Best Ways to Gain Control of the Map in Dota 2

Want to know the best ways to gain control of the map in Dota 2?

In Dota 2, map control is the total area of the map that a team has command over. Gaining map control empowers a team by giving them authority to decide where they want to farm for XP or initiate fights. Therefore, we will talk about the Best Ways to Gain Control of the Map in Dota 2 in this article. Let’s get started!

Map control not only covers the area you have control over, but we are also referring to the valuables available on the battlefield. This means that every or most neutral creep, rune, and a chance for excess gold is under one’s monopoly. This allows a team to flip the game in their favor by hoarding gold and XP for themselves. 

Furthermore, gaining control over the map also helps in creating a safe environment for your team while stealing the same resources from the enemy.

Dominating the playing field sounds easy and is extremely important. However, pulling this feat requires practice. Obtaining and maintaining map control can be an impossible task when you’re up against experienced players or a tricky draft. And because of this, with the help of this article, we will teach you how to overcome that.

Securing Objectives

Best Ways to Gain Control of the Map in Dota 2

Perhaps the most crucial factor to establishing map control is killing towers and securing outposts. Destroying enemy towers takes away their vision and important landmarks where they can feel safe. Consequently, creeps push further into enemy territory, and losing partial sight of the map makes it daunting for them to step further out.

Apart from this, the best aspect of towers is that they allow players to teleport to their location whenever they wish. As a result, it grants players the mobility to jump into fights in just a few seconds. The danger of not getting help is enough deterrent to scare enemies away. Thus, obliterating towers reduce their ability to reposition and farm safely. 

The second objective next to destroying towers is capturing Outposts. Outposts are present in the jungles and become available to capture after players take down a Tier 2 tower. Securing these outposts also takes away vision from enemies. And so, destroying them makes opponents think twice before heading into the jungle.

In turn, the lack of vision and hindrance to the enemy teleporting to the outpost is an obstacle for enemy carries. This hinders their farming capabilities, leading to an overwhelming gold and XP gap that is quite impossible to overcome. Successfully collaring these buildings also gives free XP to your team.

Placing Effective Vision

Best Ways to Gain Control of the Map in Dota 2

One thing many low-MMR players forget to consider is the importance of wards. Placing proper vision through wards is one of the best methods to gain map control in Dota 2. Players can put up two types of wards, the defensive and the offensive. Though both assist in winning and can be used simultaneously, they have very different effects in battle.

Offensive warding comprises placing wards in enemy territory and showing where the enemy is farming. These wards are key in helping a player be aware of where the enemy team is positioning themselves at all times. On the other hand, defensive wards aid in escaping from the enemy’s aggressive moves and guaranteeing safe farming spots.

Another effect of wards is it denies enemies of your information. To execute this, players must focus heavily on utilizing sentry wards to spot and remove enemy wards. Using observer wards to secure enemy territory helps to know where to attack next. While the sentry wards make sure that these moves are unseen.

Another important objective that beginners miss out on is Roshan. Around the 20-30 minute mark, players must ward off cliffs and jungles around Roshan. This will help your team to notice when enemies try to kill Roshan, giving you a good opportunity for a counter. This is vital because an Aegis allows your team to snowball and eventually win the fight.

Taking Thought-out  Fights

Team Fights

Once a lead establishes taking objectives and placing vision, the player’s focus should now shift to taking more fights. It is essential to apply pressure by abusing your lead and forcing the enemy team to take fights. A good laning stage ensures that one’s team reaches their power spikes faster, thus taking objectively better engagements.

Hand in hand with good vision is forcing fights. Making enemies suffer by fighting them when they are in compromising positions is key in increasing your lead exponentially. Finding enemies without cover is an easy way to get free XP and gold. This also includes taking control of the enemy triangle to eliminate opponents as soon as they step up.

The Smoke of Deceit is a great way to take fights without the risk of enemies finding you. Smoking also allows players to surprise enemies, causing them to lose their composure and panic. Getting one’s enemies flustered makes winning fights absolute. Additionally, ganking constantly steals space to hit creeps from enemies.

Coordinating with your Allies

Best Ways to Gain Control of the Map in Dota 2

Playing with your team and being on the same page at all times is another necessary aspect in gaining control of the map. This means that at least one or two of your allies must be showing in and shoving lanes at all times. Thus, creeps shouldn’t get close to your towers to keep them from moving ahead without feeling pressure.

Besides this, fighting together like 4 or 5 heroes against an incomplete enemy team is essential. And it is also vital that a player does not wander into unknown territory, since going into these areas can lead to feeding, which permits the enemy team a chance to take the lead.

Playing the Whole Map

Best Ways to Gain Control of the Map in Dota 2

A player’s farming patterns are commonly the cause of successfully retaining map control in a match. For example, it becomes tough to play the game when a carry stays in the jungle and does not move around. Switching up your positioning to show up at all areas on the battlefield not only makes the map threatening but denies your enemies to farm.

Second, using siege creeps which spawn at the 5-minute mark to move around and push towers makes taking objectives easier. Grouping up at this crucial timing to push the safe-lane or mid-lane tower grants access to the enemy jungle. If players utilize this opportunity, it will allow your team to have control over 75% of the map.

The minimap though incredibly important is something many beginners barely think about. Building a habit of looking at the minimap and other lanes improves your map awareness by miles. As a result, you become aware of enemies’ current positions, making you capable of using that information to your advantage.

Using the minimap also allows you to strategically place wards since you can check the locations in the field that don’t have one. Sharing this information with your team to smoke or gank enemies is where the differentiation between the real MMR begins.

Map control is one of the most exciting and tricky aspects of Dota 2. This fact has led to becoming the defining factor that helps players dominate their games. And with that, we hope this article was able to guide you on the Best Ways to Gain Control of the Map in Dota 2 and its importance in winning your games.

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