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How to Get Into 2-BIT’s Room in Deathloop

Have you infiltrated 2-BIT’s Room in Deathloop yet?

Reprogramming 2-BIT is one of the most interesting quests you can do in Deathloop. The Visionary Charlie created this AI that plays an important role in the storyline. You will have to locate and talk to him to help in unlocking new Leads. 2-BIT will also help you take out another Visionary, Wenjie.

In this guide, we will teach you how to find and get into 2-BIT’s room in Deathloop.


An image of Colt and Julianna in Deathloop.

This 2021 action-adventure first-person shooter was released as a timed console exclusive for the PlayStation 5. It was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks to include both single-player and multiplayer modes.

You will play as one of nine Visionaries, Colt. A time loop resets the day on the island every midnight. To break the time loop, Colt must eliminate the eight other Visionaries within a single loop. You have to accomplish this without dying more than two times. If you die a third time, the time loop resets.

There are four districts on the map. Moving from one district to another will advance the time of day from morning to noon, afternoon, and evening. To accomplish the perfect loop, you need to strategically move from district to district while taking out all the Visionaries.

Charlie Montague

An image of Charlie in Deathloop.

Charlie is one of the nine Visionaries on Blackreef Island. He designs all the technology on the island as the Chief Systems Administrator of the Aeon Program. Charlie builds all the sensors, turrets, as well as the mini-games that the Eternalists play.

Before joining the company, Charlie was a famous game developer who is said to have won at least five Game of the Year Awards in his career. He eventually developed the game Condition Detachment as a means to entertain the residents of Blackreef Island for eternity.

In order to further improve the capabilities of his Artificial Intelligence, 2-BIT, Charlie asked Dr. Wenjie Evans to perform a very complicated surgery on him. He asked her to remove half of his brain and transplant it into 2-BIT. That half included the parts associated with empathy, which have led to Charlie losing his personality while 2-BIT became a sensitive, empathetic, but mostly unintelligent AI.

Charlie Montague also has a romantic relationship with another Visionary, Fia Zborowska. While largely frowned upon, Charlie’s influence has silenced any criticism of his choices. This situation gives Colt the opportunity to take out both Charlie and Fia simultaneously as they will always meet within the day.


An image after you get into 2-BIT's room in Deathloop.

2-BIT is the Visionary Charlie’s alter ego AI. Legend says that Charlie implanted half of his brain into it. 2-BIT stays in a secure area in Charlie’s mansion. You must find him, talk to him, and reprogram him to do your bidding.

As a result of the brain implant, 2-BIT develops quite an empathetic personality, being aware and sensitive to people’s emotions. On the other hand, his creator Charlie lost most of his. Colt can eventually talk 2-BIT into understanding his situation and convince him of the right thing to do.

It will be quite the task to get to 2-BIT because Charlie’s mansion is full of Eternalists. You will need strong weapons like the Heritage Gun to make sure you survive the ordeal. There are different traps all over the building, so be careful of those too.

Getting Into 2-BIT’s Room in Deathloop

An image of how to get into 2-BIT's room in Deathloop.

First, you will have to sneak into Charlie’s mansion. Use the Shift Slab ability to get into the open window on the right side of the building. You should also take out all the Eternalists on the bridge before reaching the mansion. Killing them will not alert anyone, so you should be fine.

Once you get into the building, sneak, so the guards do not see you. Get to the second area where the poisonous gas is. After that, head past the rocket and up the stairs until you reach the second floor. Look for another staircase that leads to the third floor.

After you get to the third floor, you will see 2-BIT in a locked room. Use the Hackimajig to hack the antenna and unlock the door. Enter the room and talk to 2-BIT. This will unlock new Leads for you.

Rewards After You Get Into 2-BIT’s Room in Deathloop

An image of the rewards after you get into 2-BIT's Room.

You can reprogram 2-BIT to change the rules of the game and make Charlie the target instead. This is a good way to take out the Visionary. Another option is to reprogram 2-BIT to lure out Wenjie using Aleksis’ pup.

Remember that the changes you make to 2-BIT will remain even after the time loop resets. That means you can use it over and over in your future runs.

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