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How to Farm Feathers in Valheim

Have you gathered enough Feathers in Valheim for arrows yet?

Ranged weapons are extremely useful for combat in Valheim. For players that prefer fighting creatures and bosses from a distance, having a great bow is the best option. Of course, bows cannot attack on their own. You will need a lot of ammunition in the form of the different arrows in the game.

For players that travel in groups, you will likely have combat roles. Archers are in charge of attacking from a distance, so they will need a lot of arrows. Feathers are needed to craft arrows, so archers need to know how to gather loads of them. You can learn gathering Feathers either from killing birds or finding some of the hidden treasures in the game.

If you are looking to craft an army’s worth of arrows, check out our quick guide on how to farm Feathers in Valheim.

Feathers in Valheim

An image of Feathers in Valheim.

Feathers are a relatively common item in Valheim that is important for crafting a specific type of weapon. This bird product is also used for building the rare Dragon Bed, which is an item that can only be obtained later in the game.

Weighing only 0.1 pounds each, Feathers are one of the lightest items in the game. You can also stack up to 50 in each inventory slot, so you can gather as much as you want without struggling with weight and space. In addition to that, Feathers are also teleportable, which makes it that much easier to travel while collecting them.

There are several ways to obtain Feathers in Valheim. First, you can find them in Chests in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes. If you visit the Burial Chambers, you may also find some Chests there. Next, the most common but slightly more difficult way to obtain Feathers in Valheim is by killing Seagulls and Crows. These birds will drop Feathers when you take them out.

Farming Feathers in Valheim

An image of farming Feathers in Valheim.

If you prefer to gather Feathers in Valheim by farming Seagulls, head over around the coast of any biome. These white feathered birds are one of the first birds you will see in the game, so you should already be familiar with them. Unfortunately, you cannot use melee weapons as they will flee when you approach. Try to bring a spear or any bow and kill them from afar. You can then gather the Feathers that they drop.

For farming Crows, head to the Black Forest biome. These small birds are black in color, with long legs and heavy, pointed bills. Because of the Black Forest environment, it is easy to overlook Crows when you are not looking closely. But once you find them, use a ranged weapon to take them out. It is best to get them while they’re on the ground as it will take a very experienced archer to kill birds in the air.

Next, you can obtain Feathers from Chests in the Meadows or Black Forest biomes. You can find them in Viking Graveyards, Stone Graves, or in various random locations. Chests are definitely more rewarding in terms of Feathers, but they can also take some time and effort to find. If you are confident in your aim, you should consider prioritizing bird hunting more.

Finally, Feathers will sometimes drop when you cut down trees in the Meadows biome. Every time you cut down a Beech or Fir tree, there is a 17% chance of them dropping Feathers.

Crafting With Feathers in Valheim

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Feathers are gathered mainly for a single purpose. They are the main ingredient for crafting arrows in Valheim. Beginners can start with crafting more basic arrows like Flintwood Arrows, Fire Arrows, and Ironhead Arrows.

Once you get further in the game and gain access to more valuable materials, you can start crafting better arrows. You may want to try making Silver Arrows, Bronzehead Arrows, and Needle Arrows. If you are quite late in the game, you may be able to make some of the best arrows in the game. These include the Obsidian Arrow, Poison Arrow, and Frost Arrow.

In addition to making almost any type of arrow that you want, Feathers in Valheim are also used to craft the Huntsman Bow. This is the third bow in the game and can only be made starting with the Iron Age. This powerful bow has no secondary attack, but does 42 Pierce Damage, 42 Staggering effect, 10 Knockback, and does 3x damage for Backstabs. You will need 10 Fine Wood, 20 Iron, 2 Deer Hide, and 10 Feathers to craft it.

Stocking Up on Feathers

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Once you have learned how to farm Feathers in Valheim, you need to figure out how to use them economically. If there is no real need for too many arrows, you can opt to save some for crafting more powerful ones later in the game. For beginners, you can start by crafting around 10 to 20 Ironhead or Flintwood Arrows.

Once you get further into the game, you can use the leftover Feathers to craft stronger arrows. You just have to make sure to pick up any Feathers you come across in your adventures so you never run out of them.

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