How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Minecraft is a diverse sandbox game with limitless possibilities. However, that doesn’t mean it has no end. Surprisingly, many players consider defeating the Ender Dragon as the end. With this in mind, this article will teach you How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft.

While surviving in the Overworld is hard on its own, getting to and defeating the Ender Dragon is completely different. Especially since you have to gather many resources and gear up to have a fighting chance. Even then, the Ender Dragon can end you if you’re not careful.

You need top-class weapons, shields, potions, food, and utility items to overthrow the Ender Dragon for the first time. Although there are speedrunning methods of beating the Ender Dragon, it is ill-advised to follow them. Basically, these are lethal tactics that can end up fatal if you’re not careful. Therefore, stick to a normal strategy for max efficiency.

To defeat the Ender Dragon is one thing, getting to it is a whole different story. Specifically, there is only one way of reaching the Ender Dragon’s dimension known as The End. Namely, only the End Portal in Strongholds can teleport you to The End, but you need some items to activate it. 

Overall, there are many parts and pieces fighting with the Ender Dragon. Not only do you have to find the End Portal, you also have to gather enough resources to defeat it. In conclusion, there are multiple factors when considering How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. This article will tell you everything you will need to know.

Ender Dragon

How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The Ender Dragon is the highest-ranking mob in Vanilla Minecraft and the hardest to defeat. It lives in The End, a pitch-black dimension, where only Shulkers, Endermen, and the Ender Dragon live. 

The dimension has no layer of Bedrock to protect you, as below you can only see the Void. Besides this, at the prime location, there is only a big island of End Stone. On that floating island are multiple Endermen, with the Ender Dragon flying above the island, occasionally coming down to perch.

There are ten different size pillars made of Obsidian, with End Crystals on top of them. Moreover, these End Crystals are the life force of the Ender Dragon, as they heal it for any damage given. Hence, you have to destroy these Crystals before defeating the Ender Dragon. 

There are a lot of things you have to be careful about. For instance, having enough Arrows or sufficient armor, along with food to survive. With this in mind, listed below is everything you should know about How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft.

Gear and Weapons 

How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The first step to beating the Ender Dragon is gathering enough resources to survive the onslaught of attacks. For this reason, we make weapons and armor that will defend you while you can deal with good damage. To do this, your priority should be collecting Diamonds, which you can upgrade further. 

You will find Diamonds underground, so start mining until you get to the Diamond layer. However, you will first need an Iron Pickaxe to mine the Diamonds Ore. Ideally, you will need at least thirty Diamonds for one full set of equipment.

Your equipment consists of a full Diamond armor set, Diamond Sword, Diamond Pickaxe, and one for the Enchanting Table. Along with these, you should consider mining more for at least one more set of each thing as your backup. In sum, having Diamond gear should be your top priority, and after this, it’s time to upgrade everything. 

You can start enchanting the Diamond gear, or you can go one step further and upgrade it to Netherite. For this purpose, go to the Nether, where you can find Ancient Debris. Furthermore, you need four Ancient Debris and four Gold to make one Netherite Ingot. Lastly, craft a Smithing Table that allows you to upgrade everything to Netherite.

The most important weapon you need is a Bow and plenty of Arrows. You need three Sticks and three String to craft a Bow. Similarly, the Arrows require one stick, a piece of Flint, and a Feather. Overall, you need a hefty number of arrows to defeat the Ender Dragon. 

Other Equipment

How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Weapons and armor aren’t the only things you require to win, as other utility items help. For example, you need a lot of cooked food like Steak or Cooked Porkchop to help you survive. Aside from this, you need Ender Pearls, not only for the Eyes of Ender but to teleport to safety.

Make sure you bring a Bed to the Stronghold, along with a Chest and your extra gear. With regard to the Bed, it allows you to set a Spawn Point. Besides this, the Chest and extra gear give you a Headstart if you end up dying by the Ender Dragon.



Strongholds are structures that generate randomly in the Overworld and are mostly underground. These are the only places with an End Portal, so finding them is crucial. Furthermore, you can only find them with Eye of Enders.

An Eye of Ender is a guide that you throw in the air to navigate yourself to a Stronghold. To craft an Eye of Ender, you need Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder. While Ender Pearls are relatively easier to find by trading with Clerics or bartering with Piglins, Blaze Powder requires effort. Specifically, you need to go to the Nether and find Blaze.

You can find Blaze Spawners in Nether Fortresses in the Nether, which are large randomly generated structures. After finding a Blaze Spawner, you need at least twelve Blaze Rods, so kill a lot of Blazes. Eventually, you will collect enough Blaze Rods to convert into Blaze Powder. 

Blaze Powder and Ender Pearls make Eyes of Ender, which you can use to navigate the Stronghold. Soon you will find the Stronghold, in which you have to navigate to the portal room. Here, you will see a broken End Portal and to fix it, put Eyes of Ender in the missing spaces. Next, jump in the Portal once you activate it.

Battle with the Ender Dragon

How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Finally, after reaching The End, you will face the Ender Dragon. First, you have to go to the main island carefully, so make sure you carry some blocks along with you. On the other hand, you can also use Ender Pearls. After reaching the main island, you will see the big pillars and End Crystals. 

Use your Bow to blow up these crystals by hitting them with your Arrows. Fortunately, you can hit most towers easily, with only some requiring you to build. Also, make sure you don’t look at any Endermen because you don’t want to fight them. After blowing all the Crystals, target the Ender Dragon with all your might.

You should keep firing Arrows at the Ender Dragon while dodging any damage it tries to give you. Occasionally, the Dragon will perch in the middle, where you can target it with your Sword. Eventually, after continuously targeting it with your Arrows and Sword, you will defeat it with patience and skill.

Once the Ender Dragon dies, it drops a lot of experience you can collect, and a Portal opens up. Now, you can jump in the Portal or explore the End Cities through side portals.

The Ender Dragon is truly a menacing foe that can easily devastate you with its power. Aside from this, the Endermen and overall environment of The End make it harder to win. Hopefully, this guide on How to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft helps you defeat the Ender Dragon. 

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