How to Escape the Labyrinth in Gotham Knights

Having a hard time figuring out how to escape the Labyrinth in Gotham Knights?

During the investigation of the Court of Owls in Gotham Knights, players will eventually become trapped in the Court of Owls’ mysterious labyrinth. However, getting out of the labyrinth is not an easy task. 

The game features a range of enemy factions that you must face during the playthrough, but none are as mysterious as the Court of Owls. Among the many reasons is their seemingly endless supply of secret facilities and hideouts across Gotham City. 

The labyrinth is one of the most disturbing creations of this gang, subjecting its victims to an array of death traps and deception in attempts to break them. 

One particularly troublesome portion of the labyrinth is the room with the eerie spotlight in the middle that requires players to solve a puzzle to get out. 

In this guide, we will show you how to escape the labyrinth in Gotham Knights. 

Let’s get started!

Upon awakening in the labyrinth, fans will only have one direction to travel. The AR vision is also broken and sputters helplessly when you try activating it. This means that you will have to be extra careful, watching out for traps and misdirections throughout the area. 

escape the labyrinth in gotham knights

You should also keep an eye out for holes in the walls of every hallway since spike traps will easily kill players who fail to crouch under them. 

Duck under the spikes around the first corner and continue down the path until you see a glimpse of a Talon. From here, you should duck under a second spike trap to get to a room with flame traps on the ceiling. 

Roof Fire Path

Identify the traps in the room that aren’t lit and walk under them. Follow the path to reach the next hallway. 

However, you will come across a dead end after taking the second hallway. What you should do is head back and backtrack. You will discover that the labyrinth has changed its layout. 

Labyrinth Change Layout

In the new trap room, fans will need to crouch to avoid the head-height cutting blades and move cautiously to avoid the large spinning cylinders near floor level. Head for the hallway on your left on the far side of the room, past all the traps.

You should arrive at an out-of-place table and chairs with a phonograph sitting on the table. This is also where you will start hearing voices. 

After heading down one of the hallways, you will see visions of the gang wearing court of owl masks. Duck under the spikes again to find the bat signal, sparking and sputtering. Now, you should arrive at Bruce Wayne’s grave. 

From here, you should continue down either of the paths branching from there to spot another hallucination, then reach a room with contents that differ based on the character. 

Keep pressing down on one of the paths, past the hallucination of an injured Batman and under another trap. You should eventually spot a hallway with a door at the end. However, this will keep moving as you try opening it. 

Keep trying, and it should eventually open, allowing you to reach a creepy room with a large spotlight in the middle. 

Getting Out of the Room

Upon entering the room, you should take a closer look at the big spotlight. It should have a symbol in the middle that matches one of the four glowing circles around the room. Stepping on one or grappling the perch next to it will cause the spotlight to swivel and point at the circle. 

escape the labyrinth in gotham knights

Players will need to move to the circle that matches the symbol to make the spotlight point at it. 

When this happens, the symbol inside the spotlight should change, and fans will need to repeat this process for the new symbol until the path out of the room appears. 

If you want the exact order from the entrance to the room: 

  1. Grapple onto the perch at the back of the room. 
  2. Face the spotlight and drop. Now, step on the circle on the left from there. 
  3. Head diagonally across the room to the other circle on the floor. 
  4. Grapple to the perch above the entrance. This will cause a door to show up, leading further into the labyrinth. 

Labyrinth Second Phase

From here, the character will realize that they were being gassed in the previous areas and then be attacked by Talons in the next room. Fight the Talons to reveal the second exit to the room. 

Head onward into the labyrinth to trigger another fight with the Talons. Try beating three of them with Momentum Abilities for the bonus, since extra EXP in the game is always welcome. 

escape the labyrinth in gotham knights

Head further into the labyrinth, past an altar, to find a big room where the walls are still sliding into place. This is where you’ll meet a new type of Talon that wields a spiked club and a shield. These gladiator talons are best fought by perfectly dodging their attacks or using a heavy attack to break their guard. 

Take down the Gladiator Talon, and in the cutscene, the Talon will collide with a statue, causing it to crash down and break a hole in the labyrinth. 

Head to the hole that was created to escape the death trap. 

That’s everything you need to know on how to escape the Labyrinth in Gotham Knights. If you have other concerns, feel free to drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to respond. 

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