How to Find Warp Discs in High On Life

Want to know how you can find Warp Discs in High On Life?

Warp Discs in High On Life are collectibles you can purchase that give you access to different hidden areas in the game. Similar to Rick and Morty, activating each disc is like stepping through a portal into some weird alternate reality. 

One of these discs in the game even let you watch the entire Demon Wind movie if you are looking for something to do in the game. 

If you visit all Warp Discs locations in High On Life, you can obtain the Seeing All the Sights achievement. 

To help you out, we’ve decided to make a guide on how to find Warp Discs in High On Life. 

Let’s get started!

Where to Find Warp Discs

Once Ranchy gives you the warp remote while doing the Krubis Bounty mission, you’ll be able to buy warp discs from Blorto’s shop in Blim City. This food stall is near your house so it is quite easy to spot and hard to miss. 

find warp discs in high on life

Upon visiting, Blorto will offer you six different warp discs in exchange for some Warp Crystals. Each of these can be laid down in a highlighted blue zone for some fun. 

  • Cutie Town – this is a miniature town that you may or may not be able to destroy. 
  • Skate Park – a skateboarding mini-game you can play. 
  • Movie Theater – allows you to watch the full Demon Wind movie. 
  • Trolley Packs – the trolley problem.
  • Quiet Cottage – a nice cottage you can go to. It also has some chests. 
  • Toilet Warp – this is a pipe puzzle similar to the one in the Douglas Bounty hunt where you need to help Dr. Joopy escape. 

Farming Warp Crystals

In order to purchase Warp Discs in the game, you’ll need some Warp Crystals. These crystals come from clearing G3 Cartel outposts and extracting the crystal from a nearby Warp Drive. Luckily, there are warp crystals to be collected in every G3 Cartel bounty hunt. 

find warp discs in high on life

Due to this, you simply have to play the game to be able to farm some crystals to buy yourself some Warp Discs. 

Currently, there’s also one warp Crystal you can farm on Zephyr Island: 

  1. First, make your way to the Upper Valley portal in Zephyr Paradise. 
  2. After that, jump onto the highway bridge with the swearing drivers and make a right into the cave. 
  3. Use the bug to grapple cross and head left up the stairs. 
  4. Kill all the Mytes in the cave and exit by the Luglox chest where an Armored Myte spawns. Kill this enemy too. 
  5. Shoot the green light to open the platforms and jump back across to the starting area. Climb onto the roof of the small building near the portal to claim a warp crystal. 

Repeat this process until you farm enough crystals for the Warp Discs. While this method is definitely an exploit, we can’t know how long before the developers patch it with future updates. 

That ends our guide on how to find Warp Discs in High On Life. If you have other concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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