How to Defeat Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Want to know how you can defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring offers a handful of activities for players to do and complete. For one, they can follow NPC questlines to earn rewards and valuable items. Players can also face various creatures and bosses for loots and to unlock secret areas. 

However, the main attraction of Elden Ring is the difficult boss fights you have to go through to advance the game’s storyline. 

Most bosses in Elden Ring feature difficult movesets and mechanics that can take you a while to adapt. 

One of the bosses you’ll face in the game is the Fire Giant. 

This boss fight in Elden Ring is a big, tough battle against a powerful flammable titan. To fight the Fire Giant effectively, you’ll need careful knowledge about his attack patterns, long-range attacks to damage him, as well as a combination of all the fighting techniques you’ve learned throughout the game. 

The Fire Giant boss encounter also comes in two phases with each one vastly differ from the other. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring. 

Let’s dive right in!

Boss Fight Preparation 

To defeat the Fire Giant, players will have to master the essential quality of evasion. This boss’ attacks are brutal and could deal massive damage, shattering your defense to the point where one strike could kill your character. 

Fortunately, some of them are fairly telegraphed and slow. This makes the Fire Giant’s attacks easy to avoid, but still very dangerous. 

Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Going up against the Fire Giant in Elden Ring will require a decent amount of preparation even before you go inside the arena. Unlike other encounters, the Giant sits too far from you upon entering the arena, which means you can’t sneak in a few hits. 

The Fire Giant also has an enormous reach and ranged attacks that can devastate you early in the fight. 

To be effective, here are a few pointers to note before attempting this fight: 

  • Attempt this encounter only if your character is at least 110, with weapons at least at +18 or higher. 
  • The Fire Giant is weak to Slashing damage but resistant to Fire, Holy, and most of the status effects in the game. He also got a generally huge amount of HP, making this encounter a battle of endurance. 
  • There are two entrances to the arena. However, it doesn’t really matter which one you take. 
  • If you’ve been doing Iron Fist Alexander’s questline, you can call him for this encounter to provide some firepower. However, summoning another player or NPC in the game will disable Torrent, which can be useful in this fight. 
  • For Spirit Ashes, we recommend summoning one with as much health as possible. 
  • The Fire Giant also does a lot of Fire and Strike damage. If you are stuck between two armor sets, pick one that will help you with those. 
  • Before entering the arena, mix up a Wondrous Physick Flask that will help you tank the Giant’s damage. 
  • Always keep Torrent ready to go in your quick menu. If the Fire Giant rolls or backs away, you can use it to close the gap faster. 

Fire Giant Encounter

The Fire Giant is huge and capable of striking you with his bin lid from a great distance, even without using ranged attacks. Like Radahn, the first challenge you need to overcome is closing the gap between you and the giant without getting killed. 

Once you get close, things will get slightly easier. 

Boss Fight Encounter

At a distance, the Fire Giant will stick his shield in the ground to create a wide impact wave that moves towards your direction. Your best chance to survive is to roll before it hits you or to dismount Torrent and use the slight invincibility it provides. 

However, this will require almost perfect timing every time. Due to this, it is crucial to close the gap between you and the boss as soon as possible. 

The Fire Giant also swings his shield across the ground, which has a greater range than the animation shows. If you are riding Torrent, you can double jump over it or combat roll at the last moment if you are unmounted. 

Fire Giant in Elden Ring

In general, your main goal during Phase 1 is to get between the Fire Giant’s feet. As dangerous as it may look, he won’t be able to perform most of his fatal attacks at this range and will often try to back away than perform strikes. 

One of the Fire Giant’s ankles has a manacle on it that protects him from attacks. However, the other one does not. Target the unprotected ones to deal the most damage. 

Once you’ve done significant damage, the covering on the ankle will break, which briefly staggers the Giant. All attacks done to the ankle at this point should now deal slightly increased damage. 

After breaking the covering, the Fire Giant will now use a new set of attacks that are based around launching fire. 

One of these is quite slow and follows you before exploding when it gets close. To avoid this attack, simply lure it in, then immediately flee as soon as it prepares to explode. 

Fire Giant in Elden Ring

The Fire Giant also launches a fireball from its palms, which is quite fast with little warning. If you get hit, it can deal massive damage. To avoid this, quickly roll to the side the moment you see him raise his hand towards you. 

For Sorcerers and mages, you should have at least one damage spell that can be spammed since the Fire Giant’s aggressive patterns don’t give you much time to get off other spells. 

In addition, AoE sorceries and Incantations that fire multiple attacks also work well in this encounter since the Fire Giant is big enough to catch most of it, if not all. Rotten Breath and Flame of Frenzy are some good examples. 

That ends our guide on how to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring. For your questions and other concerns, drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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