How To Find Iron In Minecraft

Don’t know where to find Iron in Minecraft?

When it comes to usefulness, Iron is one of the most valuable resources in Minecraft. Crafting tools made out of Iron will give you a reasonable boost when gathering resources, and they are more durable than wooden and stone tools. 

Players can also use iron to craft all sorts of things, including armors, weapons, anvils, iron doors, cauldrons, chains, and more. 

Usually, players can find Iron in the underground of the overworld. It spawns around Y-axis 1 to 13. It can only be mined with a stone pickaxe or higher. If you try to break down iron with a wooden pickaxe, it will take you a long while, and it won’t drop anything. 

You can also craft iron ingots with iron blocks by smelting them in the furnace. 

Given the importance of iron in Minecraft, you might want to get your hands on them as much as you can. 

In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find iron in Minecraft.

Let’s get started!

Where to Find Iron in Minecraft


Minecraft Cave

One of the fastest and probably the most common ways Minecraft players find iron is by exploring underground caves. Aside from iron, caves are also an excellent spot for finding other valuable resources in the game, such as ores. 

The easiest way to locate a cave in Minecraft is by exploring mountainsides. 


find iron in Minecraft

Ravines are pretty similar to caves. However, they contain even more valuable resources. You can even find random chests spawning inside them. If you can find rare items inside ravines, you won’t have any problems locating iron inside them.


find iron in Minecraft

One of the most common things players do in Minecraft is to create underground strip mines. They are usually just straight lines that players use to find ores and collect cobblestones. However, you can also use them to find iron in Minecraft. 

Since iron generates up to 20 times in each chunk, you will likely find iron using strip mines. 

Iron Golem Farms

find iron in Minecraft

If you still find yourself short of iron supply, there’s still another way to gather this extremely helpful resource in Minecraft.

You can start an iron golem farm, which not only supplies you with generous amounts of iron but also gives you XP. To create an iron golem farm, you’ll need the following: 

You should place mobs near the villagers, but not close enough that mobs can kill the villagers. This will trigger villagers to panic and spawn an iron golem. Now, make sure that the iron golems will spawn away from the mobs and villagers, go through a waterway, and down into a chamber that will automatically kill them. 

Iron golem farm should give you enough XP and iron for your daily needs in the world of Minecraft.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What is the easiest way to find iron in Minecraft?

The best way to find iron is by digging down the overworld or going through caves and ravines. As you mine for iron, you should be able to gather other resources such as coal, ores, and stones. 

Why can’t I find iron in Minecraft?

If you can’t find Iron, you’re probably looking in the wrong place. Iron only spawns below the Y coordinate 64. This means that you won’t find it on mountains and surfaces above the overworld. 

Where does iron spawn the most in Minecraft?

Iron occurs only around layers 1-63, which means near bedrock or slightly above sea level. However, most iron ores will be at lower levels, and there are about 77 iron ores per chunk. 

This sums up our guide on how to find Iron in Minecraft. If you have questions and other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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