An image of Finn in MultiVersus.

How to Play as Finn in MultiVersus

Have you received any good tips on how to play as Finn in MultiVersus?

We previously covered the most broken and overpowered characters in the game, which included Jake the Dog from the Adventure Time Universe. This time, we will cover his best friend, Finn the Human. This Fighter is not only the most popular but also one of the most versatile so far.

There are a couple of different play styles that work for this Assassin. Whether you plan to be a hyper-aggressive killer or a more conservative strategic damage dealer, Finn is a viable pick. This Assassin is especially effective in 2v2 matches but can hold his own in 1v1 as well.

If you are looking for an underrated Assassin to play, check out our quick guide on how to play as Finn in MultiVersus.

Finn in MultiVersus

An image of Finn in MultiVersus.

Coming from the cult classic cartoon TV series Adventure Time, Finn is known as the last human from the Land of Ooo. He is a warrior who always travels with his partner, Jake the Dog. Together, they fight all kinds of evil while grinding some video games using BMO in their free time. In MultiVersus, you can purchase Finn for 2000 Gold, 70 Gleamium, or a Character Ticket from a Founder’s Pack.

Finn is an Assassin, which means he specializes in moving in and out of fights while dealing a lot of damage. His basic ground moves include Chop!, The Sword Stuff!, Slasher!, and Low Blow, Bro!. His aerial moves are Slam-Bam-In-A-Can!, Flying Sword Moves!, Sky Punch! And Ground Chop!. Most of Finn’s repertoire revolves around him using his trusty sword to deal charge damage.

From the ground, he can do special attacks like High Five, Dude!, Get Skronked!, Backpack Attack!, and Sweet Deals!. From up above, he can use Mathematical Air Dash!, Throwin’ Stones!, and aerial versions of the other two special ground attacks. His special attacks are either projectiles or play around his passive ability, which uses coins for extra damage.

There are two different Signature Perks that Finn can learn. Going Out of Business is unlocked at Tier 8 mastery, and On The House! is unlocked once you reach Tier 10 mastery. Nevertheless, Finn is generally considered to be one of the worst characters in MultiVersus, so you need a lot of practice to get any success with him against strong opponents.

How to Play as Finn in MultiVersus

Like we previously mentioned, Finn is known to be one of the worst Fighters in the game. However, like any Fighter, there are several situations and matchups in which he can dominate the match. With enough practice, you can pull out Finn as a trump card in these ideal matches.

Another advantage to being considered a weak character is that Finn is picked a lot less than his competition. This means you can basically always pick him for free in any matchup. If you somehow manage to make him effective in difficult situations, you could see a lot of upset wins in big games.

Dash and Slash

An image of the dash and slash combo by Finn in MultiVersus.

Finn may not be as fast as top tier Assassins like Harley Quinn, but he has some smooth movement of his own. With a plethora of sword attacks at his disposal, you can just wait for openings and get in and out of fights instantly. Finn’s passive ability lets him move on the ground while charging his abilities. This is great for getting to good spots and hitting your charge attacks perfectly.

Wait for an opponent to charge an attack or be immobilized by your teammate. Any stunned opponent is basically a sitting duck for Finn. Use any of your charge slash attacks like Chop!, The Sword Stuff!, or Low Blow, Bro!. After dealing quite a bit of damage, try to get out of there as quickly as you can. Finn has weak defense, so you cannot trade attacks with stronger opponents.

Sword Combos

An image of combat.

You can pull off many combos with your handy sword. The Sword Stuff! is a very simple move that starts with a stab and continues into a slashing combo that can accumulate damage very quickly.

From the air, you can use Flying Sword Moves!. This technique does a combo of two forward slashes. You can even deal more damage with the second attack as it can be charged as well. Combine this combo with quick hits like Sky Punch! or Ground Chop!.

If you are more confident in your combo abilities, you can even try to pull off Slam-Bam-In-A-Can!. This move kicks an opponent from the air and breaks their armor. After kicking an opponent, Finn dashes behind them, and you can proceed to do any combo that you want.

Passive Ability: Fat Stacks!

An image of the passive ability: Fat Stacks!

Finn’s passive ability introduces coins to a game. Whenever Finn deals damage to an opponent, they will drop a coin. Pick up as many coins as you can to increase Finn’s coin count. These coins power up Finn’s special attacks, so the more you have, the stronger you get.

Backpack Attack!, Sweet Deals!, and Throwin’ Stones! all work around the coin mechanic. Backpack Attack! gets stronger the higher Finn’s coin count gets. However, each hit spends one coin from Finn’s count. If you catch any opponent in the move’s vacuum, you can keep hitting them until you run out of coins to spend.

Sweet Deals! lets Finn buy goods using the coins he has collected. If you choose to buy hasten, your entire team will move faster for a while. Buying booty gives your team a projectile shield whenever you charge an attack. Finally, you can opt to just use BMO to chop an opponent instead.

Throwin’ Stones! lets Finn buy a gem using coins that he then throws forward. When you have placed a gem, you can use Mathematical Air Dash! to dash to the gem’s location. This is a great combo for long-range dashes paired with slash combos. If you are out of coins, Finn will instead throw a half-eaten apple that deals a little damage to opponents.

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