How to Get Sweezy in High On Life

Do you want to get Sweezy, the talking semi-auto pistol, in High On Life?

High On Life is an FPS game created by Justin Roiland and developed by Squanch Games. It is a sci-fi action comedy that tasks you to save the world from Alien invasion. One of the most amusing facts about the game is that all the weapons you can carry could talk. 

In High On Life, players will have to place and select bounties. After placing a bounty, they will visit a new area that they have to clear and explore. Along the way, you will have to fight enemies, solve puzzles, and collect rewards. 

Defeating a boss in High On Life will complete your bounty and reward you with a talking weapon. 

Sweezy is one of the most popular talking semi-auto pistols in the game and this guide will show you how to get Sweezy in High On Life. 

Let’s get started!

Sweezy Overview

Sweezy is an amazing pistol with a high firing rate and a large magazine capacity. 

Once you’ve slain 9-Torg, you will receive two bounties in the game to defeat the G3 Cartel bosses. Defeating Krubis and Douglas will reward you with the Gus Shotgun and Sweezy. This weapon is an amazing rapid-fire pistol that can take down obstacles and fast-moving objects.

get sweezy in high on life

 Its unique ability, Time Bubble, can slow down time to give you the shiftiness edge needed in combat. 

Sweezy comes fully loaded with 25 base ammo. It can also be upgraded with mods like the Ammo Sac, which adds two slots for primary ammo, Chronoliver for more frequent Time Bubble usage, and the Reload Tract. 

This weapon can even be outfitted with mods like Remote Detonator that allow Sweezy’s crystals to detonate remotely. 

Obtaining Sweezy in High On Life

As we have mentioned, Sweezy can be obtained in the game after beating Douglas. At the start of this encounter, Douglas will stay on the ground, making it a very manageable fight. For this phase, all you need to do is use regular attacks to deal damage. 

After some time, Douglas will begin jumping up on the pillars surrounding the area. At this point, you will need to use Kenny’s Trick Hole ability to stun him. 

get sweezy in high on life

You can use this opening to attack Douglas with Knifey and deal more damage.  

After stunning Douglas a few more times, he will begin attacking you with electricity, spraying purple sparks on the floor. Grunts will also start spawning during this phase, entering the area to distract you and give Douglas an edge. 

During this time, Douglas will start jumping around on the pillars again, making it difficult for you to hit him. 

get sweezy in high on life

Just keep using Kenny’s Trick Hole ability at this point to stun Douglas so you can land some hits with Knifey. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, he will perform one final attack, covering the entire floor with sparks. 

Use the grapple point on the ceiling to avoid this final attack as Douglas dies on the ground. 

Key Points

  • You can avoid electrocution by watching the floor for purple sparks. 
  • Use Kenny’s Trick Hole to make Douglas slip when he attaches himself to the walls or pillars. 
  • Stab Douglas with a Knife whenever he is stunned to deal damage. 
  • Keep an eye out for the Grunts that spawn and enter the battle. 
  • Avoid Douglas’ final attack by grappling on the ceiling. 

Sweezy Abilities

Time Bubble

This ability allows players to momentarily slow down a fast-moving object. This should allow you to safely pass through industrial fans or utilize speeding cars as platforms to cross wider gaps. 

Rapid Fire

Unlike Kenny’s single-fir mode, Sweezy has the ability to rapidly shoot crystals at your opponents. These large crystals can also trigger mini explosions that deal even more damage if you perform melee strikes on an enemy affected by these crystals. 

Charged Shot

In a similar way, you can also detonate Sweezy’s crystals by following them up with a Charged Shot. These shots can also be used to shoot enemies through covers. 

Sweezy’s Upgrades

Ammo Sac (Sweezy)2 Extra Slots for Primary Ammo.1000 Pesos
Reload Tract (Sweezy)Faster Reload.1000 Peso
ChronoliverUse Time Bubble more frequently.800 Pesos

That is everything you need to know on how to get Sweezy in High On Life. If you have other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll be here to help. 

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