How to Get Lucario in Pokémon GO

Do you want to get Lucario in Pokémon GO?

Since Pokémon GO was released in 2016, the game has steadily gained a loyal base of players that is the main reason for its current success. Currently, Pokémon GO has around 66 million monthly users. 

Although Pokémon GO has been out for a while, tons of Pokémons are yet to make their first appearance in the game. Nonetheless, Pokémon GO’s developers have done a decent job balancing out their releases of common and rare Pokémons. 

One of the rarest Pokémon in the game is Lucario. It was a huge fan favorite when released in 2018, and there are still many players who haven’t encountered Lucario yet.

Lucario hails from the Sinnoh region and is capable of learning various powerful attacks. It also has a unique appearance that is well-loved by many Pokémon fans. 

If you are here, you’re probably wondering how you can get Lucario. 

Well, you’re in luck!

Today, we will show you the fastest way to get Lucario in Pokémon GO.

Let’s get started!

How to Find Lucario in Pokémon GO?

Since its release in 2018, there have been no reports of Lucario spawning in the wild. This means that you can only obtain this rare Pokémon by hatching an egg. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hatch a full-grown Lucario through an egg. 

Instead, you’ll have to grab either 2KM, 7KM, or 10KM eggs from PokeStops and hope that you hatch Lucario’s pre-evolution Riolu. You can also obtain eggs through Gift Eggs. 

The sad part is that Riolu is also extremely rare and only has a 0.7% hatch rate from 7KM and 10KM Eggs. If our calculations are correct, it will take you an average of 144 eggs to finally find Riolu. 

You will also need to prepare 50 or more incubators if you plan to hatch Riolu in Pokémon GO.

 We also recommend attempting to hatch Riolu from Adventure Sync 50KM reward eggs. Fewer Pokémon spawn from these eggs, and you’ll have a better chance of hatching Riolu from them. 

How to Evolve Riolu to Lucario?

Once you get your hands on Riolu, the only thing left to do is evolve it to Lucario. However, this is harder than you might think. First off, you’ll need to collect 50 Rare Candy to evolve Riolu into a full-grown Lucario. 

get Lucario in Pokémon GO

You’ll also need to continue hatching eggs if you want to evolve Riolu. We also recommend using Riolu as your buddy as you explore the world to get more Riolu Candy. 

Lucario Possible Attacks

Here are some attacks that Lucario can learn once you have it in your collection: 

Fast Attacks: 

  • Bullet Punch
  • Counter

Charged Attacks: 

  • Aura Sphere
  • Close Combat
  • Flash Cannon
  • Power-Up Punch
  • Shadow Ball

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Where can I find Lucario in Pokémon GO?

Unfortunately, you can’t find Lucario spawning in the wild. Instead, you’ll have to hatch its pre-evolution Riolu. You can do this by hatching eggs. However, Riolu is quite rare, so we suggest focusing on hatching 7KM and 10KM eggs to have better chances. 

Is Lucario good in Pokémon GO?

Thankfully, all the challenges that you faced getting Lucario will be worth it. Lucario has pretty good stats, excellent typing that combines the best offensive and defensive moves that can change the face of the battle.

Is Lucario rare in Pokémon GO?

Lucario is one of the most popular Pokémon in Pokémon GO. It is extremely rare and can only be obtained by evolving Riolu, a rare Pokémon as well. 

This ends our guide on how to get Lucario in Pokémon GO. If you have any questions or other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible. 

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