How to Find Treasure Maps in Minecraft

Do you want to know how to find Treasure Maps in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a complex sandbox game that players have to survive by crafting gear and looking for resources. Fortunately, Minecraft offers the player secrets throughout the game, like Treasure Maps. These Maps help players find incredible loot that aids them in their journey. This article will tell you how to find treasure maps in Minecraft.

Treasure Maps

How to Find Treasure Maps in Minecraft

Treasure Maps, also known as Buried Treasure Maps, are unique items that players cannot craft. Consequently, these instantly become rare because the player has to find them manually with tactics and patience. Furthermore, these Buried Treasure Maps lead the player to unique loot that helps survival and crafting gear.

The Buried Treasure Map is aesthetically like a regular Minecraft Map but serves an entirely different purpose. While a normal Map guides the player around the world, the Buried Treasure Map helps them find Buried Treasures. As the name suggests, these are treasures buried deep underground granting rare loot to the player who finds them.

Overall, finding the Buried Treasure through the Treasure Maps is tedious but definitely worth it. Below is the guide on finding treasure maps in Minecraft so players can get fantastic items on their adventure.

How to get Treasure Maps

How to Find Treasure Maps in Minecraft

There is only one way of getting these Buried Treasure Maps, and that is by looting a Shipwreck. The Shipwreck is a naturally generated structure in Minecraft that mostly spawns underwater. Furthermore, this structure has two chests that players can loot to find items like Iron, Gold, Emerald, and even Diamonds.

First, the player has to travel out to the Ocean biome to have the best chances of finding a Shipwreck or Sunken Ships. Unfortunately, these don’t often spawn, so players must be patient and keep their eyes open for any wooden structures. It helps to find these structures using Dolphins to scout them quicker. 

For this purpose, the player needs a lot of Raw Cod or Raw Salmon, which they can get by fishing. Also, there are groups of Salmon or Cod fishes in the Ocean, which the player can kill to get resources. Next, a Dolphin needs to be found for this method. Fortunately, a Dolphin is relatively easy to find as plenty of them spawn within the Ocean. 

Once the player finds a Dolphin, they should feed it some of the Raw Cod or Salmon. After this, the Dolphin rewards the player by helping them reach the nearest Point of Interest, like a Shipwreck. However, there are chances it leads somewhere else, like Ocean Monuments or underwater Ruined Portals.

Despite that, this method is efficient as the player still gets loot even if they don’t reach the Shipwreck. Still, the player will find a Shipwreck with some time and patience, which sometimes has a Treasure Map to find your Buried Treasure. While you can skip the Dolphin method and find these manually, it’s much better to use this tactic as it saves you time.

How to find the Buried Treasure

How to Find Treasure Maps in Minecraft

Now that you know how to find treasure maps in Minecraft, the next step is using it and locating the actual treasure. For this reason, first, equip the Treasure Map by putting it in the Hotbar and switching to it. This shows the Treasure Map in the player’s hand as a regular Map, but there’s a huge red X on this Map.

The red X marks where the Buried Treasure is and where the player should head. However, there isn’t a guarantee that the player will spawn somewhere near the Buried Treasure. Consequently, the player’s reticle will show a small dot at the edge, signifying his travel direction.

For example, if the player’s reticle is on the north side of the Map, they should start traveling south. After a while, the player can check their progress by their icon size and location on the Map. For instance, the icon will appear larger if they are getting closer.

After traveling to the X’s location of the Treasure Map, the player has to dig the surrounding area. For this reason, ‌carry a Shovel to quickly get rid of any Sand blocks, as it’s buried deep underground. Sometimes, the chest is not precisely at the X, so make sure to dig in a broader area to avoid going over the Buried Treasure.

Eventually, with patience and enough digging, the Buried Treasure will reveal itself in the form of a chest. However, this isn’t an ordinary chest, as it includes some of the best in-game loot. Overall, it’s easy to miss the chest as it’s buried deep, so it’s essential to dig in a larger area.

Loot in the Buried Treasure


The Buried Treasure gives incredible loot. For example, there are Iron Ingots which the player can use for crafting. In addition, there are chances for Gold, Diamonds, Emeralds, and even TNT present, which all have their specific use. However, the most essential and unique item players can find is the Heart of the Sea. 

First, players cannot craft this item, and there isn’t any other way to get this item. However, the main reason for its importance is that it’s an ingredient to make the Conduit which is a powerful buff giving item. The player can craft a Conduit by collecting a Heart of the Sea and eight Nautilus Shells.

Players can find the Nautilus Shells by fishing or trading with a Wandering Trader. After collecting these resources, access the Crafting Table and surround the Heart of the Sea with the Nautilus Shells. This will craft the Conduit, which gives benefits such as underwater Night Vision and Oxygen Regeneration.

In addition, it provides players with haste underwater, which helps to mine resources faster. Surprisingly, these effects are permanent as long as the player is near the Conduit. Furthermore, the Conduit even attacks enemies, so it’s necessary for underwater travels. However, the players first have to activate this Conduit.

Activation of the Conduit

How to Find Treasure Maps in Minecraft

To activate the Conduit, it needs a three-by-three-by-three space, underwater, which should be in an activating chamber. Specifically, this activation chamber needs some resources. Namely, the player needs to collect Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine bricks, or Sea Lantern blocks. Fortunately, any of these blocks work to activate it. 

The activation chamber requires at least sixteen blocks mentioned above to work. The effective range of the Conduit with this activation chamber will be thirty-two blocks. In addition, the players can increase the number of blocks, which ‌increases the range of the Conduit.

For instance, twenty-one blocks extend the range to forty-eight blocks, twenty-eight blocks extend the range to sixty-four blocks, and so on. The maximum range of the Conduit is ninety-six, which needs forty-two blocks to make. In addition, the complete frame attacks hostile mobs, so it’s worth it to complete the activating chamber.

Minecraft is full of surprises and actively rewards the players for exploration. One such example is Treasure Maps, which gives enormous awards to players who look for them. Hopefully, this Treasure Maps guide in Minecraft will help you find the famous Buried Treasures on your journey.

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