How to Dye Your Armor in Minecraft

Do you want to make your armor more aesthetically pleasing in Minecraft?

The gameplay of Minecraft offers players to make their world more pleasing to the eye. For example, they can make a garden to make their homes more aesthetic by placing many flowers that Minecraft offers. Besides this, players can even create custom Dyes to dye Wool, Beds, and armor. This article will tell how to dye your armor in Minecraft.

Types of Dyes in Minecraft

How to Dye Your Armor in Minecraft

Minecraft Dyes, just like in real life, serve the purpose of giving color to different items. For instance, players can dye their Shulker Boxes, which can help differentiate them for better organization. Similarly, the player can also dye Concrete, Terracotta, which came out with recent updates. Also, players can dye Glass and decorate their homes with it.

They can even color the collars of their pets like Cats and Dogs, which gives a different look to each one. Players can even dye Sheep so they can collect different-colored Wool without having to dye each piece themselves.

Players can craft some Dyes with different flowers in Minecraft, while others require mixing certain Dyes. Likewise, there are other Dyes that players can create from other plants, vegetables, and rocks. The process of creating some Dyes is different, and listed below is how to craft all Dyes in Minecraft.

How to Craft Natural Dyes:

How to Dye Your Armor in Minecraft
  • Red Dye: With Beetroot present in Villiage Farms or with Roses, Red Tulips, and Poppies.
  • Blue Dye: With Lapis Lazuli which spawns deep underground or with Cornflowers.
  • Yellow Dye: With Dandelions or Sunflowers.
  • Green Dye: With Cactus which spawns in Desert biomes.
  • White: With Bone Meal, players can craft from Bones (Skeletons and loot chests).
  • Black: With Ink Sacs, which players get by killing Squids, or from Wither Roses, which spawn when the Wither kills an entity.
  • Brown: With Cocoa Beans that only spawn in Jungle Biomes.

How to Craft by Combining Dyes:

craft by combining dyes
  • Purple: By combining Blue and Red Dyes.
  • Cyan: By combining Blue and Green Dyes.
  • Grey: By combining Black and White Dyes.
  • Light Grey: By combining one Black Dye and two White Dyes, or one Gray Dye and one White Dye. Besides this, players can craft this by White Tulips, Oxeye Daisies, or Azure Bluet.
  • Pink: By combining Red and White Dyes. Also, from Peonies or Pink Tulips.
  • Lime Green: By combining Green and White Dyes. Also, from Sea Pickles which spawn deep underwater in Warm Ocean biomes. 
  • Light Blue: By combining Blue and White dyes. Blue orchids can also make this.
  • Magenta: By combing a Pink and Purple Dye. Also from one Blue, one White and two Red Dyes. Players can also use Lilacs or Alliums to craft this.
  • Orange Dye: By combining Red and Yellow Dyes. Also, from Orange Tulips. 

Leather Armor

Leather Armor

Collecting resources and crafting the Dyes is only one step of how to dye your armor in Minecraft. The other step is crafting armor which one can Dye. Interestingly, there is only one type of armor that players can dye. The Leather Armor is the weakest out of all armors but the only one that players can dye.

The recipe for Leather Armor is the same, but the resource important is Leather. There are multiple ways the player can gather Leather in Minecraft. Listed below are all the ways players can collect Leather.

Where to Find Leather

How to Dye Your Armor in Minecraft

The biggest source of Leather in Minecraft is by killing Cows. They mainly spawn in Jungle or Plains biomes, but overall they are present in most basic biomes. When players kill Cows, they drop up to two Leather which is a good source when multiple Cows are present. Moreover, players can breed them and make more Cows for more Leather.

Players can also get Leather by killing other animals like Horses, Mooshrooms, or even Llamas. However, these mobs are rarer than others, so it’s better to look for Cows instead. Horses spawn in Savannah and Plains biomes, while Llamas spawn in Savannah and Mountain Biomes. Mooshrooms only spawn in Mushroom Field biomes which is the rarest.

Hoglins are also mobs that drop Leather when players kill them. However, they only spawn in the Nether, that too in Crimson Forest biomes so it’s wasting time to look for them. Aside from mobs, players can also find Leather in loot chests in randomly generated structures. For example, Villages are a great source of loot chests.

Desert Temples are another great source of Leather in loot chests. Another source is a Bastion Remnant in the Nether, where there are a lot of chests with multiple pieces of Leather. While in the Nether, the player can even barter with Piglins for Leather by giving them Gold Ingots. However, this way is a little more expensive relative to other ways.

Lastly, the player can go fishing to find Leather. While the main purpose of fishing is to collect different forms of fish, a junk item players can get is Leather. However, this method is not efficient and should be a last resort. Overall, there are a lot of sources for collecting Leather and making Leather Armor.

How to Dye Leather Armor – Java Edition

How to Dye Your Armor in Minecraft

Now that the player has the Leather Armor and Dyes, the main question is how to dye your armor in Minecraft. Fortunately, this guide will tell how to color Leather Armor in the player’s favorite color. Interestingly, there are different ways of dyeing armor in the Java and Bedrock Edition. 

To dye in the Java Edition, the player just needs two resources. Specifically, a piece of Leather Armor and any colored Dye. Next, place these two resources in the Crafting Grid and collect the colored Leather Armor. This procedure is simple and the player just needs to spend time collecting resources.

How to Dye Leather Armor – Bedrock Edition

How to Dye Your Armor in Minecraft

The procedure of dyeing armor in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft may seem long, but it’s simple enough. Firstly, the player has to gather ten pieces of Iron Ingots to craft a Bucket and Cauldron. A Bucket needs three Iron Ingots, and the player simply has to put them in a V shape in the Crafting Grid.

The Cauldron requires seven Iron Ingots. To craft this, the player needs to place the Iron Ingots in a U shape in the Crafting Table. Specifically, three Iron Ingots in a vertical line on the right and left sides with one at the bottom. This will craft the Cauldron, which the player can place on any surface by right-clicking when it’s selected.

The player has to fill this Cauldron with water, so the Bucket is important. First, fill the Bucket with water from any water source, which gives the player a Water Bucket. Next, use this on the Cauldron by right-clicking to transfer the water. Now, the player has to equip any colored Dye and throw it in the Cauldron.

This will color the water in the Cauldron, and now the player can dye his armor. To do this, select the piece of Leather Armor and simply right-click on the Cauldron to dye it. Repeat this process with the entire set of Leather Armor, and now the player has their own customized Leather Armor set. 

The possibilities in Minecraft are endless, and players have so many choices to change how their world looks. Dyes play an essential part in this process. Hopefully, this article on how to dye your armor in Minecraft will help you in collecting and dyeing your armor in your favorite color. 

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