How to Get Free Red Room Milano Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone

Do you want to collect the free Red Room Milano Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone introduces new game modes that hide some secrets that players can find through different means. One such recent easter egg is the Red Room Milano blueprint available on the new Rebirth Reinforced map. This article tells how to get free Red Room Milano easter egg in Call of Duty Warzone and its complete loadout.

Rebirth Reinforced Island

How to Get Free Red Room Milano Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone

The Rebirth Reinforced Island is a remake of the Alcatraz map from Black Ops Four. This map is a smaller and faster Battle Royale map that supports up to forty players. Furthermore, the rules and mechanics of this map and game mode are different such as the faster pacing of the gas circle. Overall, this game mode is for aggressive players.

This map is available in the Iron Trials Mode and is a duo Battle Royale mode. While the game mode has its own rewards when the player wins, the map holds more secrets. One such secret is finding the Red Room Milano blueprint on this map. Below is the complete way how to get a free Red Room Milano easter egg in Call of Duty Warzone.

Where to Find the Red Room Milano Easter Egg

How to Get Free Red Room Milano Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone

Players have to be careful when locating this Easter Egg as it’s hard to locate the right building. First, drop at the Headquarters Point Of Interest near the center of the map. Specifically, this POI is on the southern part of the main prison building. Finding the right building is the main part of collecting this easter egg, so first find that.

Go inside the building and head down the stairs to the bottom floor, where the Red Room blueprint is on the table. Simply walk towards the blueprint and pick it up by clicking the button it shows to collect it. This will add the blueprint to the player’s blueprint collection, where he can view and select it to add in any loadout.

There is another easter egg that players can find aside from the Red Room blueprint. In particular, there is one of the three keycards at the Headquarters POI. All of these are at different places on the Rebirth Reinforced Island. After collecting the keycard, the player must move toward another Point Of Interest on the map.

Stronghold is the next destination for the player, as there is a yellow vault door waiting for the keycard. Just go towards the vault door, press the specific key and open the door revealing high-tier loot and a lot of cash. The player can use this to buy a Loadout Drop Marker, UAV, or anything he needs, while the weapons are powerful too.

The Red Room Milano Blueprint is an easy easter egg to get once the player finds the correct building. Overall, it’s worth getting this blueprint because it’s a strong variant of the Milano 821 SMG. Now that how to get free Red Room Milano easter egg in Call of Duty Warzone is clear, below is its best loadout.

Milano 821 

How to Get Free Red Room Milano Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone

The Milano 821 is one of the best SMGs in the game because of the damage-dealing stats it offers. In addition, the attachment options it has significantly improved the time-to-kill of enemies along with other boosts. Overall, the Milano 821 is back in the meta mainly because of the legendary Red Room Milano Blueprint.

Milano Attachments – Red Room Blueprint:

How to Get Free Red Room Milano Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Stock: Marathon Stock
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Ammunition: 45 Rnd Drum

The Agency Suppressor muzzle significantly improves the recoil control of the weapon. This helps the player hit all his shots accurately at close to mid-range as this is an SMG. In addition, it provides sound suppression that conceals the player’s position and prevents enemies from third partying the player.

This muzzle does decrease the bullet velocity and effective damage range, but that doesn’t matter as Milano works best at close range. Next is the Marathon Stock, which enhances the player’s overall mobility. In particular, it enhances the sprint to fire time which allows the player to run and gun at opponents.

The Bruiser Grip underbarrel further improves the player’s mobility and makes him agile. Specifically, it increases the overall movement speed, sprinting, moving, shooting, and aiming walking movement speed. These boosts allow the player to outmaneuver enemies and kill them without getting hit.

Microflex LED works best with this build because it provides a clear vision of the enemies and doesn’t decrease ADS speed. Although it has a lower magnification, it works amazingly at close-quarter encounters. Next is the 45 Rnd Drum ammunition, which completes this loadout and makes this blueprint worth it. 

The 45 Rnd Drum ammunition significantly increases the clip size so the player can easily kill an entire squad. Together, these attachments make this blueprint one of the best blueprints in Warzone. 

Secondary Weapon

Secondary Weapon

The Red Room Milano blueprint is a powerful weapon, but it still requires a secondary weapon to create the perfect loadout. This SMG is a close-range weapon, so the secondary weapon is best if it’s long-range. For example, the Bruen MK9 LMG works well with this weapon because of its long-range fatal damage output.

Best Bruen MK9 Loadout:

How to Get Free Red Room Milano Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone
  • Barrel: XRK Summit 26.8”
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Ammunition: 60 Round Mags

The XRK Summit 26.8” barrel notably enhances the effective damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control of the Bruen MK9. This allows the player to take down enemies at mid to long-range easily. However, it decreases the movement and ADS speed, but using an LMG is best when the player is static.

Monolithic Suppressor is the best muzzle of this build of the Bruen MK9 because of the stats it offers. In particular, it further improves the effective damage range, which also helps in killing players at extensive range. Additionally, it gives sound suppression, which gives stealth to the player, and enemies cannot locate him. 

The Commando Foregrip underbarrel is essential for this build as it enhances the recoil control and aiming stability. These boosts also help the Bruen MK9 become a beast at long range. With the VLK 3.0x Optic, which gives a good zoom and clear picture, players can easily take down opponents.

60 Round Mags decrease the clip size more than the normal magazine, but it provides massive mobility boosts, which are important. Overall, all these attachments together make the Bruen MK9 lethal all mid to long-range for all enemies.

Perks and Equipment

How to Get Free Red Room Milano Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone

While weapons are important for a loadout, the perks and equipment can make or break the game. For this reason, below are the best perks and equipment for this loadout. 

  • Double Time
  • Overkill (If you want two primary weapons) or Ghost
  • Amped
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

Double Time is important as the player needs the extra speed to outmaneuver opponents and utilize the Milano to the fullest. Overkill gives access to two primary weapons so the player can carry two power weapons that complement each other. Last is Amped, which improves the swapping speed of weapons so players can quickly switch and kill enemies.

Semtex helps in flushing out opponents from their cover while the Heartbeat Sensor lets the player locate them. Overall, all these together make this build the best for the Red Room Milano blueprint.

Call of Duty Warzone presents players with new secrets and events with every new update. Hopefully, this guide on how to get a free Red Room Milano easter egg in Call of Duty Warzone helps you find this new easter egg.

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