How to Get Lezduit in High On Life

Wondering how you can obtain Lezduit in High On Life?

There is a good selection of weapons available in High On Life. These weapons should assist you in your journey and help you achieve your main goal, which is to take down the G3 Cartel and its leaders. 

High On Life isn’t a normal action shooter game and features a rich but weird storyline. For one, the weapons in the game can talk and shoot insults to your enemies. 

If you’ve played the game, you can agree that your weapons are very mean. 

One of the weapons you can obtain in the game is Lezduit. He’s a multi-target arc laser-type weapon in the game and a famous hero back in Gatlus before the G3 Cartel invaded their planet. 

Today, we’ll show you how to get Lezduit in High On Life. 

Let’s jump right in!

Lezduit Overview

If you are planning to deal some serious damage in High On Life, the Lezduit laser is the weapon you should turn to. It features a multi-target arc technology that allows it to easily take down alien enemies that stand in your way. 

Although it doesn’t have any special abilities or the option to be upgraded or modified, Lezduit makes up for it with its unbeatable base ammo of 100 rounds. 

With Lezduit on your side, you should not have any issues dealing with multiple enemies at once. 

Getting Lezduit in High On Life

To secure the Lezduit Plasma Gun in High On Life, fans must complete the Dr. Giblets bounty first. This is given to you after slaying Krubis and Douglas. Upon returning to the game screen after talking with Dr. Gibles and escaping his army, you should spot a room to your left as you get near the exit. 

get lezduit in high on life

Inside the room, you’ll find Lezduit unconscious on a test bench. At this point, you’ll not be able to use the weapon right away. 

Instead, you’ll need to bring it back to Gen and have it repaired before you can use it. 

Also, you’ll have to defeat Nipulon first before you can get your hands on this weapon. While you’re attempting this, Gene will work on fixing Lezduit. 

get lezduit in high on life

Once you’ve defeated Nipulon in High On Life, return home and talk to Gene. He should give you Lezduit. However, Lezduit can only say its own name. He’s the most powerful weapon in the game that you can obtain through the main storyline. 

It is also important to use it wisely in the final mission to save the human race from an alien invasion. 

That is everything you need to know on how to get Lezduit in High On Life. For your questions and other concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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