How to Get Shift in Deathloop

Want to get the Shift Slab in Deathloop?

In Deathloop, you can collect Slabs from Visionaries which work as your off-hand powers. Depending on the Slab, it can give you different abilities such as warping short distances, invisibility, tying up enemies, or increasing your damage and defense. 

You can obtain Slabs from killing Visionaries. Each Visionary will give you a different Slab, but killing them the second time will drop the same Slab. 

If you want to take your chances, you can kill Julianna and obtain a random Slab every time. 

One of the best Slabs in Deathloop is Shift. We suggest tracking down the Shift Slab first if you want to have some convenience while traveling Blackreef. 

Today, we will show you exactly what you need to do to get Shift in Deathloop. 

Let’s get started!

How Does Shift Work? 

If you’ve played the Dishonored series, the Shift Slab works similar to Korvo’s teleport ability. It is essentially the same thing but on different games. However, if you’re new to Arkane Studios and not familiar with their games, using the Shift ability can be a little tricky. 

get Shift in Deathloop

The Shift Slab in Deathloop acts as a way to teleport you around Blackreef. However, it is only meant for short distances. You could either fire the Shift Slab quickly to jump a few meters ahead or charge it down to highlight where you want to go. 

Although the distance would be the same, using the charge option allows you to choose the location you want to teleport. 

How to Get Shift in Deathloop? 

There are two ways to obtain the Shift Slab in Deathloop. The first one would be by killing Julianna the first time she invades your game. However, you can only get the Shift Slab from her by chance, and other Slabs could drop after killing her. 

If you want the guaranteed way to obtain the Shift Slab, you’ll need to go after Charlie Montague. 

Hunting Charlie Montague

To hunt Charlie, you’ll need to travel to Updaam. Since you don’t have the Shift Slab yet, your path to Updaam is limited. We recommend sneaking alongside the bridge for a stealthier router. 

From there, you should keep an eye out for Eternalists outside the area and the ones patrolling indoors. If you get spotted, Charlie will immediately hit the loudspeaker and freak out about your presence. 

get Shift in Deathloop

If you are following the Visionary Lead, you should see a marker for Charlie’s location. Now, find a way to approach Charlie. However, once you get close, he’ll start using the Shift Slab, so it can be challenging to keep up with him. 

Nonetheless, he won’t get far, and he’ll probably teleport away from you and then back to his initial spot. After taking out Charlie Montague, he’ll drop the Shift Slab for you to collect. Once you get the Shift Slab, you can start using it to travel faster across Blackreef.

You should also check our guide for Infusing weapons and items so that you won’t lose the Shift Slab when the time loop resets. 

Upgrading Slabs in Deathloop

You can also upgrade Slabs in Deathloop to further improve the abilities you get from them. To do this, you need to return and kill the Visionary you got the Slab from. For example, if you want to upgrade the Shift Slab, you need to travel back to Updaam once the time loop resets and kill Charlie again. 

You also need to infuse the Slab to get an upgraded version once you kill a Visionary again. Remember that you can only equip two upgrades for every Slab, and you need to infuse them between loops to keep them. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

How many Slabs can you get in Deathloop? 

In total, there are seven Slabs that you can collect in Deathloop from killing Visionaries. The Slabs that you can obtain in the game are Havoc, Shift, Karnesis, Reprise, Masquerade, Aether, and Nexus. 

What Slab can you get from Julianna? 

Unlike other Visionaries who drop a specific Slab once executed, you can obtain a random Slab from killing Julianna. 

What are Shift upgrades? 

The Shift Slab in Deathloop has four possible upgrades, which are Airborne, Dropkick, Reach, and Swapper. The Airborne upgrade can slow down time. Dropkick releases a sonic boom that damages enemies, Reach extends the distance of Shift, and Swapper allows you to swap places with your enemy. 

That sums up our guide on how to get Shift in Deathloop. If you have questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

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