An image of the endgame goblins in Valheim.

How to Fight Endgame Goblins in Valheim

Are you ready to take on the endgame goblins in Valheim?

The Plains biome seems like the safest place in the game for several reasons. Its much brighter and hotter environment compared to all the other biomes tends to give players a false sense of security. You can see everything across great distances, especially during the day. However, there are very strong enemies you will encounter in the Plains biome at some point around Valheim’s endgame.

Fulings are aggressive creatures that spawn anywhere in the Plains. These powerful enemies often travel in groups and will immediately attack you. They have sharp eyes and hearing, so you must sneak around cautiously if you plan to avoid them. In this article, we will teach you how to avoid these creatures as well as how to prepare for combat against them.

If you are planning to take out these creatures, check out our detailed guide on how to fight the endgame goblins in Valheim.

Fulings and Endgame Goblins in Valheim

An image of the endgame goblins in Valheim.

Fulings are some of the most difficult enemies you will face in the game barring the five bosses. These goblins are quite an upgrade from the lowly Greydwarfs for several reasons. They have 175 Health, which is more than your common creature in the Plains biome. Their attacks deal 85 Blunt, Pierce, and Slash damage. They can also deal 45 Fire damage.

Higher star Fulings deal double their normal damage and also have at least double Health. They are quite the formidable opponent because they are immune to the Spirit attribute. During the day, up to two Fulings can spawn at the same spot anywhere in the Plains. At nighttime, they spawn anywhere but much more often and up to 5 at a time. They are Yagluth worshippers and will begin spawning in every biome after you defeat the boss.

While they are difficult to defeat, there are also benefits to killing Fulings. This is why players often raid Fuling Villages once they get strong enough. Each Fuling will drop at least 5 Coins and sometimes a Fuling Trophy when you kill them. There is only a 10% chance of a Fuling Trophy drops, so you may have to kill a few. Most importantly, however, is that Fulings also drop Black Metal Scraps.

Fulings have very sharp hearing, so try not to make too much noise around them. They will immediately hear when you cut down trees or break rocks while mining. It is best to bring a good set of armor and a weapon with you while gathering resources. Thankfully, they are also quite loud, so you should know when they are nearby. Unless you are extremely confident and powerful, try to avoid Fulings early in the game if you can.

How to Fight Endgame Goblins in Valheim

An image of how to fight the endgame goblins in Valheim.

If you are nearing the endgame of Valheim then you should already have some powerful weapons and armor. While these may get you past most creatures at this point, Fulings are simply more dangerous than most. Their sheer numbers can overwhelm you especially if you are fighting alone. A good way to counter this is by going with a squad or attacking them from a distance. There are a few steps to beating them and we will cover each one.

First, make sure you have a good arsenal with you. The best way to fight Fulings is by using ranged weapons like the Draugr Fang Bow so you can take them out before they get to you. Bring lots of arrows as well since Fulings have more Health than regular enemies. Fuling Shamans also have ranged attacks, so be prepared to dodge those. If you encounter a Fuling Berserker, try to keep a safe distance between the two of you.

Next, bring some good food for recovery. This is important, especially if you are traveling with a team. You will all need to recuperate some Health and Stamina after fighting a bunch of endgame goblins in Valheim. Consider crafting some Meads or bringing nutritious food like Lox Meat Pie or Serpent Stew for efficiency. If one of you needs to eat and recover, have the rest of the team draw the attention of the Fulings for a while.

Finally, establish an attacking as well as an exit strategy with your team. Discuss among yourselves and assign roles to each player. Normally, there should be at least a couple of archers that are attacking from a distance. Make sure you also have frontline attackers who will have strong armor and melee weapons. They will draw in the Fulings and tank most of their attacks. Lastly, have everyone rotate using their Forsaken Powers.

Why You Should Fight Fulings

An image of the final boss Yagluth.

If you are nearing the endgame in Valheim, you will begin needing a lot of the resources that Fulings and Fuling Villages provide. Fulings are your only source of Black Metal, so you will need to kill some to craft the Blackmetal Knife. Additionally, Fulings will also drop some Coins which you can use to trade with the dwarf Haldor.

Fuling Shamans will also drop some Bukeperries, which is important for clearing out all your existing food buffs. These allow you to reset your buffs and consume new food. If you are planning to summon the Boss Yagluth, you will need to kill a few of his worshippers.

Killing a Fuling Berserker has a 10% chance of dropping a Fuling Totem. You will need a total of five Fuling Totems to summon Yagluth, who is currently the final boss in the game. Remember that Fuling Berserkers have much more Health and deal way more damage than regular Fulings, so approach them cautiously.

Although Fulings are not technically stronger than any of the Bosses in the game, their potential to drop Fuling Totems is the reason why they are considered the endgame goblins in Valheim. Other than that, their Fuling Villages are also the only places where you can obtain some Flax and Barley. Both these products are used to feed your tamed Lox, while Barley can be turned to Barley Flour.

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