How to Find Residuum in Deathloop

Do you need to find Residuum in Deathloop?

If you’ve recently purchased Deathloop, you’re probably living the same day over and over again. Arkane Studios’ Deathloop will place you at the foot of Colt Vahn. An assassin trapped in a time loop on the island of Blackreef. 

The game’s main objective is to save the island from the time loop by killing the eight Visionaries. 

Sounds simple right? 

While the Visionaries are pretty easy to kill, the tricky part is that you have to plan your every move carefully. If you make a mistake and die, all your progress will reset, and you’ll start from scratch. 

This means that you’ll also lose your items and gears unless you infuse them with Residuum. You can learn more about this by visiting our gear infusion guide

If you’re here, you probably want to save some gears you’ve collected but run out of Residuum. 

Today, we will show you where to find Residuum in Deathloop.

Let’s get started!

Unlocking the Ability to Gather Residuum

Before you can gather Residuum in Blackreef, you must first unlock the ability to do so. After playing a few hours of the game’s main story, you will encounter a mission called ‘Ubiquity’. This lead will require you to find Dr. Wenjie in the complex. 

find Residuum in Deathloop

You must make your way into the complex and eliminate Wenjie’s clones. 

Once you’ve executed every clone, you’ll find the original Dr. Wenjie, who must be killed and harvested. To do this, you can use the portable harvester beside the whiteboard and collect Wenjie’s soul from her body. 

Where to Find Residuum in Deathloop

After you’ve completed the lead ‘Ubiquity’, you’ll enter a new time loop. Now, you’ll notice that you still have your weapons from the previous loop. It’s because they are infused with Residuum. 

After this time loop, you’ll gain the ability to harvest Residuum. 

find Residuum in Deathloop

The first way to gather Residuum is by collecting items in Blackreef. If you don’t need the items, you can sacrifice them to harvest Residuum. Another way is by looting Residuum from glowing items around the map. 

However, if you want to earn a large amount of Residuum, you need to assassinate the Visionaries. 

For every Visionary you kill, you will earn 10,000 Residuum, which is enough to infuse the Slabs you will get from them. You can also further increase this using the Golden Harvest Character Trinket. 

This trinket will increase your Residuum gains by 15%. 

Lastly, you can travel to Updaam every new time loop to open a special safe containing 5,000 Residuum. 

Be sure to check your Residuum levels every time and ensure that valuable items are infused to avoid losing them when the time loop resets. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Can you speed run Deathloop? 

Going through the quests and tasks will be much easier if you’ve completed the game multiple times. With this, it’s possible to speed run Deathloop given enough practice. For a normal run, it should take you around 30 hours to complete the game. 

How many lives do you get in Deathloop? 

Players get three lives every time loop in the game. This means that you can die two times every new time loop before it resets. Once the time loop restarts, all your progress and gears will be gone except for infused ones. 

Who is Dr. Wenjie? 

Dr. Wenjie is one of the eight Visionaries in Deathloop. She is the scientist responsible for creating the time loop in Blackreef. She also invented Slabs and personal trinkets. 

This ends our guide on how to find Residuum in Deathloop. If you have other questions or concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll be here to help. 

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