What Happens When You Drop Infused Weapons in Deathloop?

Wondering what will happen if you drop infused weapons in Deathloop?

After being moved several times, Arkane Studios’ Deathloop is finally out in the market. The game is currently available for the Playstation 5 and PC. However, we expect the game to roll out to more platforms once the exclusivity deal with Sony is over. 

In Deathloop, you’ll play the role of Colt Vahn. An assassin trapped in a time loop on the island of Blackreef. Your main objective in the game is to execute the Visionaries to break the loop.

When you’re just starting in Deathloop, one of the most frustrating things is that you can’t carry over any items you’ve gathered during the day. This can put you at a disadvantage once the next loop starts. 

Fortunately, the game offers weapon infusion, which allows you to save your gears, weapons, and Slabs so you can carry them over for the next loop. 

If you’re here, you probably wonder what will happen if you drop infused weapons in Deathloop? 

Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about weapon infusion and what will happen to infused weapons in Deathloop. 

Let’s get started!

What is Infusion in Deathloop?

One of the first things that you should unlock in Deathloop is Infusion. This allows you to stop your gears, weapons, and Slabs from disappearing after every time loop. Infusion will also save your items in case you die in the game. 

After exploring Blackreef for a while, you will notice the glowing objects on the island that you can’t interact with. 

drop infused weapons in Deathloop

The reason for this is that you haven’t unlocked Residuum and weapon infusion yet. 

Residuum is the material that powers the time loop in the game. If you infuse your weapons with it, they will be immune to the loop and won’t disappear from your inventory. 

What Happens When You Drop Infused Weapons? 

If you’re worried about dropping your infused weapons in the game, you can relax. All infused weapons and slabs in Deathloop will be permanently saved in your inventory regardless of what happens. 

This means that if you drop them during a run or leave them behind a time loop, you’ll only lose them during that day. 

drop infused weapons in Deathloop

Once the time loop resets, they will be back in your inventory like nothing happened. 

In fact, we suggest dropping your infused items without hesitation if you come across Purple or Gold weapons to farm more Residuum between your runs. 

This way, you can go back to the tunnels with new items to either infuse or scrap for extra Residuum. 

What Are the Best Weapons to Infuse in Deathloop?

drop infused weapons in Deathloop

If you’re looking for the best weapons to infuse in Deathloop, we recommend the ones mentioned in the list below. These weapons will help you deal with enemies in a handful of ways and give you flexibility during combat. 

  • Tribunal – You can get this gun by purchasing the Deluxe version of Deathloop. However, you can also obtain the Tribunal from enemies after killing them.
  • Constancy Automatic – This gun is owned by Frank Spicer, one of the Visionaries. You can obtain it by killing Frank in his club.
  • Strelak Verso – This powerful pistol can be obtained by completing the ‘In This Together’ lead in The Complex at noon.
  • Sepulchra Breteira – Follow the Arsenal lead Keep on Giving to obtain this sniper rifle in Deathloop. 
  • Heritage Gun – You can get the Heritage Gun after finishing the Super Shifty Arsenal lead in Karl’s Bay in the evening. 

To learn more about the locations of these weapons, please visit our dedicated guide to help you out. 

That’s everything you need to know about what will happen if you drop infused weapons in Deathloop. If you have further questions, let us know in the comment section, and we’ll be glad to answer them. 

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