How to Get Gus in High On Life

Don’t know where to get Gus in High On Life?

High On Life is all about stopping an alien cartel from turning the entire human race into drugs. While this is a very strange storyline, the stranger thing is how you can stop a whole cartel alone. 

Fortunately, the game has some friendly aliens called Gatlians, which are literally talking guns and weapons. 

Each of the weapons in the game has something to say and something to shoot. Throughout your journey, you’ll come across several guns and one of them is Gus. This is basically a shotgun with a lot of other cool features. 

To help you out, we’re going to show you how to get Gus in High On Life. 

Let’s get right into it!

Obtain Gus in High On Life

Gus can be obtained in the game by following through with the main story. After you’ve slain 9-Torg in the Slums, you’ll get back to Gene and he’ll instruct you to go after the G3 Cartel bosses. 

You will be able to go after two cartel bosses on the Bounty Machine after the encounter with 9-Torg. For this one, you will need to choose between Douglas and Krubis. 


Interact with the Bounty Machine and choose Krubis. 

This should open a portal on the side of the machine, allowing you to travel to Zephyr Paradise. Krubis will be running a Furgle business in Zephyr and the locals on this planet will seek your help to take down Krubis. 

However, Krubis is a driller and he often changes the mines, making it difficult to locate him beneath. 

get gus in high on life

Fortunately, there’s a friend of Krubis in Zephyr Paradis who lives in a mansion. He should have a device that can teleport you to Krubis’ exact location. 

From here, you’ll just have to follow through with the objectives to reach Krubis. His encounter should not be difficult but he also has some abilities that can catch you off guard. If you need assistance, we have a dedicated guide on how to defeat this boss. 

After taking care of Krubis, you’ll obtain his DNA and Gus. 

Gus Overview

Gus is a shotgun that can fire three rounds of Shotgun fire. It is super effective in close-range combats. If you ever find yourself getting pushed by multiple G3 soldiers, you can use Gus for crowd control. 

get gus in high on life

He also has some abilities along with the shotgun fire that you can use to help you get to higher places and find loot boxes. 

Gus’ initial ability is the Launch Dice, which allows him to shoot big dice of platforms. His other ability is Vaccum. You can use this to suck enemies from a distance and blast them with the shotgun fire. 

That ends our guide on how to get Gus in High On Life. If you have questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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