Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2

Wanna know about the Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2?

Earthshaker is one of the most popular Position 4 supports, making him the 3rd most picked hero in TI10. He is a melee strength hero with immense team fight potential due to his multiple stuns and high damage spells. This article will guide you about the Best Earthshakers Counters in Dota 2 to help you win your games against him.

Being a powerful spellcaster, Earthshaker has a lot of stun abilities in his arsenal. This allows him to disable enemy heroes giving his core carry heroes the chance to slay them. Since the hero is reliant on his abilities, he does not need as much Gold as some of the other heroes in Dota 2.

Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2

The high number of disables also makes him a great initiator during team fights, forcing his opponents to either counter him or retreat in panic. This strong trait of being able to gank opponents works very well during the laning stage, allowing him to offset the balance early on. 

However, the hero does have several weaknesses, such as his low mana pool that requires constant management. Should he be caught without mana, the hero would be vulnerable and could potentially be killed. Since he’s a melee hero and requires correct positioning, he can be harassed in the lane by ranged enemy heroes. 


Raigor Stonehoof, also known as the Earthshaker, is a hero with multiple AoE stuns and disables. Using his spells right allows him to start a chain reaction that simultaneously affects multiple enemies. Therefore, positioning yourself right against him is paramount. 

Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2

The first ability Earthshaker has is Fissure. This ability is a long-range stun that also causes magical damage. With this ability, Earthshaker can create a line of rock that can block all units in the game. In addition to this, He stuns enemies around his Fissure for almost two seconds obstructing and catching enemies from far away.

Enchant Totem allows Earthshaker to slam the ground and gain attack range and additional attack damage. It provides damage as a percentage of Earthshaker’s main attack damage. As a result of this increased damage, he can harass enemy supports in the laning phase.

Earthshaker’s passive ability is Aftershock. The ability only works when coupled with his other spells. Aftershock stuns and damages enemies around a three hundred radius. Additionally, this ability amplifies Enchant Totem and Echo Slam. Lastly, it does not stack stuns with fissures and can disable this spell. This is why it must be used at the right moment. 

Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2

His Ultimate ability and most influential team fighting spell is Echo Slam. This spell has a base damage of 200, and echo damage of120. Likewise, each enemy unit causes one echo, which further damages other enemy heroes nearby, and each enemy hero causes two echoes. This chain reaction can cause massive damage to the enemy team, especially if they are huddled together and caught off guard by Earthshaker.


Earthshaker is a menacing hero during the early game laning stage and late game team fights. Furthermore, his high magic damage spells can wipe out the entire enemy team if they are not careful. However, this article will discuss the Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2 to give you a winning chance against him.



Earthshaker is quite heavily countered by Silencer. With his Arcane curse, He can cancel Earthshaker’s Blink Dagger, making it very hard for him to initiate fights. Similarly, He can also slow Earthshaker, who is inherently a slow hero due to his low movement speed.

Silencer is influential with his two leading disables; Last Word and Global Silence. He can shut down and disable all of Earthshaker’s abilities, Thus making him utterly useless in team fights. Consequently, Earthshaker’s long cooldowns do not allow him to stir up another team fight thereby, forcing him to retreat. 

One of Earthshaker’s weaknesses is his relatively tight mana pool. Silencer can take advantage of this fact and further reduce his mana with Glaives of Wisdom. He can also pressure Earthshaker by applying constant damage against him in team fights this way.



Although not as popular as Earthshaker, Clockwerk is also a melee strength support with a high number of lockdown abilities. His first ability, Battery Assault, provides him with a stun of 0.7-second interval. Therefore, he does not allow Earthshaker to perform any of his abilities, all of which have a long Cast Point as he keeps getting stunned by Battery Assault.

Clockwerk’s Power Cogs, coupled with his ultimate ability, Hookshot, are key in catching Earthshaker from a long-range distance. As a result, Earthshaker cannot participate in team fights or escape from the Power Cogs. Ergo, This makes Earthshaker very easy to kill and reduces his immense damage output.

Clockwerk also acts as a tank to Earthshaker’s burst damage, coupled with a Pipe of Insight, and can absorb many damages. This can enable him to go toe to toe against Earthshaker while his allies kite him from afar. It also makes Clockwerk one of the Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2.


Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2

Disruptor is an Intelligence hero with long-range magic damage spells that can constantly harass Earthshaker from a distance. His Thunder Strike allows him to cancel Earthshaker’s Blink, therefore Earthshaker cannot participate in fights quite as efficiently as he would like to.

With a well-timed Static Storm from Disruptor, he can silence Earthshaker and deal large amounts of damage that can tick down Earthshaker’s Health Pool. Besides this, He can stop Earthshaker from Blinking away or initiating fights by simply using Glimpse to send him back to his original position.

His Glimpse Spell combined with his Kinetic Field provides more than enough lockdown to catch and kill Earthshaker successfully. Lastly, Disruptor can reduce Earthshaker’s threat by purchasing an item such as Force Staff which helps him escape or dislocate Earthshaker.


Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2

Lifestealer has a natural deterrent to Earthshaker’s biggest threat. He can easily use Rage to escape all of Earthshaker’s stuns and Magic Damage. He can also Initiate fights and catch Earthshaker by slowing him with Ghoul Frenzy.

With his movement, slow spell, and magic immunity, Lifestealer can easily get on top of Earthshaker. Although, if he does receive some critical damage, he can always steal HP from enemies by using his Passive. In addition to this, his ultimate ability allows him to Infest allies and run away once caught. All these skills make Lifestealer practically unkillable.


Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2

Sniper is a ranged hero that focuses on dishing out colossal amounts of physical damage from afar. Using Take Aim, Sniper can sit far back in the fight and constantly bully enemies. Suitably, it becomes tough to find and catch Sniper with good positioning.

Sniper also uses Shrapnel to further zone heroes and keep them out of range. Due to this, very few heroes threaten Sniper, and not focusing on him in fights is lethal to the enemy team. Additionally, Headshot mini-stuns enemies make it harder for Earthshaker to escape once he is in range of Sniper’s attacks.

Sniper can also use his low cooldown ultimate ability, Assassinate, to finish off Earthshaker when his HP drops low. These tactics make it hard for Earthshaker to position himself and execute his spells in the correct order.

Earthshaker is incredibly well-balanced support with good lockdown and high magic damage. These skills make a good Earthshaker player a very big threat to whoever he is up against. Therefore this article provides you with essential information on The Best Earthshaker Counters in Dota 2 and how to beat him in-game.

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