How to Find the Ars Gouda and Unlock Bestiary in Vampire Survivors

Do you know how that Ars Gouda is located only on a specific stage in Vampire Survivors? Finding it will unlock the Bestiary as well.

In Vampire Survivors, you can only acquire a relic once, but once you do, it will always be available. You can choose one of these game mechanics at the outset of each level before selecting a map.

Collecting the Ars Gouda is optional in Vampire Survivors. Still, if you’re bored or just want to finish the game, you might want to do so if you want to unlock all characters and stages.

Before we find the Ars Gouda, let us first discuss the Map where it is located. Since this map is not the first level of the game, you might want to learn everything about it.

Dairy Plant

Dairy Plant to find Ars Gouda

Unlocking the map of the Dairy Plant is the first thing you have to do if you want to locate the Ars Gouda in the game. Additionally, you can obtain another relic in this stage: the Milky Way Map.

If you are unaware, the Dairy Plant is the third stage in Vampire Survivors. You will be able to access this stage once you have reached level 40 in the Inlaid Library.

Inlaid Library to find Ars Gouda

You should head to the Inlaid Library, the second game stage, and begin a run there. Remember, however, that you must be very careful when dealing with Stone Mask. This item’s passive effect grants an additional 10% Greed.


It is recommended that you focus on acquiring items and weapons that provide a bonus of Growth to maximize the experience you gain from the Inlaid Library. In that case, Imelda is an excellent character to use as a starting point for this stage.

In terms of pickups, you can find a free Experience Gem containing 5 XP and a free Vacuum on a barrel to the right of your character. On the wall above, your character can find a free Vacuum.

After you have completed everything and advanced to level 40, you will be able to begin working toward your primary objective, which is to locate the Ars Gouda.

Ars Gouda

Ars Gouda

As stated above, the Ars Gouda is one of two Relics hidden on the Dairy Plant map and one of 10 Relics in Vampire Survivors. The Ars Gouda is a tool to record details about the game’s monsters after being killed.

Follow green arrow to find Ars Gouda

Start a run on the Dairy Plant as soon as it is available after you have unlocked it. After entering the map, you should immediately follow the green arrow on your screens. If there is a Relic that has not yet been found on the map, it will have a green arrow pointing in its direction.

In addition, you must be wary of the hazards scattered across the map. An unavoidable map event is triggered when you accidentally step on one of the brass circles scattered across the ground. 

The event is selected at random from a pool of nine possible outcomes. The time that must pass before it can activate the traps again is twenty seconds.

You can find the Ars Gouda in the Dairy Plant, located far south of the starting area. As with all Relics, once you have obtained it for the first time in Vampire Survivors, you will not have another chance to do so.

Ars Gouda location

After following the green arrow, you will eventually arrive at the relic in the middle of the four golden symbols.

relic found

After you have obtained the Ars Gouda, you will have the opportunity to search for the other relic on the Dairy Plant map, the Milky Way Map. This option makes the map accessible in the pause menu indefinitely. In addition, it shows the locations of various other stage items.

Moreover,  you can use the Milky Way Map at the beginning of this stage. Four different passive items with their unique properties will spawn. You can find the locations of these various things. There is a 100% chance that one of each of the following will take place:

  • AttractOrb: far northwest of starting area.
  • Armor: northeast of starting location.
  • Wings: southwest of starting area.
  • Candelabrador: far southeast of the beginning site.



In Vampire Survivors, gaining access to the Bestiary requires possessing the Ars Gouda Relic, as was previously mentioned.

After you have finished the Dairy Plant level and earned the Ars Gouda, this choice will immediately become available for selection on the main menu screen.

Now, the Bestiary can be accessed directly from the main menu. It will allow you to view an itemized breakdown of how many of each sort of foe you have eliminated in your game save files.


In addition, the information page will display a photograph of the creature along with its fundamental statistics for your perusal. However, if you haven’t fought specific foes yet, those foes won’t be eligible to fight against you.

There is little doubt that locating the Ars Gouda is not all that difficult, provided that you know its position. I hope that reading this post helped you learn everything there is to know about the Bestiary and the Ars Gouda.

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