How to Find the Frozen Needle Rapier in Elden Ring

Want to know how you can find the Frozen Needle Rapier in Elden Ring?

The Frozen Needle in Elden Ring falls under the Thrusting Sword category. This weapon is excellent for dealing frost damage to bosses and hostile NPCs. 

Throughout the Lands Between, players will encounter hundreds of different weapons. All of these items have special properties, and some even come with unique skills like the Transient Moonlight and Corpse Piler. 

If you’re struggling with some enemies in the game, inflicting them with frost damage is a great way to make the fight easier. 

For players who want to build a Strength and Dexterity character, this is a must-have weapon that you can pick up in Kingsrealm Ruins. 

Today, we will show you how to find the Frozen Needle Rapier in Elden Ring. 

Let’s jump right in!

Where to Find the Frozen Needle Rapier

Status effects are what separates a great weapon from a good one. The Frozen Needle Rapier is an excellent Thrusting Sword that you can get in Elden Ring. However, it requires a tenacious warrior to obtain and wield. 

Frozen Needle Rapier in Elden Ring

To get the Frozen Needle Rapier in Elden Ring, you should first travel to Liurnia of the Lakes region. Once there, go to the northwest portion of the area, where you’ll find the Kingsrealm Ruins. 

From there, you’ll see a stairway that leads down into Kingsrealm Ruins. You’ll be informed upon arrival with the location’s name showing on your screen. 

Behind some bushes, you’ll see a secret door that opens when you roll into it. This will reveal the stairs. Now, you’ll see a fog that signals a boss fight ahead. Go into the fog, and the boss encounter should start. 

Frozen Needle Rapier in Elden Ring

Before entering, you have to be 100% prepared as you’ll be facing one of the most dangerous enemies in the game. 

A Royal Revenant sits behind the fog wall and needs to be defeated. When facing the revenant, be aware of its poisonous spit, jumping attacks, and flailing arms. You should also cast any Miracle with Heal to stun the boss and give you some room to deal critical strikes. 

Once the Royal Revenant has been taken care of, open the door at the back of the boss. From there, you’ll see the treasure chest that contains the Frozen Needle Thrusting Sword. 

That ends our guide on how to find the Frozen Needle Rapier in Elden Ring. If you have questions or other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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