Where to Find the Best Weapons in Deathloop

Want to find the best weapons in Deathloop?

One of the best aspects of Deathloop is the combat system and the various guns that you can play with. Like any shooter game, having the best set of weapons will help you power through complex missions and rounds. 

When it comes to arsenal and firepower, Deathloop has many to offer. From the lightest handguns up to more explosive and powerful shotguns, you can acquire all of them in the city of Blackreef. 

The strongest weapons in Deathloop will come with the gold rarity, which has extra powers and abilities. 

However, these weapons are not easy to acquire, and you have to work for them. 

Today, we will show you how to find the best weapons in Deathloop so you can build a top-notch loadout that will help with your adventure in Blackreef. 

Let’s get started!

1. Tribunal 


The Tribunal on its own is already a pretty effective weapon. However, the best version of this pistol is the one equipped with a suppressor. Using the Tribunal with a suppressor is almost dead silent, perfect for stealthy explorations of the four districts. 

For users who own the Deluxe version of the game, you’ll have the Tribunal with the suppressor right away after completing the quest ‘The Longest Day’. 

However, if you did not spend extra for the Deluxe version, you can obtain the Tribunal with the suppressor on enemies. 

To quickly find the Tribunal with a suppressor, keep an eye out for enemies carrying a pistol. Make sure to tag them so that you can check what weapon they are carrying. If you spot a pistol, go for the kill and check if they have a suppressed Tribunal. 

2. Constancy Automatic

Constancy Automatic

Another great pistol in Deathloop is the Constancy Automatic. This pistol allows you to deal massive damage to enemies while reloading quickly. This gun is also equipped with the ability to reload while firing at the same time. 

You can obtain the Constancy Automatic from Frank Spicer’s body since it’s his personal weapon. To get the pistol from Frank, you’ll have to follow the Visionary Lead ‘The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank’ and pay his club a visit in the morning. 

You will find him at the recording studio in his club in Fristad Rock.

After killing Frank, you can pick up the Constancy Automatic and have fun with it!

3. Strelak Verso

best weapons in Deathloop

When you talk about being unique, the Strelak Verso is probably the most unique weapon in Deathloop. It is a gold-tier dual-wielding pistol that can match the damage output and range of a rifle.

However, the Strelak Verso doesn’t have any special abilities aside from getting two weapons in one. 

You can find this powerful pistol by completing the ‘In This Together’ lead, which you can find in the bunker of The Complex at noon. Explore the bunker that the Eternalists have opened and use the batteries to unlock the door. Behind it would be the Strelak Verso.

4. Sepulchra Breteira

best weapons in Deathloop

If you want a powerful sniper rifle, the Sepulchra Breteira is the weapon for you. This weapon can be very useful for taking out Visionaries without getting spotted and scouting out areas to avoid getting mugged by Julianna. 

It also has a bonus ability that improves your aim while using the scope for a more accurate shot for the perfect kill. 

You can obtain this weapon by following the Arsenal Lead ‘Keep On Giving’, which can be started by traveling to Dorsey’s Manor in the afternoon.

5. Heritage Gun

best weapons in Deathloop

The Heritage Gun is yet another unique weapon in the game with two different firing modes. The main feature of the Heritage Gun is that it can fire slugs or traditional shotgun spread, which makes it adequate for different types of combat. 

You can use the Heritage Gun to kill enemies up close and from a distance. 

The Heritage Gun can be found after finishing the ‘Super Shifty’ Arsenal Lead in Karl’s Bay in the evening. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

How to keep your guns in Deathloop?

You can keep guns in Deathloop by infusing them. Access the loadout section of the game and select the weapon you want to keep. Now, follow the prompts to “Infuse” the weapon, and it should be yours to keep afterward. 

What do you lose when you die in Deathloop?

You have two lives in Deathloop. After that, you’ll lose everything as the day loops around if you die. As you progress the game, the more gear you’ll acquire. However, this also means that there’s more at risk if you die in the game. 

This sums up our guide on where to find the best weapons in Deathloop. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

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