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How to Craft Flesh Rippers in Valheim

Have you taken down enemies with the Flesh Rippers in Valheim?

With combat being one of the major aspects in the game, there are dozens of different weapons to choose from in Valheim.  Depending on your playstyle, there are several types you should consider. You can opt for powerful two-handed weapons like the Stagbreaker or more stealthy blades like the Blackmetal Knife.

For players that prefer very close range melee combat, the Flesh Rippers can be a great choice. These claw-type weapons are quick, powerful, and take very little Stamina to use. More than that, however, the Flesh Rippers are also one of the coolest looking weapons in the game. Vikings sporting them will look like the great wolf Fenrir as they take down the strongest enemies.

If you are looking to craft these terrifying claws, check out our quick guide on how to craft the Flesh Rippers in Valheim.

Weapons and Armor

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Combat is a very important part of Valheim if you want to finish the game. To progress in the story, you will need to defeat a bunch of different creatures as well as the five main bosses. It is simply impossible to accomplish that without a good set of weapons and armor.

To get the best weapons and armor in the game, you have to travel to dangerous areas and obtain some rare resources. As you get further down the line, you will have to traverse more dangerous places with stronger and stronger enemies roaming around. Some rarer resources can only be obtained as drops from killing some creatures, so you may need to forge some basic weapons earlier on.

Each player has their own playstyle, so finding the right fit of weapons and armor for you is important. If you are on a squad with friends, you should talk about variety. Some players may want to take the frontlines and attack with powerful melee weapons. Others may opt for ranged weapons like bows to deal damage from a safe distance.

Flesh Rippers in Valheim

An image of Flesh Rippers in Valheim.

The Flesh Rippers are a fan favorite in Valheim for several reasons. First, these two-handed claws are one of the coolest looking weapons in the game. When you wear them, you will not look like you are carrying a weapon at all. It simply looks like your character has wolf claws.

Next, the Flesh Rippers take very little Stamina to attack with. Each attack only spends 10 Stamina, which is way less than the usual sword, mace, or even dagger. You should be able to do multiple attacks in succession without depleting your Stamina bar. If you prefer quick attacks as opposed to slow, powerful swings from heavier weapons, the Flesh Rippers are a great start.

Finally, the Flesh Rippers are quite simple to make. You will only need three different resources as well as a slightly upgraded Forge to make it. While the necessary materials are not the most common, they can be obtained with a little effort. You just have to travel to a new area in Valheim and explore some potentially dangerous caves. Bring some decent armor and a basic weapon and you should be fine.

How to Craft Flesh Rippers in Valheim

An image of how to craft Flesh Rippers in Valheim.

There are several steps to crafting the Flesh Rippers in Valheim. First, you should make sure your Forge is upgraded to Level 3. There are a total of 6 upgrades you can choose from for your Forge. The easiest two upgrades are the Smith’s Anvil and the Forge Toolrack. The former needs only 5 Wood and 20 Iron while the latter needs 10 Wood and 15 Iron to build.

Next, you can now begin gathering the materials you need to craft the Flesh Rippers. Once your Forge is at Level 3, you should look to get some Silver, as you will need 10 of those. Silver Ore can be found in the Mountains biome. Use a two-handed hammer to break the rocks. You can then smelt them into Silver Bars through the Smelter. Once you have 10 Silver Bars, begin looking for the other two materials you need.

Finally, you should obtain some Fenris Hair and Fenris Claws. Also located in the Mountains biome, head over to the Frost Caves. You should easily find some Fenris Hair along the walls of the caves. If you find some Ulve, kill them and they may drop some Fenris Hair as well. You will find Fenris Claws on the podiums in the caves but are quite rare. You may have to explore several Frost Caves before you get enough for crafting.

Basically, you will need to have a decently upgraded Forge and some uncommon materials to craft the Flesh Rippers in Valheim. Once your Forge is Level 3, you need 10 Silver, 10 Fenris Hair, and 6 Fenris Claws. After you have obtained all the necessary materials, you can forge the Flesh Rippers and enjoy your new Fists weapon.

Using the Flesh Rippers

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If the Flesh Rippers in Valheim are your weapon of choice, you should learn how to fight with them effectively. Because Fists are very close range weapons, you will need to master the art of dodge and blocking your enemies’ attacks. As you progress through the game, enemies and bosses will only get stronger. As a result, you should know how to hit them without taking hits yourself.

At Quality Level 1, the Flesh Rippers deal 60 Slash damage with 60 Staggering Effect. If you are good enough to Backstab, those will deal 6x more damage. The Flesh Rippers have average Blocking. The Block Armor is at 5 to 7.5 while the Parry Block Armor is at 30 to 45. If you Parry well, you can even take 6x reduced damage.

As your Forge level increases, you can also make better quality weapons. This applies to the Flesh Rippers as well. At the highest quality at Level 4, the Flesh Rippers will do up to 72 Slash Damage. You will need 1 of each necessary material to upgrade your Flesh Rippers to Quality 2. To get them to Quality 3, two of each material is needed. Finally, 3 each of the Fenris Hair, Fenris Claws, and Silver Bars are needed to upgrade your weapon to Quality 4.

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