Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2

Earth Spirit is one of the most interesting heroes in Dota 2 due to the wide variety of disables he possesses. This enables him to function as versatile support that can change team fights and has the potential to win the early game for his team. This can make him a dangerous enemy, so it’s important to know the Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2.

His Arsenal consists of a stun, silence, and slow in all of his basic abilities. This allows him to aid his allies by setting up kills and disabling enemy heroes, reducing their overall potency. By using his abilities at the right time, Earth Spirit can impose great Crowd Control over his enemies.

Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2

The high number of disabling abilities also enables Earth Spirit to gank or initiate team fights. During the early game, his ganking potential makes it easy to secure kills. Since he isn’t item-dependent, he can wreck enemy heroes early on in the game. 

Having low cooldown spells allows him to quickly spam and jump from lane to lane, helping allies win their early game. This creates a domino effect that translates into an amazing late game for Earth Spirit’s allies and carries heroes. 

However, the hero does require timing and positioning. If he is not played aggressively, then his early game advantage becomes useless. Additionally, since the hero relies on his abilities, he needs the early XP to level up and use his abilities more potently. 

Earth Spirit

Kaolin, The Earth Spirit, mainly executes his abilities with the help of his remnants that can be placed with his Stone Remnant Ability. In addition, these Remnants are invulnerable and have a time duration of sixty seconds before they disappear. Earth Spirit can have a total of seven remnant charges, while each remnant takes 20 seconds to replenish. 

Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2

His First Ability is Boulder Smash, it allows Earth Spirit to target both enemies and allied heroes and his remnants. He can kick his targets away from himself, causing magical damage while also slowing enemies down. Hence, he can use this ability to disengage and initiate fights and provide ranged magical damage. 

His second Ability is the Rolling Boulder. This ability allows him to turn into a boulder and roll in any direction. If during his roll, he comes into contact with a remnant, the stun duration and distance of his roll are enhanced. Thus, he can pair this spell with Boulder Smash to quickly catch up to his enemies and slow them.

Geomagnetic Grip is an ability that utilizes its remnants once again. He can pull a remnant towards him, which will silence any enemy units in its pathway. Besides this, it also damages enemies and is essential in team fights as it renders spell casting heroes useless.

Lastly, Earth Spirit’s ultimate ability is Magnetize. This Ability deals with a lot of Magical Damage in half-second intervals. Correspondingly, if an affected hero is within close range of a remnant, the Magnetize debuff is refreshed, and other enemies around the remnant are also targeted. Thus, this ability can prove very beneficial in winning team fights.


Earth Spirit is a menace in the early game and can help his team completely dominate lanes. His High Mobility due to Rolling Boulder can lead to a lot of kills and allows him to be present in every single team fight. However, fear not, as this article will arm you with the Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2 and how they can help you win your games. 


Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2

One of the major counters to this support is Lion. Lion is a natural counter to earth spirit because of his Low Cooldown Disables. Furthermore, Lion’s Earth Spike and Hex are extremely useful in shutting Earth Spirit down. 

Earth Spike is a ranged stun ability that allows him to lock down Earth Spirit from far away while also dealing damage. In addition to this, Lion’s Hex ability handicaps Earth Spirit’s high mobility. Therefore, If used correctly, these abilities can disable Earth Spirit for a max of Six Seconds which is more than enough time for Lion’s allies to kill him.

Mana Drain is a powerful ability against a low mana pool hero like Earth Spirit. Since Earth Spirit is very dependent on his abilities, this consumes quite a lot of mana. Lion can drain all his Mana from a long-distance leaving Earth Spirit vulnerable and threatened. Finishing him off with Finger of Death deals high burst damage capable of killing Earth Spirit. 


Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2

Silencer is a Natural Counter to Earth Spirit due to his reliance on casting his abilities. Last Word ability can silence Earth Spirit for six seconds, giving his team enough time to kill Earth Spirit. Similarly, Silencer can also use Global Silence to easily incapacitate Earth Spirit with a silence of Six Seconds no matter where he is on the map.

Glaives of Wisdom can steal some of Earth Spirit’s Intelligence per hit and further cripple his mana pool. Consequently, having no mana and being silenced makes Earth Spirit useless, leaving him with little choice and forcing him to retreat. 


Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2

Omniknight is a tanky support hero, and with his Heavenly Grace Ability, he can dispel any of Earth Spirit’s debuffs. This makes Omniknight one of the Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2. 

Earth Spirit relies on his long-duration stun and silence during team fights to disable the enemy Carry. Omniknight can counter this and nullify Earth Spirit’s debuffs by Heavenly Grace. Suitably, Omniknight can also heal his allies with Purification, a low cooldown healing ability.

Lastly, with a Pipe of Insight, Omniknight can reduce the magic damage his team receives, therefore severely reducing Earth Spirit’s overall impact in fights.


Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2

Abbadon is also a tanky support who can function similar to Omniknight. Using his hard Dispel and Healing ability, Abaddon can counter all of Earth Spirit’s spells.

Abbadon can use his Aphotic Shield on allied heroes to dispel the effects of the Earth Spirit’s abilities. Moreover, this Shield also absorbs some of the magical damage that Earth Spirit may deal. Using it, Abaddon can also heal his teammates with the Mist Coil.

Besides this, Abaddon’s Curse of Avernus can allow him to fight Earth Spirit toe to toe. If he gets close to Earth Spirit and hits him consecutively, he will silence Earth Spirit for 4 seconds, allowing his teammates to move in and finish the kill. 

Abaddon’s ultimate ability is Borrowed Time. It makes him very tanky and unkillable for six seconds. He can pressure Earth Spirit and his enemies by pushing into their towers. This also acts as a debuff on Abbadon himself on activation.



Slark is an Agility hero that can deal immense physical damage from his attacks, this is great against a hero like Earth Spirit, who has low armor.

Using Pounce allows Slark to root Earth Spirit. Not only does this cut off his mobility, but it also restricts him from escaping the battlefield. Moreover, combine this with Slark’s high physical damage and kill Earth Spirit easily.

Slark can also debuff himself and cause magical damage with his Dark Pact Ability. With this in mind, if timed correctly, He can even dispel Kaolin’s silence from himself. Likewise, His Ultimate Ability also allows him to catch up to Earth Spirit and provides a good debuff while making him invulnerable.

Although Earth Spirit is a well-balanced Support and Strength-based initiator, the right draft and playstyle can help you win. This article provides you with all the information on the Best Earth Spirit Counters in Dota 2 to help you sustain your early game and gain more MMR.

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