How to Get Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes in Elden Ring

Do you want to know how you can get the Cleanrot Knight Ashes in Elden Ring?

There are several characters in Elden Ring’s lore who can be easily overlooked. For example, Leonard, General Radahn’s horse who was the Demigod’s inspiration for taking up Gravity Magic. 

Another of these characters in Elden Ring is Cleanrot Knight Finlay, without whom Malenia and the Haligtree could not have survived the Battle of Aeonia. 

Players can find the Cleanrot Knight Finlay pretty late into the game in a location implied to be her final resting place. However, not as an NPC or a boss, but as a Spirit Ash. While she is found near the end of the game, her ashes can be brought into NG+ for a new journey in the Lands Between. 

This journey she made on her own to save Malenia an age ago. 

In this guide, we will show you where you can get the Cleanrot Knight Finlay ashes in Elden Ring. 

Let’s get started!

Cleanrot Knight Finlay Overview

Cleanrot Knight Finlay was there when Malenia took upon Radahn, and when the fight was over, she carried her demigod across The Lands Between by herself. Due to this act of heroism, Finlay is very deserving of her status as a Legendary Spirit Ash. 

get Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes

Being a Spirit Summon, and as her name implies, Cleanrot Knight Finlay has a similar moveset as a Cleanrot Knight. 

She wields a rapier in one hand and a scythe in the other. Finlay is also able to launch Rings of Light with the Scythe at range and stay in close combat with the sword. She is also quite hardy, though her importance in the lore overshadows her power level. 

Getting the Cleanrot Knight Ashes

The Cleanrot Knight Finlay ashes can be obtained halfway through Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. To reach this area, players must accomplish both halves of the Secret Haligtree Medallion, which can be found in the Albinauric Village and Castle Sol. 

Once you’ve obtained the two halves, you can use them at the Rold Lift to reach the Consecrated Snowfield. 

After finishing the Ordina, Liturgical Town Evergaol, the secret path to the Haligtree opens up. 

Now, get to the Prayer Room Site of Lost Grace after descending the branches of the Haligtree. From here, go north, climb a small set of stairs best by enemies, then look over the edge to the right of the stairway. 

get Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes

You should be able to see an area below with a gazebo. Jump down from here and get ready to fight the Cleanrot Knight. 

Once defeated, go into the room where the Cleanrot Knight came out. You’ll find a chest containing the legendary Spirit Ash. 

That sums up our guide on how to get the Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes in Elden Ring. For your questions and any other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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