Disney Dreamlight Valley Map and Location Guide

Are you looking for a Disney Dreamlight Valley map and location guide?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the latest life simulation game developed by Gameloft. Dreamlight Valley taking the community by storm since it features some of the best Disney and Pixar characters. 

The best thing about it is that players can get to know and hang out with Disney characters in the Valley. 

Besides building relationships with your favorite characters, there are also different biomes and areas to explore in the game. You will also uncover various items and storylines that are crucial to the game’s lore. 

Given that the game is still new, many players are still not familiar with the valley and struggle to locate various areas. 

To help the community, we’ve decided to make a Disney Dreamlight Valley map and location guide. 

Let’s begin!



The Plaza is the starting area in the game and where you’ll begin your journey in Dreamlight Valley. It contains Mickey Mouse’s home, a shuttered Chez Remy restaurant, and a run-down store owned by Scrooge McDuck. 

Being the central area of the game, the Plaza is an ideal spot for keeping your home and establishing your farm. 

It is also a good idea to move the homes of some villagers in the Plaza, where possible. 

  • Unlock Cost – NONE
  • Fruit – Apple Tree
  • Disney Characters – Mickey Mouse, Merlin, Minnie Mouse, Scrooge McDuck
  • Crops Available – NONE
  • Vegetables/Spices – Oregano
  • Berry Bushes – Raspberry
  • Other Items – Topaz, Garnet

The Castle

The Castle

The Castle is a massive structure that serves a specific purpose in the game. This building lets you transport to other Realms of famous Disney films. More importantly, it also allows you to bring new characters into the Valley. 

  • Unlock Cost – 2000 Dreamlight
  • Fruit – NONE
  • Disney Characters – VARIOUS
  • Crops Available – NONE
  • Vegetables/Spices – NONE
  • Berry Bushes – NONE
  • Other Items – NONE

Peaceful Meadow

Peaceful Meadow

The Peaceful Meadow is the first area players will unlock after unlocking the tools at the start of the game. Aside from being home to Goofy, it also features a hub that leads players to a few other zones. 

This is also the first area where you will be able to do fishing. 

Peaceful Meadow is also home to a ruined building. This can be turned into a Garden that can be manned by Wall-E once you visit his Realm and complete his questline. 

  • Unlock Cost – NONE
  • Fruit – Banana Tree
  • Disney Characters – Goofy
  • Crops Available – Lettuce, Wheat, Carrot
  • Vegetables/Spices – Basil
  • Berry Bushes – Raspberry Bush
  • Other Items – Garnet, Peridot

Dazzle Beach

disney dreamlight valley map and location guide

Dazzle Beach is a beach in the Valley and is home to Ursula. Besides that, it also features a massive open body of water that is perfect for buildings that can’t be placed on land, like Maui’s home. 

This area is also where Donald Duck’s ruined houseboat sits. It is also home to the Mystical Cave and the location of the difficult “With Great Power” quest. 

Lastly, Dazzle Beach has an old boat that you can repair together with Moana. This boat will automatically collect fish for free once fixed. 

  • Unlock Cost – 1000 Dreamlight
  • Fruit – Banana Tree
  • Disney Characters – Ursula, Ariel
  • Crops Available – Corn, Sugarcane, Tomato
  • Vegetables/Spices – NONE
  • Berry Bushes – Blueberry Bush
  • Other Items – Pebbles, Peridot, Aquamarine, Scallops, Clams, Sand, Oysters, Sea Stones

Glade of Trust

Glade of Trust

The Glade of Trust is quite a scary location, contrary to its name. It is home to large mushrooms that can’t be destroyed until you have completed a specific quest with Merlin. 

  • Unlock Cost – 5000 Dreamlight
  • Fruit – Cocoa Tree, Lemon Tree
  • Disney Characters – Mother Gothel
  • Crops Available – Okra, Rice, Spinach
  • Vegetables/Spices – Mushroom
  • Berry Bushes – NONE 
  • Other Items – Hardwood, Citrine, Clay, Iron Ore, Emerald, Large Mushrooms

Forest of Valor

disney dreamlight valley map and location guide

The Forest of Valor is a 2-in-1 deal. You will get access to Kristoff and Donald Duck right away, and it gives you a second area where you can mine Iron. This is an essential resource in the game so make sure to collect them at every opportunity. 

Forest of Valor is also home to a magical ice cave that is connected to Anna and Elsa’s questlines. 

However, much of the area is blocked by mushrooms, and you will need to complete a quest with Anna to gain the ability to destroy them. The area also contains Kristoff’s and Anna’s homes. 

  • Unlock Cost – 3000 Dreamlight
  • Fruit – Lemon Tree
  • Disney Characters – Donald Duck, Kristoff
  • Crops Available – Canola, Onion, Bell Pepper
  • Vegetables/Spices – Garlic
  • Berry Bushes – Blueberry Bush
  • Other Items – Pebbles, Hardwood, Iron Ore, Emerald, Aquamarine

Sunlit Plateau

disney dreamlight valley map and location guide

The Sunlit Plateau is clearly themed after The Lion King film. While none of the movie’s characters are present in the game yet, you can obtain Dry Wood, Gold Nugget, and some new crops in this area. 

Sadly, some parts of the Sunlit Plateau are blocked by giant bones that you cannot destroy. Probably, one of the Lion King characters will teach you how you can destroy them. 

  • Unlock Cost – 7000 Dreamlight
  • Fruit – Cocoa Tree, Cherry Tree
  • Disney Characters – NONE
  • Crops Available – Zucchini, Soya, Cotton, Chili Pepper
  • Vegetables/Spices – Vanilla
  • Berry Bushes – NONE
  • Other Items – Gold Nugget, Iron Ore, Dry Wood, Clay, Pebbles, Tourmaline, Citrine

Frosted Heights

disney dreamlight valley map and location guide

This area in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a chilly place. Naturally, you can find Snowballs here, along with some other goodies. 

  • Unlock Cost – 10000 Dreamlight
  • Fruit – Cherry Tree
  • Disney Characters – NONE
  • Crops Available – Cucumber, Asparagus, Eggplant
  • Vegetables/Spices – Mint
  • Berry Bushes – Gooseberry Bush
  • Other Items – Gold Nugget, Snowball, Iron Ore, Hardwood, Amethys, Dry Wood

Forgotten Lands

disney dreamlight valley map and location guide

The Forgotten Lands is the last village/zone you can access in Dreamlight Valley during its launch version. No characters are in this area just yet, but it appears to be themed after Cinderella. 

  • Unlock Cost – 15000 Dreamlight
  • Fruit – Apple Tree
  • Disney Characters – NONE
  • Crops Available – Pumpkin, Potato, Leek
  • Vegetables/Spices – Ginger
  • Berry Bushes – Gooseberry Bush
  • Other Items – Crystal, Clay, Pebble, Dark Wood, Gold Nugget, Iron Ore, Amethyst, Diamond

Fast Travel in Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can fast travel by interacting with any of the wells in the world. The Wells need to be repaired for each village or zone before they will work. Each well also cannot leave its zone, but you can move it anywhere within, including the other side of barriers you cannot break. 

In addition, players can open up the Dreamlight Valley map and click on the Castle. This should bring up a menu that will let you travel to other villages and realms you have unlocked. 

That wraps up our Disney Dreamlight Valley map and location guide. If you have questions or other concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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