How to Get the Legendary Nomad Set in Cyberpunk 2077

Want to know how you can get the Legendary Nomad set in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a futuristic RPG set in the fictional environment of Night City. It is developed by CD Projekt, and you will play as the protagonist V. With this, players will be able to explore the neon-lit streets of the metropolis and deck out the character with various skills and prosthetics. 

Similar to other CD Projekt Red titles, Cyberpunk 2077 also has a vast array of customization options for its main character. 

Besides character points, you will also be able to drape V in various attire and clothing. With the recent 1.6 update’s wardrobe mode, players even have the option to change the cosmetic appearance of clothes using the new outfits. 

In this guide, we will show you how to get the Legendary Nomad set in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Let’s get right into it!

Legendary Nomad Set

Clothing in Cyberpunk 2077 will need six slots into which you can equip each piece of the set. These include the inner torso, head, face, outer torso, feet, and legs. Most clothing sets will also have at least five pieces, and the Legendary Nomad set is one of them since it comes with every other slot besides a headpiece. 

Although the Nomad Set has been in the game since it was released, the v1.6 update allowed players to equip the outfit for aesthetic purposes only and still be able to wear items that better benefit your higher character level. 

Manganese-laminate Nomad Gas Mask

The first piece of the Nomad set in Cyberpunk 2077 is available to pick up in the Badlands area. You’ll want to head to the Solar Arrays fast-travel location. Once there, travel south, and you should come across an abandoned camp. 


To identify the right camp, look for a dilapidated van with a sofa and table set up outside. The item will be inside a large box sitting atop the sofa, ready to be picked up. 

Duolayer Microplate-Mesh Nomad Jacket

The second piece of the Nomad set is just nearby and within the Badlands area as well. If you look southwards from your current position, you should be able to spot the Regional Airport fast-travel location. 

Duolayer Microplate

Make your way towards there and start heading southwest until you come by a low warehouse-like structure with graffiti on the side. 

You should also spot a bunker directly adjacent to this structure. 

Players will need at least 13 points in Body to enter the bunker. Head inside, and you will see many lootable containers, one of which has orange loot. Open it to obtain the jacket. 

Polycarbonate Nomad Shirt with Reinforced Seams

To obtain this next part of the Legendary Nomad set, head over to the Tango Tors Motel fast-travel point. From here, head southwest and be on the look for another broken-down van. This time it will be sitting out all by itself in the desert. 

get the nomad set in cyberpunk 2077

Fortunately, the desert is quite flat, so locating the van should not be hard. It is also sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the desert. The van also contains white graffiti on the side that reads, “Reaper smiles upon you”. 

Besides the van, you will find a dead body. Loot the corpse to obtain the Polycarbonate Nomad Shirt. 

Ultralight Tear-Resistant Nomad Pants

The Tear-Resistant Nomad Pants in Cyberpunk 2077 was added in patch 1.5 and is located in the Badlands area as well. To find this item, players must head south of the city and towards the open fields. 

get the nomad set in cyberpunk 2077

They should see some power poles in the area, but they are on the lookout for one with a red van that crashed into it. 

Next to the van is a body of a man along with his dead cat. A drone will be beside the body, but it is friendly and won’t attack players. Loot the area to find the pants you have been looking for. 

Durable Bioleather Nomad Western Boots

To obtain the Bioleather Nomad Western Boots, players must fast travel to the Old Turbines terminal and head west. Soon you will come across an abandoned gas station nearby. Look around the side, and you will spot a bunker that you can enter for some free loot. 

get the nomad set in cyberpunk 2077

Now, head inside and snaffle up all the items until you discover the Nomad Western Boots. 

Once you’ve obtained the Durable Bioleather Nomad Western Boots, you should now have all the pieces of clothing that comprise the Legendary Nomad Set. 

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