Where to Find Each Visionary in Deathloop

Don’t have an idea where to find every Visionary in Deathloop?.

Deathloop’s story revolves around Colt, an assassin stuck in a time loop hired to take out eight targets called Visionaries. These so-called Visionaries can be found across the island before midnight. 

Leaving one of the Visionaries alive will cause the time to reset and undo all of his work. 

Now, assassinating every Visionary is not as simple as it sounds. 

When Colt dies in the game before taking out all eight targets, you’ll wake up at the start of the loop and re-do everything you’ve done before that. You also need to use a combination of stealth, parkour, guns, gadgets, and attack skills to kill every Visionary. 

Aside from that, they are also scattered across four maps full of puzzles and quests.

To help you out, we’ve decided to show you where to find each Visionary in Deathloop. 

Let’s get started!

Locations of Every Visionary in Deathloop

Deathloop Visionaries

Deathloop’s world works on a day/night cycle, with some characters being available at specific times. Most of the Visionaries in the game will show up at the same time and place every day, so finding their locations is not as complicated. 

The hardest part of this task is how you’ll decide to execute them. Some prefer setting traps, use stealth, or just go in and shoot everything that moves. 

If you don’t mind exploring the world of Deathloop, here’s how you can find every Visionary in Deathloop.

Dr. Wenjie Evans

Dr. Wenjie Evans

Compared to other Visionaries, Dr. Wenjie doesn’t have a slab or weapon that you can collect. Nonetheless, you still have to kill her to stop the loop from happening. However, there’s no point in farming skills here.  

When assassinating Dr. Wenjie Evans, multiple versions of her will spawn randomly, kill them all to ensure that she’s gone for good. 

She’ll be spawning in the Blackreef, so make sure to keep an eye out for her. 

Harriet Morse

find each Visionary in Deathloop

Harriet Morse can always be found in the same place, making her the easiest Visionary to execute. Her Slab Power is the Nexus, which links your enemies together. If you kill one of them, you’ll kill them all. 

Your best chance of assassinating Harriet is by going over the big Hangers in Karl’s Bay in the morning to grab it. 

She also uses a Fourpunder, a weapon that fires bullets with toxic gas that can be useful as you explore the world. 

Charlie Montague

find each Visionary in Deathloop

Charlie’s power will allow you to teleport, so he’s one of the Visionaries that are worth hunting. He’s using an RPG, which should be easy to avoid. Charlie also has a shotgun that fires projectiles that can slow down enemies. 

Aside from stabbing or shooting Charlie from afar, you can also play with his RPG. If you can collect the batteries from the tentacle displays, you can ask 2-Bit, his personal computer, to activate his rocket and kill everyone in the area. 

Fia Zborowska

find each Visionary in Deathloop

Most of the time, you can find Fia lurking around her base at Fristad Rock. She’ll likely be there at noon. Since her base is on an unstable reactor, you’ll have to be stealthy on your approach, or she’ll blow everything when alerted about your presence. 

You can use the Hackamajig to deactivate her transmitter or search for clues on how to disable the reactor if you want to go the stealthy route. 

Upon killing Fia, you’ll get the Havoc Slab, which gives you a damage boost, and her Pepper Mill machine gun that causes bleeding. 

Egor Serling

find each Visionary in Deathloop

Successfully killing Egor Serling gives you an Invisibility Slab called Aether. This will come in handy when you are required to perform stealth during your quests. You’ll find Egor at the back of The Complex during nighttime. 

The best way to get him is to disable his device to ruin his experiment. On the other hand, you can also wait until he goes to Aleksis’s party, where you can also execute him. 

Frank Spicer

find each Visionary in Deathloop

While waiting for Fia to spawn, you can spend your time hunting for Frank Spicer in the morning at Fristad Rock. For the first instance, you’ll have to go to his house to assassinate him. We recommend using your Hackamajig and approach him quietly using your stealth. 

Although you won’t get any Slab from Frank, he has The Constancy Automatic machine pistol that can reload while firing. 

As long as you have ammo in your bags, Frank’s automatic machine pistol will continue firing and damaging enemies even when reloading. 

Aleksis Dorsey

find each Visionary in Deathloop

If you love to have telekinetic powers, you should go looking for Aleksis. He can be found in the evening at Dorsey Manor in Updaam. He can be challenging to spot since everyone in the area would be wearing a wolf mask. 

The best way to deal with Aleksis is by sneaking into the manor and waiting for two objectives to unlock. You can seek out his mixtape or turn off the drink taps so bottled beer will only be served, which he hates. 

Aleksis’ weapons are also worth keeping as they heal you every time you damage your enemies. 

Julianna Blake

find each Visionary in Deathloop

Unlike other Visionaries, Julianna can appear at any time and hunt you down. If you have multiplayer enabled, your friends can invade as Julianna and take you out. On the other hand, Julianna will appear as a regular AI character if you’re in single player mode. 

When she starts to hunt you, quickly hack a radio beacon to access the tunnels and escape. Unfortunately, Julianna doesn’t drop anything specifically. She’ll be carrying random Slabs, weapons, and Trinkets that vary every time. 

Nonetheless, you should be prepared to take out Julianna if you want to break the loop. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Do you need to take out the Visionaries in order? 

No. Players can assassinate the Visionaries in any order they wish to. However, you can follow our guide below if you want to take them out easier and faster. 

How many endings does Deathloop have?

There can be three possible endings in Deathloop, which depend on how players react to Julianna in the Stabilizer Core. 

How long is Deathloop?

Based on the reviews online, it will take players around 30 to 35 hours to complete Deathloop. It’s possible to finish the game faster, but you’ll have to explore each level precisely and efficiently. 

That brings us to the end of our guide on where to find each Visionary in Deathloop. For your questions and other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll be here to help you out. 

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