How to Get More Residents in Dinkum

Want to know how you can get more residents in Dinkum?

Dinkum is a fun new game that is heavily inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This game has players going out into the wild, raising farm animals, capturing insects, and more. One of the most important parts of the game is getting residents to move into your island. 

This will bring new things to your community, like a variety of shops, buildings, banks, museums, and more. 

However, inviting them can be hard and confusing for new players. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. 

Today, we will show you how to get more residents to move into your island in Dinkum. 

Let’s get started!

How to Get More Residents

In total, there are 16 residents that you’ll get to meet and invite to your island in Dinkum. They are Rayne, Clover, Fletch, John, Theodore, Frankly, Irwin, Sally, Milburn, and Melvin. Each of these characters requires different favors and has different personalities. 

To assists players, Dinkum provided a heart meter that fills up when players get something right for the NPC. 

get more residents in dinkum

For every favor you’ve completed, you will get a quarter of a heart filled. 

However, if you accept a favor but don’t deliver, you will lose some amount of hearts. To convince a friend to become a resident, you will need to fulfill a certain number of favors, talk to them regularly, and buy things from or for them. 

Once an NPC decides to stay on your island, you can get a deed from Fletch to unlock a permanent building for them. This will now make them permanent residents on your island. 



Fletch is the first person you’ll meet in the game and the one who takes you out to set up your town. She can be found at the Base Camp during business hours and she’ll let you spend your Permit Points for deeds and licenses. 



John is a trader who sets up the general goods store on your island where you can purchase tools and sell various items that you discover. He will also be the first resident in your town and will permanently stay in the guest tent until you’re able to build his store. 



Theodore is the one responsible for running the town museum and should be one of the residents who starts rotating in after the general store is built. He accepts donations of critters, fish, and bugs and will pay you Permit Points. 

His building in town is the Museum, and it’s automatically unlocked for purchase after he visits the island for the first time. 


get more residents in dinkum

Rayne is a gardening enthusiast and one of the residents who start coming in after you have built the general store for John. She sells gardening supplies and seeds. This selection expands once you’ve managed to build her store. 

You will need to purchase a gardening license from Fletch before you can buy items from her. 


get more residents in dinkum

Clover is another character that will start coming in after building John’s store. She’s a fashion aficionado that sells all sorts of clothing on a random, rotating basis. She also maintains the fashion catalog if you wish to re-order a previously purchased item. 


get more residents in dinkum

Irwin is an animal lover that visits the island after you’ve built the general store for John. If you have an animal handling license, he can sell you Chooks, Zombies, and other animals to care for. He also sells animal feeding trays and the feed to go along with them. 

That ends our guide on how to get more residents in Dinkum. If you have questions or other concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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