How to Find the Money in the Bar in The Devil in Me

In The Devil In Me, did you know that there is money in the bar? Obtain it by reading on.

The Devil In Me is a new horror game based on a true story of a murder case in the 1800s. It is an interactive game where different scenarios are based on your decision in-game. The scariest hotel scenario imaginable will catch players off guard, and they’ll need to be quick on their feet to get everyone out alive.

A brand-new inventory interface that players may exploit to get into all types of difficulties is present. Entering the cigarette machine inside the bar area is the only item that uses this new function.

If you’re just a beginner in this game, it might be time-consuming if you are unaware of this function. After reading this post, you’ll understand exactly how this function works.

Regarding inventory usage or hotkeys, D-pad buttons are used for console players. On the other hand, PC players’ inventory is usually bound to a specific key on their keyboards.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Charlie’s Bad Habit


Charlie is one of the main characters in the game The Devil In Me. He is the oldest protagonist in the crew. In decision-making, he tends not to trust his team since he is somewhat prideful.

At first glance, you can tell that Charlie is a borderline narcissist based on his words and actions. Unfortunately, he is the second character in the game that could die in the story. On top of that, he is the only character that could experience death off-screen.

Charlie smokes cigarettes regularly, getting a short segment in the game where he will look for a cigarette despite their life and death-situation. Even though Charlie tends to be a hard-headed character, his bravery is always there whenever needed.

In this part, you will understand the connection between Charlie’s smoking habit with the new inventory function introduced in the game.

The Cigarette Machine

Money in the Bar for cigarette machine

As you go through the game’s storyline, charlie will eventually have a conversation with the other crew members. Specifically, he will talk with Erin and discuss many topics, including their future professions. After their discussion, charlie walks to the Bar to find out the door is locked. For you to unlock the Bar room, charlie should go to the front desk and locate the key for the Bar.

Exact Change Only Cigarette Machine

Eventually, Charlie sees the Cigarette machine standing on the corner of the bar. He will get excited to get a cigarette, but he will notice that the machine requires charlie to pay for money, and he will see the coin slot with a message that says “Exact Change Only”. Now he will try to search for cash inside the bar to buy cigarettes.

Find Money in the Bar

Money in the Bar

When you use charlie, finding money in the bar is a struggle. Since the bar is not that small, there are several objects that you can search for change. In that case, you must walk to the bar area and interact with the cashier registry. 

Press the necessary buttons to start interacting with it, then eventually, charlie will get frustrated and will try to break the cash register. At this moment, you can now use the new inventory system to interact with objects in-game. You need to pull out the card from Charlie’s inventory and try to swipe it in to unlock the register.

You have to make a repetitive motion by sliding the card left and right until the cash register opens. After a couple of repetitions, charlie will successfully unlock it, and you don’t have to press any button to get the money since it will automatically transfer to your inventory.

Finally, you can return to the machine, pay for the cigarette, and continue the story by ending with a short-cut scene.

That would be the end of this short post. You can now try it to find money in the bar using Charlie as the character. It will save you time discovering it, and most of the time, other players won’t know how to do it.

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