. 

During the starting phase, the Orchid Mantis will use a strong, charged slam that can cause bleeding. You should also look out for the shockwaves as they are not blockable by any shield or gear. 

In the second phase, the Mantis will unveil a relentless scream that cuts down exhaustion recovery time and deals some damage. 

get the Scythe of the Blossoming in Grounded

For the final phase, the Orchid Mantis learns two more powerful attacks. 

After defeating this boss in Grounded, you will be rewarded with everything you need to make the Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin. 

Things You’ll Need

Here is a rundown of everything you will need to craft the Tier III Scythe in Grounded: 

  • 2 Mantis Claws
  • 5 Pupa Leather
  • 5 Rust
  • 4 Mantis Chunks
  • 5 Lint rope

After defeating the Orchid Mantis, you should have enough Mantis Claws and Mantis Chunks for the Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin. 

To make Pupa Leather, gather some Pupa to obtain Pupa Hide. With Rust, you can use a Black Ox Hammer to harvest it on metal surfaces. Finally, Lint Rope can be made using Lint. You can find it on the doormat of the shed. 

With all the materials at hand, head to the workbench to make the Scythe in Grounded. 

Weapon Stats

get the Scythe of the Blossoming in Grounded
  • Damage – 4/10
  • Speed – 7/10
  • Stun – 0.5/10

With the stats presented, you can see that this weapon is sought after not because it is strong but due to its remarkably fast attack speed. Speed in Grounded goes a long way toward keeping you alive. 

In addition, it also adds critical damage to your attacks. Pair this with how deadly the weapon looks, and what is not to love about it? 

That ends our guide on how to get the Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin in Grounded. If you have questions or any other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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