Genshin Impact ‘You have lost your way amidst the mist’: How To

Wondering how you can get past the mist in Genshin Impact?  

Genshin Impact’s new Golden Apple Archipelago is a vast area that includes many islands players can explore. As you enter part two of Midsummer Islands Adventure, the region even gets bigger with newer quests, puzzles, and hidden places to explore. 

However, there is a particular area in the Golden Apple Archipelago that you may have trouble exploring. If you set sail too far from the main islands, you can receive a message that says you have lost your way amidst the mist. 

This can be frustrating for players trying to go to a specific location but unable to due to the said message. 

Today, we will show you how to get past the mist in Genshin Impact without getting lost.

Let’s get started!

Completing the ‘A Trip Through Fog and Wind’ Quest

Before you can venture away from the main islands in the Golden Apple Archipelago, you need to complete a specific quest first, the ‘A Trip Through Fog and Wind’ quest. To get to this quest, you need to visit the Twinning Isle to locate the hidden cave. 

get past the mist in Genshin Impact

Make your way to the teleport waypoint in Twinning Isle and glide off the west side of the mountain. Beneath you, there is an area with unstable rocks. Break down the rock formation to reveal the hidden cave.

Inside the cavern, you will find some illegible notes and a journal. The quest should automatically appear in your journal afterwards. 

Here’s how you can complete the quest:

  1. Once you are in the marked area, open Paimon’s Menu and set your in-game time between 10:00 and 14:00. We suggest that you set it to 10:00 so that you have plenty of time to traverse the mist.
  2. After setting the correct time, a white wave that forms a path should appear on the water.
  3. Follow the path carefully to traverse the Mist without getting lost and reach the destination isle.
get past the mist in Genshin Impact

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You Might Ask (FAQs)

How do you get Mist Flower in Genshin impact?

You can find Mist Flower Corollas near the surfaces of water as Ice Flowers. To get Mist Flowers, you need to use any Pyro skill to melt the Ice Flowers. 

What do Mist Flowers look like in Genshin impact?

Mist Flower Corollas are blue in color and usually grow on the shores of freshwater lakes and rivers. 

How do I get the fourth Mist Flower?

The final Mist Flower is located inside the cave at the back of the waterfall. Near the first three locations, head towards the southwest direction and see the fourth Mist Flower there.

How do you get Primogems fast?

You can get Primogems in Genshin Impact by doing the following: 

  • Invite your friends to play Genshin Impact
  • Complete daily commissions
  • Discover waypoints, dungeons, and domains

This ends our guide on how to get past the mist in Genshin Impact without getting lost. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, and we’ll be glad to help you out whenever possible.

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