Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone

The meta of Call of Duty Warzone has undergone many changes with every new version and patch. In particular, the weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and the map have gone through massive updates. Consequently, where you should land constantly changes as well. Listed below are the Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone for you in this update.

The meta of Call of Duty Warzone is dynamic, and nothing stays the same after updating the game. Therefore, you need to be careful of where you land, as it may not benefit this patch. In sum, every new update introduces new Points of Interest that increase your chances of winning.

When playing a Battle Royale like Call of Duty Warzone, you should be attentive to where to start your game. Similarly, be mindful of which location is closer to your trajectory and where players will be abundant. Overall, planning where there will be more loot and fewer players is the key to victory.

Particular locations give you an advantage at the start and instantly increase your survival chances. For example, some locations have more chests and vehicles nearby for mobility. To summarize, checking everything in and around the location is essential. 

Top Drop Spots

Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone

There are a lot of locations that you can drop in Call of Duty Warzone, but some provide more benefits. In addition, the trajectory of your helicopter and free fall distance also matters for where to land. This guide will tell you about the Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone and what makes them ideal.


Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone

Superstore is one of the hottest landing spots, as always, many people land there. Besides, there’s a ton of loot available in chests and randomly on the floor, so you can quickly gear up. In addition, there are multiple vehicles in the area, so you can disengage from fights and flee.

This landing spot is perfect for aggressive players as you will get a lot of action through encounters with enemies. Moreover, you can collect a lot of cash here to buy your equipment like Loadout Drop Marker or UAV. Overall, this location is perfect for people who like to fight from the start.

The superstore also is between other locations with great loot, like Storage Town and Factory. Additionally, you can encounter more enemies to kill if you want a high kill game. To summarize, Superstore is the best spot for players with an offensive playstyle.


Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone

Hospital has been one of the Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone since the game’s release. In particular, the loot abundance and multiple enemy encounters, along with a helicopter spawn, make this an ideal choice. On the whole, this place is best when you’re playing in Trios or Quads.

The Hospital is an enormous building with many rooms and tight staircases to hide and find loot in. Besides this, Hospital is almost in the middle of the Verdansk map, so many players drop here. Aside from this, this place connects to other popular locations, so you can find more loot.

The helicopter spawn is the main selling point of this location. Specifically, helicopters are one of the best and safest ways to travel in Verdansk, so everyone wants them. Many players drop here to claim it, but they miss and get left behind at Hospital. Because of this, you encounter many opponents, so be careful when dropping here.

TV Station

Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone

TV Station, better known as Broadcast to old players of the Call of Duty franchise, is an amazing landing spot. Broadcast was a significant part of Modern Warfare One and a multiplayer map in the game, too. Surprisingly, when on the release of Warzone and TV Station, players immediately flooded the location because of nostalgia.

TV Station is in the dead center of Verdansk, which makes it the perfect choice regardless of where the circle is. Besides this, the TV Station is a vast building with multiple floors, various rooms, and a huge exterior. Overall, this landing spot is enormous and perfect if you’re in a Trio or Squad.

There is floor loot, chests, and hiding spots throughout the main building. Aside from this, there is a helicopter on the roof of the TV Station. Moreover, a Buy Station is near the main building so that you can loot and buy the necessary equipment. 

The TV Station is best for players who like to start fighting as soon as they drop. The helicopter and nostalgia of this location and the position on the map attract players to drop here. In short, this is a prime drop spot for players who want to fight, loot, and have an escape route.

Military Base

Military Base

The Military Base is on the north side of the map and on the high ground. Therefore, making it amazing to rotate after you’re done looting or just to camp for a while. Aside from this, many teams drop here to have fights if you want, or just chill hiding. Overall, it’s a remarkable dropping spot for all players.

Military Base offers a decent amount of loot, along with places to hide. In addition, there are vehicles available to make your escape and also Buy Stations to buy utilities. In summary, this place gives you a good start if you survive and is the best for future movements.



Boneyard has been a peak, dropping spot since the game’s release because of the benefits it gives. Specifically, there are a lot of crates, floor loot, and Cash available for you to buy equipment. In addition, there are many Buy Stations so you can choose where you can spend your Cash.

The Boneyard is on the extreme center west side of the map, making it perfect for rotations. For example, you can move north towards Storage Town or south, leading to Train Station and Promenade West. Moreover, you can hide here as hiding spots are abundant here.

The resources and benefits it offers attract many players to this location, so you encounter many opponents. For this reason, it’s perfect for aggressive Trios or Squads who love action from the get-go.



Summit is northwest on the Map, where the old dam once was. This location is huge, with different parts spreading across a wide land. In particular, there are east, center, and west sections of this place with an abundance of loot and hiding locations.

The sections are in contact with cable cars and zip lines, so you can loot one part and move on. Besides this, there are two helicopter spawning pads, each on the opposite end, so you can escape with them. Aside from this, there is a lot of loot, making it perfect for Trios and Quads.


Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone

Array, unlike the previous spots, is best for Solos and Duos. Opposite the TV Station, you can locate an enormous metal structure that marks Array, along with different buildings. Moreover, this position on the map makes it amazing for rotations, as you can go anywhere from here.

The buildings contain numerous chests and floor loot, and some vehicle spawns. In addition, this is a low-key spot, so very few enemies drop here, making it perfect for Solo games. Overall, this place is ideal if you don’t like fights and play passively. 

The correct landing spot in a Battle Royale game like Warzone is the first step to victory. Hopefully, this guide on the Top Drop Spots in Call of Duty Warzone helps you win your games.

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