How to Get The Pinch Whacker in Grounded

Want to know how you can get the Pinch Whacker in Grounded?

Grounded is filled with hidden, secret locations and objects for players to uncover, from long-lost BURG.L chips to abandoned labs. Exploration and discovery are all part of Grounded’s charm and appeal, as many players become eager to uncover more secrets. 

In Grounded, the Pinch Whacker is one of the best weapons you can discover, and it is not too tricky to get. 

The Pinch Whacker might give a futuristic fly swatter appeal with its robotic arm and pinch-like grip. However, it is an excellent item that is a robotic Tier-3 weapon with some devastating effects.

Interested fans will need their building skills and wits to reach it, plus the ability to mix an explosive concoction to access the weapon’s hidden location. 

Today, we will show you how you can get the Pinch Whacker weapon in Grounded. 

Let’s begin!

Finding The Pinch Whacker

The Pinch Whacker weapon in Grounded is placed inside a hidden nook in the wall near the Hedge Lab behind a cracked doorway, making it easy to miss even for the most observant players. 

Coming from the Hedge Lab door in the bottom-right portion of the map, you will need to follow the wall until you see a milk carton next to some large rocks. 

Milk Box and Rock

However, watch out for stinkbugs loitering around the milk carton and mosquitos hovering around the water’s edge. You should also try to avoid them if possible. 

Next to the Milk Carton, look up to see a small crack in the wall about halfway up. 

Now, players can climb up the top and glide down to the entrance using a dandelion tuft, but this can be hard to traverse. On the other hand, players who prefer building can make grass floors and sets of grass ladder stairs using grass planks and weed stems to reach the wall. 

get the pinch whacker in grounded

There is also a lot of grass nearby to chop, but players need to backtrack to the dry grass areas to retrieve dandelion weed stems using a chopping tool like the pebblet axe. 

If you are planning this route, you should know that one set of grass stairs requires 4 grass planks and a weed stem. One complete grass floor needs four grass planks. Once you are across, you will see a broken door that requires explosives to open. 

Getting Explosives and Blasting The Door

The next step you should take is to make some explosives to open the doorway. While the Splatburst can be more accurate with its sticky abilities, the fastest type of explosive to get is the Bratburst explosive. 

get the pinch whacker in grounded

This can be crafted using 2 Fungal Growths, 1 Red Ant Egg, and 5 Pieces of Sap. To unlock this recipe, you will need to find and analyze fungal growth from many of the infected insects near the Haze area. 

Get Fungal Growth 

There is no need to venture into the dangerous foggy mists of the Haze, though, since you can head up the rock where the top of the rake sits. This should be located above the giant gorge in the dry grass area west of the Mysterious Machine. 

Here, you can find infected bugs pacing around in their oozy state. Killing an infected ladybird is not too different from a normal one, but it spits out explosive drops of gunk. 

Fungal Growth can also make the delectable soup Funguspacho. 

Get Ant Eggs and Sap

If you don’t have a red ant egg, you can find some deep inside the anthill to the west. Sap is easily obtainable from fallen twigs dotted about the backyard, tree trunks around the Oak Tree, or a Sap Catcher. 

To learn more, you can check out our detailed guide on how to get Ant Eggs in Grounded. 

Use the Bratburst Explosive

Once you have sourced all the required ingredients and crafted the Bratburst explosive, it is time to head back to the damaged door. To not waste the explosive, it is best to stand right in front of the door and gently drop it before stepping back to avoid the blast. 

get the pinch whacker in grounded

Inside, you should find some burst berries splattered up the walls inside a lost lab area. The Pinch Whacker should be inside a trash can beside the computer consoles. 

You should also find a metal storage container with some goodies inside. 

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