How to Get Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Want to know how you can get Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

As you make your way through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across all sorts of materials. Some have clear and obvious uses, like fish, fruits, and vegetables being used for cooking. 

However, there are other materials in Dreamlight Valley that don’t have a clear purpose, and it won’t be long until players encounter two of these resources. 

The first is Dream Shard, and the second one is Night Shard. The descript of these materials is vague and doesn’t provide much detail. Due to this, many players disregard the item, thinking they are not important. 

If you are planning to get Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have come to the right place. 

Today, we will show you where you can obtain Dream Shards and Night Shards in Dreamlight Valley. 

Let’s begin!

Get Night Shards

Night Shards in Dreamlight Valley can be obtained from spots where players can use their shove. These spots are usually marked by what appear to be glowing mounds. Similar to the various resources you can collect in the Valley, these spots regenerate after a while. 

get dream shards in dreamlight valley

In addition, Dreamlight Valley players won’t have to wait long for more of these to spawn. Night Shards can spawn in all the various biomes that make up the valley. 

Get Dream Shards

Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley have a chance of spawning when players clear out Night Thorns. At the beginning of the game, Night Thorns are scattered everywhere, so players will have a lot of opportunities to gather this material. 

Dreamlight Valley players should also be aware that despite how many Night Thorns there is, the drop rate for Dream Shards are quite low. 

get dream shards in dreamlight valley

Unless you get lucky, you won’t see these shards drop often in the game.

Like Night Shards, Dream Shards are also found in any part of Dreamlight Valley that Night Thorns grow in. 

Where to Use Night and Dream Shards

Dream Shards and Night Shards in Dreamlight Valley can be used for crafting. Both these materials can be crafted into an item called Purified Night Shard. Disney players can give Purified Night Shards to their friends as a gift. 

You can also use Dream Shards to craft Dreamloghts, which is a currency used in a lot of Story Quest objectives. This also allows you to open new areas of the Valley once you’ve gotten far enough in the main story. 

get dream shards in dreamlight valley

Since Dream Shards are quite rare and time-consuming to replenish, it is recommended that players use them with caution. 

As mentioned, you can also use Dream and Night Shards as gifts for the Disney Characters in the Valley. You should check what are the daily interests of your friends, as the listed items are a great way to increase Friendship Levels. 

While this is not ideal, players can also sell Night Shards and Dream Shards for Star Coins. Although Night Shards are easy to come by, there are better options as far as sellable items go. 

That is everything you need to know on how to get Dream Shards and Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you have questions or any other concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help.

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