Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the latest life-simulation game from Gameloft that is taking Disney fans and the gaming community by storm. Sharing an interactive world with Disney characters has always been a dream for many Disney fans, and Dreamlight Valley offers just that. 

Being a life-simulator, Dreamlight Valley requires players to join in many activities in the open world, like foraging, mining, farming, and cooking. 

These tasks can be done alone or with a Disney character in tow to increase levels. 

However, the most popular activity among Dreamlight players is farming, which involves growing crops, harvesting fresh produce, and sowing the land. 

If you are planning to get started on farming, we’ve got you covered. 

Today, we’ve decided to make a Disney Dreamlight Valley farming guide to help out new players just like you. 

Without further delays, let’s get started!

The Basics

Like in real life, farming in Dreamlight Valley requires players to invest time and effort into this activity. It is also an essential skill in the Valley since you will need different kinds of vegetables to cook various meals. 

Donald Duck Farming

Crops that you can harvest might also be required for specific quests coming from different NPCs in the game. 

For this purpose, it is recommended to grow your own vegetables, as buying them every time you need them for a certain recipe or quest is an unnecessary waste of your Star Coins. 

Getting Started

To get started with farming, you will first need a few key items. If you are new to the game, you’ll want to collect these Royal Tools as soon as possible. The Shovel and the Watering Can are the primary tools you’ll need in the Valley. 

These tools will allow you to dig the ground for sowing seeds as well as water those seeds to make them grow into produce. 

Watering Can

disney dreamlight valley farming guide

Players can get this item quite early on as they are clearing the area around their houses of Night Thorns and other obstacles. From your house, head around the back from the left, and you will find the watering can next to some broken barrels. 


For the Shovel, players will have to go across the Plaza from their house. They will come across the broken-down restaurant of Chef Remy. You can find the shovel right by the restaurant’s entrance near a lamp post. 

disney dreamlight valley farming guide

Pick up the shovel, and you’re almost complete with your farming journey. 

Gathering the Seeds

Once you’ve gathered the required tools for farming, the last item you will need in the game is seeds. Fortunately, these are not hard to come by in the game. The most basic kinds are carrot and lettuce seeds, which can be obtained as drops for clearing up Night Thorns around the Valley. 

If you want a more reliable way to get seeds, you can head over to Goofy’s shop, where he will offer you wheat seeds. You can upgrade his shop so he can sell you lettuce and carrot seeds. 

Plant the Seeds

Now that you have all the materials and tools needed for farming, you can now find a nice empty lot to grow your crops. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Start off by digging holes in the ground using the shove you’ve obtained. 
  2. After digging enough holes, approach them and sow seeds in each hole. Sown seeds will be shown as small dry plants in the game. 
  3. Once done, use your watering can to water each of the plants. If the plants have been watered, they will turn green and show water falling down from them. 
disney dreamlight valley farming guide

Like in real life, players will have to wait around a bit for the plants to grow. The time your crops grow also depends on what seed you’ve planted. To maximize your productivity, try doing other tasks while waiting for your plants to grow. 

After a while, come back to your crops, and you’ll see that your plants have produce ready to pick. Grab them from the plants by pressing the “Harvest” prompt on your screen, and you will get yourself some vegetables. 

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Seeds and Growth Time

PlantGrowth TimeSell Price
Wheat1 minute2 Star Coins
Lettuce3 minutes8 Star Coins
Carrot15 minutes44 Star Coins
Sugarcane7 minutes19 Star Coins
Tomato25 minutes22 Star Coins
Corn12 minutes16 Star Coins
Bell pepper15 minutes33 Star Coins
Canola35 minutes109 Star Coins
Onion75 minutes170 Star Coins
Rice50 minutes61 Star Coins
Spinach60 minutes41 Star Coins
Okra120 minutes114 Star Coins
Chili pepper45 minutes78 Star Coins
Cotton25 minutes37 Star Coins
Zucchini40 minutes52 Star Coins
Soya90 minutes69 Star Coins
Cucumber75 minutes159 Star Coins
Eggplant180 minutes308 Star Coins
Asparagus165 minutes133 Star Coins
Pumpkin240 minutes664 Star Coins
Potato35 minutes126 Star Coins
Leek120 minutes309 Star Coins

That ends our Disney Dreamlight Valley farming guide. If you have questions or clarifications about farming, drop a comment below, and we’ll be glad to help.

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