How to Use and Get Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Do you ever wonder how to get your hands on Enchanted Books in Minecraft and use them?

Minecraft is a sandbox game famous for its unique gameplay and mechanics; one of its known mechanics is Enchanting. With this, players can multiply the effectiveness of their gear, and make them last longer. With the help of this article, we’ll guide you on how to obtain Enchanted Books in Minecraft so you can get the best in-game inventory.

Enchanting is a unique process in Minecraft; with it, you can apply buffs to your gear and make them more powerful. For example, a Pickaxe can have an Efficiency enchantment which allows it to mine faster. In similar ways, other enchantments apply to different weapons, tools, and armor that improve their overall quality.

There are two ways to enchant an item. Namely, with the use of an Enchanting Table or Enchanted Books. Players can also find already enchanted tools by looting chests, fishing, and more. The domain of enchantment is vast, and with this guide, we will help you how to use and get Enchanted Books in Minecraft.

Enchanted Books 

How to Use and Get Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Enchanted Books are the best way to apply the enchantment you want, rather than relying solely on luck. On the other hand, the Enchanting Table also does the same thing, but this way, there’s a chance that attempts fail. For this reason, using Enchanted Books is the best way to ensure that players get the enchantment they desire. 

Enchanted Books only work on specific types of items. For instance, a player cannot apply a bow enchantment on a pickaxe or sword and vice versa. In addition, there are curses in Minecraft that players can only cast using Enchanted Books.

Enchantment has different levels, and each level has a varying buff applied to the item. For example, there are five enchantment levels for Efficiency, and each tier corresponds to how much mining speed is increased. The same concept applies to both enchanting methods. However, there is a difference in the application between the two mechanics.

The Enchanting Table only applies the enchantments in a progressive order. By using this method, the player must gather levels before they can perform higher levels of enchanting. On the contrary, through Enchanted Books, players can place any enchantment level on their items anytime. 

Furthermore, players can even combine multiple enchantments with Enchanted Books, multiplying the enchantment level of the result. In rare cases, players can also find Enchanted Books containing several enchantments applicable to all tools. With that said, this makes Enchanted Books the better method of upgrading gears in Minecraft.

How to Get Enchanted Books

How to Use and Get Enchanted Books in Minecraft

There are multiple ways of getting Enchanted Books, each with its own advantages and time requirements. However, players can only acquire some Enchanted Books through specific conditions. With this in mind, below is the list of ways to get Enchanted Books in Minecraft.

Enchanting Table 

How to Use and Get Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Players can use the Enchanting Table to make Enchanted Books, but first, they must get their hands on the table themselves. They need to gather the three prime resources necessary to build the Enchanting Table, a Book, two Diamonds, and four blocks of Obsidian.

Before anything else, the player should mine for Diamonds and Obsidian first, as locating them is most time-consuming. Fortunately, the two items can be found underground, so simultaneously, players can look for both. With the right amount of patience and some luck, the player should get their hands on Diamonds and Obsidian blocks in no time.

While mining, players should also watch out for Lapis Lazuli ores as it plays a crucial role when enchanting. After collecting the three items, head to the surface and start looking for the resources to craft a Book. The player needs one Leather and three pieces of Paper. You can get Paper from sugarcanes, while you can obtain Leather by slaying Cows.

After getting the necessary resources, craft them by placing three Obsidian in the bottom layer and one in the middle. Next, place two Diamonds in the second row beside the Obsidian, and put the Book on top. And there you have a Crafting Table, which the player can then place on the ground. 

Also, we advise you to craft many Books to make Enchanted Books for later. To do this, open the Enchanting Table, place the Book with some Lapis Lazuli, and choose the enchantment you desire. Remember that this needs plenty of experience, so gather lots of that before enchanting the Books.

Fishing and Drops

How to Use and Get Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Players can sometimes find Enchanted Books through fishing or killing mobs. However, there’s only a low chance of that happening, and so it requires a lot of patience and time. In order to do this, make a Fishing Rod and start fishing in a pool of water. With extreme luck, the player could find Enchanted Books.

Besides fishing, players can also find Enchanted Books when killing Pillagers or Vindicators during raids. However, this is only possible in the Bedrock version of Minecraft. Same as fishing, the drop chances are low, so it takes a lot of time and patience to pull this off.

Trading and Bartering

How to Use and Get Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Enchanted Books through trading is a fast and efficient way of getting your hands on the item. Players can even get rare enchantments like the Mending Enchanted Book, which allows the player to fix their gear as they collect experience. Interestingly, the Mending enchant is only available by trading or fishing, making this a viable way of getting one.

Players can also get Enchanted Books through bartering with Piglins. To do this, you should build a Nether Portal and look for Piglins there. After locating them, drop Gold Ingots, wait, and they’ll pick it up eventually giving you back items. One possible item they drop is the Soul Speed enchantment, which is only obtainable through this method.

Looting Special Structures

How to Use and Get Enchanted Books in Minecraft

A big source of finding Enchanted Books is through looting chests in special structures. For example, players can find Enchanted Books in Dungeons, Desert Temples, Woodland Mansions, Strongholds, Mineshafts, Underwater Ruins, and more. Structures in the Nether, and the End also have chances of spawning Enchanted Books as well.

Using Enchanted Books Through an Anvil


After collecting the Enchanted Books, there is only one way of applying them—by using the Anvil. The Anvil needs three blocks of Iron and four additional Iron Ingots. It won’t be any sweat to get yourself some Iron since it’s relatively easy to find one due to its high spawn rate.

After collecting some Iron, which should at least be ‌thirty-one, place nine ingots in the Crafting Grid. Next, place three Iron Blocks on the top, with one Iron Ingot in the middle and rest at the bottom. Doing this makes you an Anvil.

To enchant the item, access the Anvil and place the piece of equipment in the left box. Now, place the Enchanted Book in the box beside it. However, make sure that the enchantment is compatible with the equipment or else it won’t apply. Also, collect experience as it’s necessary for this to work. 

Overall, using Enchanted Books is an efficient way of enchanting weapons, armor, and tools. Hopefully, after going through this guide, you now know how to use and obtain Enchanted Books in Minecraft. 

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