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How to Summon the Fourth Boss in Valheim

Have you obtained Dragon Tears from the Fourth Boss in Valheim?

The fourth boss in Valheim is a terrifying creature that is said to be the mother of all dragons. Moder is one of the scariest and most powerful bosses in the game, so you need to be prepared before fighting her. There are a few steps to take before you can summon this boss as well.

Rather than simply finding her Forsaken Altar and summoning the boss, you will need to obtain a rare type of item to sacrifice on the said altar. This item can only be found in one of the most dangerous places in Valheim as well, so you will need to have progressed quite a bit in terms of weapons, armor, and abilities before beginning to search for it.

If you think you are ready to defeat the mother of dragons, check out our detailed guide on how to summon the fourth boss in Valheim.

Summoning Valheim Bosses

An image of The Elder.

There are a total of five main bosses in Valheim. Each one has their own special attacks and abilities that you need to deal with. There is also an entirely different way to summon each boss, which may include sacrificing special items or resources on their Forsaken Altar. Fortunately, you can summon each boss as many times as you want, so do not worry about losing to one on your first try.

The Five Bosses in Valheim

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The first boss, Eikthyr, is the easiest one to summon. All you need to summon him are two deer trophies that you must offer on the altar in the Meadow. The altar is very easy to find, as you will almost always see it within your first few minutes in the game. Eikthyr is quite powerful, having lightning-powered attacks that can be ranged or melee. Make sure you and your team have your best weapons and armor and eat enough food beforehand.

The second boss is The Elder, who you will be able to summon in the Black Forest. This gigantic tree creature does both ranged attacks and area of effect attacks, which can quickly destroy your team if you are not careful. You must find the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest and find the runes that contain this boss’s location. After that, you will need to offer up three Ancient Seeds in the altar to summon The Elder.

The third boss in the game is Bonemass. This giant green sludge monster can be found around the Swamp biome, which is quite dangerous in itself. This boss has three different types of attacks. It can summon minions to help attack your team, swinging at you with its arms, or simply releasing a poisonous gas in the air that slowly kills everyone in its vicinity. Bonemass is one of the most difficult bosses to defeat because of his versatility.

The fifth and final boss in Valheim is Yagluth, a massive, ancient skeletal spirit that is missing its lower body. Yagluth is arguably the most powerful and most difficult to beat boss in the game. He can breathe fire around his area, rain down explosives by slamming on the ground, or create a huge area of effect explosion that deals massive damage. To summon Yagluth, you will need to offer up 5 Fuling Totems.

Summoning Moder

An image of the Fourth Boss in Valheim.

The fourth boss in Valheim is the mother of all dragons. This gigantic frost dragon is easily recognized by her black scales, white fur, and tattered wings. Because of her melee and ranged attacks, Moder is a very difficult boss to fight and beat. Living somewhere in the Mountains, she is also one of the hardest bosses to summon, especially if you are playing alone.

To summon Moder, you will need to offer 3 Dragon Eggs on her Forsaken Altar. This, however, is the easy part. Be patient because Dragon Eggs take about 200 pounds to carry. You will have to find Dragon Eggs in the Mountains, which is already one of the harshest environments in the game. The best way to collect 3 Dragon Eggs in one trip is by traveling with a group.

Once you obtain 3 Dragon Eggs, you will have to find the Forsaken Altar next. This is also located in the Mountains, so just keep exploring the area. The Forsaken Altar stands out from the thick white snow of the Mountains. Once you find it, you should see three empty bowls on it. Put a single Dragon Egg on each bowl and wait for the Forsaken Altar to do its thing. After a while, Moder should appear and begin to attack you and all players in range.

Before you summon the fourth boss in Valheim, make sure that you and your entire team are ready for battle. Equip all the weapons and armor that you need because once the fight starts, Moder can take you out in a matter of seconds. Both her range and melee attacks can do massive damage, so you should learn how to dodge and counter really well.

How to Summon the Fourth Boss in Valheim

An image of how to summon the Fourth Boss in Valheim.

Basically, to summon Moder, you will have to have beaten all three previous bosses in Valheim. You must also have collected at least 3 Dragon Eggs and located Moder’s Forsaken Altar somewhere in the Mountains. Dragon Eggs are quite heavy, so take a whole squad if you can. Make sure everyone has enough capacity in their inventory.

Once you have assembled your team, prepare well. Make sure everyone brings their best weapons and armor for a trip to the snowy Mountains biome. You need to balance out protection and power with weight carried. Each Dragon Egg will require about 200 pounds of carrying capacity.

After you get everything done, you can now summon the fourth boss in Valheim and work with your squad. Try to avoid all of Moder’s attacks and hit her with ranged weapons when she is airborne. Whenever she lands, try to swarm her with powerful melee attacks until you finally kill her.

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