An image of the Frost Caves in Valheim.

How to Find Frost Caves in Valheim

Have you explored the Frost Caves in Valheim?

Because Valheim features an open-world environment, there are lots of places and different biomes you can explore. Depending on your needs or playstyle, you will have to visit some locations to find resources or fight some local creatures. Each of the five bosses live in unique biomes so you will experience some strange environments.

With the upcoming arrival of the Valheim Mistlands update, there were a whole bunch of things introduced to the game beforehand. Developers added a whole new armor set and rare weapons, as well as a brand new location you can check out. The Frost Caves are a maze-like location right in the heart of the Mountains biome. You will find several enemies here as well as some useful resources for crafting good weapons, armor, and furniture.

If you are looking to explore this all-new location, check out our detailed guide on how to find the Frost Caves in Valheim.

Valheim Mistlands Update

An image of the upcoming Mistlands Update.

The Mistlands is set to become the first new biome added since Valheim was released in early access. Although the Mistlands update has yet to be released, there are already clues about what it will add to the world of Valheim as well as some smaller updates in preparation for it. The Mistlands is only the second major update in the game since Hearth and Home, so expect to see some big changes.

Although developers have not stated what exactly comes with this major update, it is expected that Mistlands will bring a new unique landscape, some new creatures and resources, and maybe even another boss. Hearth and Home focused on establishing a few more ways to build your base as well as some new recipes. Mistlands is working on a whole new biome that can change the way you play Valheim forever.

Based on its name, players have speculated that the Mistlands will bring about a whole new terrain set in a grassy environment. Iron Gate Studio has hinted at this by releasing a few teaser photos of the new biome. These photos include some creepy ruins, a few flora, and some strange looking creatures that may or may not be dangerous.

We can craft materials using some of the resources found in the Mistlands. Iron Gate’s teaser includes a crossbow, a strange looking bow, and a bear trap, but we are not exactly sure what the latter is for. So far, there has not been a confirmed release date for the Mistlands update.

Frost Caves in Valheim

An image of the Frost Caves in Valheim.

Valheim introduced a new part of the Mountains biome in its last update. The Frost Caves are a new addition to the Mountains that you can explore for some additional resources and creatures. You can use the materials found in this area to forge the Hooded Fenris Armor Set and Flesh Rippers.

Sporting a similar maze-like pattern as the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome, the Frost Caves can get quite confusing to navigate the first time around. Walk around carefully since some narrow chambers are quite dark. You will have to look very closely where you are going. Frost Caves have a lot more vertical structures, so there is a chance you just fall down deeper and deeper.

How to Find the Frost Caves

An image of the cave entrance.

Finding the Frost Caves can be a little bit confusing for first time explorers of the Mountains biome. Keep your eyes open as the Mountains are very snowy areas with a lot of breeze. If you have no idea what you are looking for, finding the Frost Caves will be so much harder.

There is a massive spiky rock formation at the entrance of each Frost Cave. Look for a specific formation only found in Frost Caves. There are very large blue icicles hanging on the caves’ entrance and these are hard to miss. Once you see those, just walk into the cave.

Navigating through the Frost Caves can be quite difficult. There are walls of ice that can block some passages, so bring a decent weapon or pickaxe to break them. Be careful, as the walls make a loud noise when you break them. This will likely draw out some creatures in the Frost Caves.

One of the worst things that can happen to you in the Frost Caves is falling off. You will take some damage every time and will find it so much harder to find your way back. Bring a torch and walk slowly to make sure to avoid anywhere you can fall off of. Hang around the several braziers in the halls for extra light. However, be careful as these can be Cultist lairs.

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