How to Get Ant Eggs in Grounded

Want to know how you can get Ant Eggs in Grounded?

Typical to any yard, ants are everywhere in Grounded. These cute critters crawl all over the yard with their curious temperament. However, their eyes turn red and angry when provoked, which proves that there’s strength in numbers. 

While these creatures in the game are best left alone, players need to venture into their lairs once in a while to retrieve rent ant eggs. These are essential resources that are required to progress in the game and access new or hidden areas. 

When combined with other ingredients, ant eggs provide an explosive recipe for unlocking improved things. 

Fortunately, there are a handful of areas where you can find ant eggs easier in Grounded. 

Today, we will show you how to get ant eggs in Grounded. 

Let’s begin!

Getting Ant Eggs in Grounded

There are a handful of ant hill tunnels and entrances around the Backyard, so players don’t need to search too hard to locate them. 

Players can find a small opening near the Oak Tree, and there is even a secret entrance through a window inside the lab. This is where you first meet BURG.L and where you can find a milk molar. 

Oak Tree Grounded

However, the best location for red ant eggs in Grounded is the guarded anthill in the dry grass area west of the Mysterious Machine. 

Once you are inside, you need to search the maze of ant tunnels for the eggs. You will often see these resources being carried by red worker ants. Ant Eggs also tend to be grouped near the red moss tunnel areas. 

Red Anthill

You can often find other goods along the way as well, like the Anthill Grave Robbery BURG.L Chip and even the rotten bee armor. 

Players also need to have the Tier 2 Insect Hammer to harvest any quartzite, marble, and milk molars they may come across in the area. 

Make Ant Armor

One of the best ways to obtain ant eggs without much trouble is to craft and equip the entire red ant armor set. This includes the Helmet, Knee Guards, and Red Ant Arm Guards. This should trick ants into thinking that you are one of them. 

get ant eggs in grounded

The best thing about this is that even the red soldier ants defending their nests won’t attack you unless provoked. 

However, once you grab the ant eggs, any witness nearby will attack you. With this, it is best to grab the eggs and run away from the ants. If ants don’t notice you taking the eggs, they won’t attack. 

To make the Red Ant Armor Set, you will need a mixture of mite fuzz, red ant parts, and acid glands. 

Fight Red Soldier Ants

If you don’t have the full ant armor set, you will have to equip your best weapon and armor and be prepared to fight your way in. It is also advisable to prepare healing recipes and mix smoothies using the Smoothie Station when farming for ant eggs. 

get ant eggs in grounded

While red worker ants won’t attack you unless attacked, red soldier ants that patrol ant hills will attack you on sight. 

Keep in mind that ants are more dangerous when fighting in large groups, so it’s best to isolate soldier ants as much as possible without alerting other ants. Although soldier ants are tougher than worker ants, they can go down in a few hits of a heavy weapon. 

Craft Torch

You will also need to make a torch to light up the tunnels and find the eggs without having too much trouble. To make a basic torch, you will need a sap, two sprigs, two stands of crude rope, and three dry grass chunks. 

get ant eggs in grounded

Fortunately, you can hot-equip torches in Grounded for easy access and hold a weapon like the pebblet spear at the same time. However, heavier weapons can’t be wielded at the same time as the torch. 

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