An image of Flint in Valheim.

Where to Find and How to Get Flint in Valheim

Have you made use of some Flint in Valheim?

Crafting is arguably the most important aspect of Valheim for many reasons. To survive in this dangerous universe, you will need the best weapons, armor, base, and food. For beginners, finding the best way to make some early weapons is very important for getting ahead.

Flint is one of the most important resources you can use early in the game. You can use it to craft a bunch of different weapons, tools, and building structures. Luckily, Flint is also one of the easiest items to come across, so you should have no problem gathering bunches of them.

If you want to craft a Flint Axe, Flint Spear, or some Flint Arrows, check out our quick guide on where to find and how to get Flint in Valheim.

Flint in Valheim

An image of Flint in Valheim.

Flint is one of the most common items in the game.  This grey, oval-shaped material is used for crafting several basic weapons, tools, and basic structures. If you gather enough of it, you can upgrade your crafting quite a bit early on. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find and does not put you in any danger whatsoever. That is, unless you end up dying to a Neck.

Each piece of Flint weighs 2 pounds, so that can accumulate quite quickly. If you are planning on gathering as much Flint as you can, you may want to leave your heavy armor and weapons at home. One decent weapon and a couple potions should suffice. You can stack up to 30 Flint per inventory slot, so you will rarely run out of slots. Flint is also teleportable, which makes it very easy to transport especially with groups.

Flint, together with a few other basic resources, is used to craft the Flint Axe, Flint Knife, Flint Spear, and Flinthead Arrow. These are the second tier weapons and tools, which is significantly better than the basic Stone ones. All you need is a viable Workbench, several pieces of Flint, and maybe some Wood and Leather Scraps or Feathers depending on the item.

While the Workbench is the main structure used for crafting with the Flint, the latter can also be used to upgrade the former. You need some Flint to build two of the upgrades to the Workbench, namely the Chopping Block and Tanning Rack. The Chopping Block needs 10 Flint along with 10 Wood to build while the Tanning Rack requires 10 Wood, 15 Flint, 20 Leather Scraps, and 5 Deer Hide.

Where to Find Flint in Valheim

Knowing where to find and pick up Flint in Valheim is the first step to achieving these upgrades. For now, there are only two main locations where you can find Flint, but players expect additional locations in the future. First, you can simply walk along the shorelines of the Meadows biome and pick up all the Flint you can find. Second, you can raid some Fuling Villages and find some there as well.


An image of the Meadows biome.

The Meadows is the biome most beginner players will be most familiar with. Thankfully, you can find more than enough Flint here to craft whatever you want. There is also almost no danger to collecting Flint here, so this is the path we recommend you all take. All you have to do is walk towards the shorelines of the Meadows.

Once you get to the river or seashore line, just keep walking along them. There will be dozens of Flint just sitting on the ground. Just pick up as much as you can and head home once you have had enough. Take note of the places where you found the most Flint as you can come back to these later on.

If you find a place you would like to frequent, you can go ahead and build a shelter, bed, and fire there. That way, you can simply sleep there to have all the Flint respawn in the morning. This is a very smart strategy especially if the location is quite far from your main base.

Remember, Flint is always found near bodies of water. Whether it be rivers or the great sea, you are likely to find some Flint along its shorelines.

Fuling Villages

An image of a Fuling Village in the Plains biome.

If you are looking for a more exciting and dangerous way to collect some Flint, you should consider raiding Fuling Villages. These Villages are home to Fulings, Fuling Shaman, and Fuling Berserkers, so you will definitely get into some action. Bring your squad for an even more exciting raiding experience.

Located in the Plains biome, Fuling Villages are the only places where you can get a Fuling Totem, Barley, and Flax for cooking and crafting. These villages can have dozens of Fulings at one time, so it is best to thin the herd with some ranged weapons before raiding it. While they are quite weak, their sheer numbers can overwhelm solo players quickly.

If all you want is to gather some Flint, destroy all the Tanning Racks you can find in Fuling Villages. They will drop some Flint every time.

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