An image of Ekthyr Forsaken Altar in Valheim.

How to Summon First Boss on Eikthyr Forsaken Altar in Valheim

Have you figured out the Eikthyr Forsaken Altar in Valheim yet?

Valheim is an open-world environment adventure game that has multiple gameplay aspects. One of the biggest and most important is the combat aspect. If you follow the storyline, you will have to defeat each of the five bosses in Valheim. The first of them is Eikthyr, who is a giant Stag that does lightning attacks.

Although Eikthyr is the first and easiest boss to summon, it still takes a few steps to do so. You will have to find his Forsaken Altar and offer up a couple of items to summon this powerful boss. Fighting Eikthyr is also quite difficult, especially for solo or beginner players.

If you want to find out how to summon and defeat the first boss in the game, check out our quick guide on the Eikthyr Forsaken Altar in Valheim.

Five Bosses in Valheim

An image of The Elder boss.

Valheim’s storyline will take players through a bunch of adventures. These can include everything from farming metal ores, finding rare materials, and eventually defeating each of the game’s final bosses. There are currently five bosses in the game, but it is likely that more will be added later on. It has even been hinted that the upcoming Mistlands update will introduce the sixth.

Each of the five bosses have unique abilities, home biomes, and requirements for summoning. The first of the five is Eikthyr, who is a gigantic Stag with a bunch of different Lightning attacks. He can deal a lot of damage through both melee and ranged attacks. Another special attack can do significant area of effect Lightning damage. Defeating Eikthyr lets you craft one of the most important tools in the game.

The second boss is The Elder. This massive tree creature resides in the Black Forest biome. Like Eikthyr, The Elder can also do both ranged, melee, and area of effect attacks. You will need three Ancient Seeds to offer in The Elder’s altar to summon it. The third boss is Bonemass, who is essentially a big green sludge monster. Found in the Swamp biome, Bonemass is one of the hardest bosses to beat alone. It can summon a few minions to distract you from attacking it directly.

The fourth boss, Moder, is the mother of all dragons. A giant frost dragon, Moder is characterized by her white fur, black scales, and tattered wings. The fifth and final boss so far is Yagluth. He is a giant skeletal spirit without a lower body. Arguably the most powerful boss, Yagluth breathes fire and rains down explosives. He can deal a massive area of effect explosion as well.

How to Use the Eikthyr Forsaken Altar

An image of Ekthyr Forsaken Altar in Valheim.

To summon Eikthyr, you will need to activate his Forsaken Altar. Being the first boss, he also has the easiest Forsaken Altar to find and activate. Take is a quick yet dangerous tutorial of sorts. While this one is quite simple, you just know that summoning the next four bosses will not be a walk in the park.

First, you need to locate Eikthyr’s Sacrificial Stone. Thankfully, it is in a pretty safe and easy location to find. Just go to the Meadows biome and look for a huge stone tablet surrounded by other large glowing rocks. Look for the Vegvisir, which is the small glowing red stone. Interact with it and you should see Eikthyr’s summoning location in your map. After that, you should travel to that location.

You will also need 2 Deer Trophies to offer up in the Forsaken Altar. In fact, you should probably obtain these items before you even run all the way to the Altar. Fortunately, Deer Trophies are very easy to get in Valheim. Just look for Deer in the Meadows or Black Forest biomes. Deers are not aggressive creatures so you should easily kill them. You only need two, but feel free to slaughter more for some extra meat to cook later.

Once you have 2 Deer Trophies, head on over to the summoning location on your map. Simply place the 2 Deer Trophies on the Forsaken Altar and it should begin summoning Eikthyr immediately. Make sure you brought your best weapons and armor because Eikthyr is quite powerful, especially if you are going solo.

How to Defeat Eikthyr

An image of Ekthyr Forsaken Altar in Valheim.

Although finding and summoning Eikthyr is pretty easy, defeating him is not quite as easy. In fact, it will probably take several attempts for solo beginner players to kill this boss. Luckily, you can keep summoning bosses as many times as you want, as long as you have the offerings. If you think you cannot beat Eikthyr on the first try, you should stock up on some Deer Trophies in your base.

The best way to defeat Eikthyr is through teamwork and versatility. Bring as many friends as you can. You should all use different types of weapons as well. Some may opt for heavy hitting melee weapons like the Stagbreaker while others can use bows and arrows. If you prefer a quick and stealthy playstyle, the Blackmetal Knife can be a great choice.

Playing solo is not a good idea, especially because Eikthyr has many different attacks. His melee attack rams you with his antlers, dealing 20 Pierce, 1000 Chop, and 1000 Pickaxe damage. The lightning bolt is his ranged attack which deals 15 Lightning damage. Finally, Eikthyr’s Stomp attack deals area of effect damage at 15 Lightning damage per hit.

Once you beat Eikthyr, he will drop 1 Eikthyr Trophy and 3 Hard Antlers. One Hard Antler can be used to craft an Antler Pickaxe using your Workbench. Place the Eikthyr Trophy on the Sacrificial Stone to unlock his Forsaken Power. Eikthyr’s Power reduces the Stamina cost of running and jumping by a massive 60%. This is perfect for combat or long travels.

Moving Forward

After you defeat Eikthyr, you can use the battle’s rewards to craft an Antler Pickaxe and begin mining metal ores. These ores will help you craft stronger weapons and more durable armor. That way, you will be better prepared for the next boss fights in Valheim.

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