Effective Legion Commander Carry in 7.32d in Dota 2

Are you looking to dominate the game as a Legion Commander Carry?

Legion Commander is a versatile hero in Dota 2 who is commonly played in the offlane position. Her unique skill set allows her to initiate team fights and Duel opponents to gain bonus damage and disable them quickly. 

While she is not typical in the carry role, there are specific scenarios where it can be a viable option. By the end of this article, readers can expect to understand better how to play Legion Commander as a carry hero in Dota 2 version 7.32d. 

This article will cover the benefits of playing Legion Commander as a carry hero, the recommended item and skill build, and strategic gameplay tips for each game phase.

Benefits of playing Legion Commander Carry Build

legion commander loadout

Legion Commander Carry Build is unique, but there are specific scenarios where picking her as a carry can be a game-changer. For example, if you’re facing a Broodmother, her Overwhelming Odds spell can instantly remove all of Broodmother’s pesky spiderlings.

She can almost solo-kill agility melee heroes like Phantom Assassin and Juggernaut, making her a strong counter-pick. 

While she may not have the same level of late-game potential as some other carries, she can still scale thanks to her high damage output effectively. Winning duels and stacking the damage can significantly impact team fights and pushing towers. 

Her Press Of The Attack spell also provides valuable synergy to the team, especially when paired with a strong tank in the offlane or mid. 

With her high armor, HP, and lifesteal from Moment of Courage and Press Of The Attack, Legion Commander can easily survive the early game and dominate later.

Item Progression For Legion Commander Carry Build

legion commander starting items

Starting Items

When starting as a Legion Commander carry, it’s important to consider the matchup on your lane. Take note of the heroes you’re playing against, and choose your starting items wisely.

Investing in a Magic Stick is good if you’re up against heroes with spam or burst spells, like Rubick and Undying. 

However, if the enemy offlane and support duo lack kill potential and you feel confident in your survivability, consider securing your farm with a Quelling Blade and stat items.

legion commander starting items

For instance, facing Underlord and Earthshaker might give you an easy lane since they need perfect timing to cast their spells before you die. Additionally, buying another set of Tango can help you stay in the lane longer and obtain gold and experience.

Early Game Items

early game items for legion commander carry

During the early game, it’s important to prioritize getting essential items like Boots and a Magic Wand or Bracer. 

When deciding between Phase Boots or Power Treads, consider buying Power Treads if you plan to jungle early in the game for extra attack speed and armor to increase your farming efficiency. 

However, if you prefer to stay in the lane and pressure the enemy, Phase Boots might be the better option as it grants extra armor and Movement Speed from its active effect.

legion commander duel

As for your first major item, it’s recommended to build either Blink Dagger or Blademail. If your team needs more initiation, getting Blink Dagger is a better option. 

However, going for Blademail first is safer as it provides high armor and additional damage when you duel someone. Use it to stack more damage from Duel Victories, regardless of your choice.

Core Items

legion commander bkb

As you progress into the mid-game, you should focus on acquiring core items for Legion Commander carry. First on the list is the Black King Bar, which will provide you with spell immunity when you Blink + Duel an enemy hero. 

Combining it with Blademail and Blink Dagger will give you a devastating combo for securing kills. However, it’s essential to choose your targets wisely and time your attacks correctly to avoid any potential counter-plays from the enemy team. 

Remember if the enemy team has saving spells like Astral Imprisonment of OD, or Disruption of Shadow Demon. Another item you can consider is the Aghanim’s Scepter, which prolongs the duration of your Duel and grants you spell immunity.

legion commander core items

This item is especially effective when targeting enemy supports, allowing you to take them out of the fight quickly. Lastly, the Desolator is a must-have for increasing your damage output significantly. 

With Duel victories stacking up, this item can easily take down even the tankiest heroes like Centaur or Axe. These core items should be your top priority in the mid-game to ensure your impact in team fights and pushing objectives.

Situational Items

situational items for legion commander carry

As a Legion Commander Carry, you often encounter situations where you need items that may not be your go-to. 

One situational item to consider is the Silver Edge, especially when facing heroes with overpowered passive spells like Timbersaw, Bristleback, or Viper. Breaking their passive abilities with Silver Edge will increase your chances of securing the kill. 

Another option is to use Nullifier or Scythe of Vyse for additional disable. These items can easily catch the enemy off guard, especially when they have Linken’s Sphere, BKB, or Aeon Disk. 

With these situational items, you can adapt to different game scenarios and increase your chances of winning.

Skill Build For Legion Commander Carry Build

legion commander starting skill build

During the laning stage, your main priority is to farm and reach level 6 as quickly as possible. To achieve this, you should prioritize maxing out Overwhelming Odds, as it not only provides decent harass and poke damage but also helps you secure last hits. 

Additionally, you’ll want to put at least 2 points into Moment of Courage for the lifesteal it provides, giving you some sustain in lane.

legion commander skill build progression

After maxing Overwhelming Odds, Press The Attack is the next skill to focus on. Maxing out this spell will provide instant dispel and high HP regeneration, which can help you tank damage during team fights. 

Remember to level up Duel whenever possible, as it is your ultimate ability and the most important spell of Legion Commander Carry.

Gameplay and Strategy

legion commander laning stage

In the game’s early stages, the priority is to focus on farming to get as much gold and exp as possible. To do so, it is essential to have sustain in your lane in case the enemy matchup is strong. 

Buying Tangoes can help you stay in the lane and secure gold and exp. It is not recommended to engage or harass the enemy and compromise last hits. The focus should be solely on farming. 

As the game progresses to the mid-game, you must change your strategy if you cannot stay in your lane and keep getting killed. You can max out Moment Of Courage and rush Power Treads to go to the jungle and clear neutral camps. 

It is essential to get Blink Dagger to impact the game. It would be best if you always initiated fights once you have Blink. If your Duel is on cooldown, focus on farming and scaling into the game.

legion commander late game

In the late game, the correct target for Duels will be your winning condition, so always try to cast Duel on the most important hero on the enemy team. 

This might catch the enemy team off guard, causing them to overextend or get out of position for your team to win the fight.

legion commander fighting roshan

Additionally, taking the Aegis of Immortality from Roshan should be prioritized. It is important to remember that to win the game, focus on objectives and not farming. Always try to push out lanes or damage enemy towers to win.

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