An image of Dragon Eggs in Valheim.

How to Find and Use Dragon Eggs in Valheim

Have you made use of Dragon Eggs in Valheim yet?

Of the countless activities, structures to build, recipes to cook, and monsters to battle in Valheim, some of them seem to stand out above the rest. Moder is one of the toughest bosses to fight in the game, and finding a way to summon him is also one of the hardest tasks. The final item you will need to summon this boss are some Dragon Eggs.

Dragon Eggs are very rare items that can only be found in the mountains. These dangerous areas are home to many lethal creatures as well as a very tough environmental debuff to deal with. Many players prefer to explore the mountains with a full group of players so they can support each other.

If you are looking to summon and fight Moder soon, check out our detailed guide on how to find Dragon Eggs in Valheim.

The Fourth Boss: Moder

An image of Moder, the fourth boss in Valheim.

Moder is the fourth boss in the game. This ancient creature is one of the most popular bosses for several reasons. First, Moder has a regal, majestic look. This gigantic frost dragon is accented with black scales and wings, as well as white fur. Her size and presence alone are enough to scare the bravest of Vikings.

Next, Moder is also one of the most powerful bosses you will encounter in Valheim. Located in the Mountains, you will find her in the Forsaken Altar somewhere near the summit. It will take a few steps to find and activate the Altar, which requires you to place some Dragon Eggs on it.

This boss starts off in the air but may also choose to land while fighting you. Her massive aura also gives a Freezing Effect to all players nearby. While airborne, Moder will bombard you with ice projectiles that are quite spread out. These are very strong, dealing 200 Pickaxe, Chop, and Frost damage while also hitting you for 30 Pierce. In melee mode, Moder will claw or bite at you for much more damage than the ranged ones.

If you defeat Moder, she will drop a Dragon Tear, Moder Trophy, and Moder Power. These will come in handy later, as the Dragon Tear is rumored to be crafted into special items or structures upon future updates. Fighting Moder is a tough task, so it is done best with a full squad of powerful players. If you have friends that play Valheim, you may want to set up a game plan together.

Dragon Eggs in Valheim

An image of Dragon Eggs in Valheim.

Dragon Eggs are items that are required for summoning the fourth Valheim boss, Moder. You will need three of these to complete that process. Dragon Eggs are fairly heavy items, weighing around 200 pounds each. As a result, one person will not be able to carry more than a single Dragon Egg at one time. If you are playing alone, you may have to take three different trips to transport three Dragon Eggs to where you need to go.

They are also considered raw metals, so you cannot bring them through portals for fast travel. If you want to avoid having to take multiple trips, you should try to find companions to help carry your other Dragon Eggs. However, you will also need to make quite a journey before finding Dragon Eggs, so you have to prepare for that as well.

How to Find Dragon Eggs

An image of how to find Dragon Eggs in Valheim.

Finding Dragon Eggs takes some preparation. First, you need to make your way to the Mountain biome. As one of the hardest environments to explore, make sure you bring armor that keeps you warm, while trying to stay light on your feet. The Mountains will force you to jump and climb up, which spends a lot of your stamina. Bring as much food as you can to replenish that loss quickly.

The Mountain biome is full of dangerous creatures like drakes, stone golems, and wolves. Bring a decent weapon and some good armor to protect yourselves from these monsters. Next, look for drakes. This is because drakes usually guard their nests, which is where you can actually find Dragon Eggs. You will find either one or no Dragon Eggs in the nest, so just keep looking if you do not find one.

If you have a Forge, a Cauldron, and a Fermenter, you will be able to craft some essential items for your journey. By combining 2 Bloodbags, 1 Greydwarf Eye, 10 Honey, and 5 Thistle, you can craft a Frost Resistance Mead. This potion will disable the Freezing effect of the Mountain biome for 10 minutes. Brew and bring as much of this potion as you can to stay warm in the very cold terrain.

Finally, once you find drakes guarding a nest, make sure you defeat them cleanly and without taking too much damage. Drakes are very aggressive creatures that deal 90 Frost Damage. They are said to be children of Moder, so it is somewhat personal if you plan to use the Dragon Eggs to summon their mother.

How to Use Dragon Eggs

An image of the Forsaken Altar of Moder.

Once you have three Dragon Eggs and have brought them all the way to the Mountain biome where Moder resides, you can begin the summoning process. Look for Moder’s Forsaken Altar, which you should be familiar with at this point. Once you get there, place a single Dragon Egg on each bowl of the Altar and leave it there.

If you have placed all three Dragon Eggs, the Altar should react and begin to summon the fourth boss in Valheim. Be careful, as Moder comes pretty quickly once you complete the offering. If you are not ready for a fight, she may take you out in a few quick attacks.

Before placing the Dragon Eggs on the bowls, make sure your entire team is ready. Check on everyone if they have armor and their best weapons equipped. Remind them to eat food or drink potions to stock up on health and stamina as much as possible.

Once your team is ready, place those rare eggs on the Altar and wait for Moder to arrive. Work with your team to defeat her and be one of the few hero Vikings to have ever defeated the fourth boss in Valheim.

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