How to Get the Mag Boots in High On Life

Want to know how you can get the Mag Boots in High On Life?

High On Life is currently one of the hottest games of 2022. Being released in the last month of the year, players can now enjoy this amazing masterpiece from Rick and Morty’s co-creator, Justin Roiland. 

In the game, you’ll take the shoes of a bounty hunter who aims to stop the wrongdoings of the G3 Cartel and take down the notorious group once and for all. 

However, the game poses a lot of challenges that you’ll have to conquer if you want to achieve your character’s goal. In the game, you’ll get to enjoy the deep story of each character, an amazing open world, and talking guns. 

While exploring, you’ll come across various tools and gears that can help you in your journey. 

One of these items is the Mag Boots. This equipment will allow you to stick to magnetic walls and climb up buildings without needing a jetpack or other resources. You’ll also unlock an Achievement Trophy upon getting this item. 

To help you out, we have decided to make a guide on how to get the Mag Boots in High On Life. 

Let’s jump right in!

Starting Your Journey

After delivering the Skrendol Brothers bounty, you can come back to your house and Gene will ask you to retrieve another gear. For this quest, you’ll have to find the coordinates for the item by asking the people around Blim City. 

Then, he’ll tell you that he has unlocked an extra feature in the Bounty 5000. This feature is the Detective Mode. From here, you’ll have to speak with the locals of Blim City to find intel about Dr. Giblets.

Citizens High On Life

Once you’re in Blim City, you can start speaking with the residents. However, no one seems to know about his location. 

Some citizens will also become angry when you ask them about Dr. Giblets. After asking some locals, you’ll eventually meet the one with the shutter. He’ll tell you that he doesn’t know anything about Dr. Giblets, but knows someone who has information about him. 

get the mag boots in high on life

He’ll instruct you to go to Blorto and mention his name, Micheal Taint. Now, scan the area and head to Blorto’s shop to speak with him. 

When you ask Blorto about Dr. Giblets, he’ll refuse to say anything about him. However, if you mention Michael to him, he’ll ask you to check the High On Life store in the slums. 

Traveling to High On Life Store

As instructed by Blorto, you’ll have to head to the Slums and defeat the Torg gang first. After defeating the enemies, move forward and clear the path using your grappler. 

You should reach Space Applebee’s area where you’ll have to take care of more enemies. However, it will take you some time to defeat them since they got some numbers. After taking care of the enemies, you should reach the High On Life store. 

get the mag boots in high on life

From there, you’ll see a line of people outside the store, but you can enter the facility without permission. 

Once you’re inside, investigate about Dr. Giblets and ask the manager about him. 

Upon asking the manager, he’ll tell you that he knows that Dr. Giblets is the owner of the store but he doesn’t know what he looks like or even where to find him. You’ll meet another local in the store but he won’t have answers either. 

Now, you’ll see two suited guys at the exit door and he’ll invite you for your time. However, they’ll disappear after a while. 

Locating the Mag Boots

Once the guys in suits disappear, get out of the store and you’ll see a dead body on the ground who died from falling from a height. There you’ll see a lady who will tell you that his friend got trampled in the rush. 

get the mag boots in high on life

She’ll also tell you that you can get his Mag Boots. 

Basically, Mag Boots in High On Life are shoes that have magnets inside. This allows you to climb walls with magnetic surfaces. There should be a wall in front of you where you can test out your new gear. 

That is everything you need to know on how to get the Mag Boots in High On Life. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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