Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley is not just a place to make friends and plant crops. Players can also interact with the animals lurking around the Valley. There are a handful of animals to find in the game, and players can tame them all and make them companions. 

To do this, players will need to feed them with food. However, each animal type only eats a specific food. 

For instance, rabbits only eat lettuce, and crocodiles prefer eating lobsters. 

On top of their favorite food, critters/animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley are also elusive to strangers. To greet a critter correctly, players will have to approach them in the right way. 

If you are not careful, animals in the Valley will run away. Some of them are quite clever as well, like raccoons and crocodiles. These creatures will immediately flee the area if you get too close too fast. 

Today, we’ve decided to make a Disney Dreamlight Valley critters guide to help you tame all the animals around. 

Let’s get started!

What Are Critters in Dreamlight Valley? 

Critters in the game are adorable creatures that roam the world, such as birds and squirrels. Players probably noticed them by now but might not know that they can actually interact with them. 

Each village or zones in Dreamlight Valley’s map has its own unique critter, and each has several variants. 

disney dreamlight valley critters guide

Generally, different variations of critters in the valley show up depending on the day. 

These variations of critters, however, are purely cosmetic and do not appear to matter for much. Unless you are trying to collect each variant. 

Players can add critters to their collection in Dreamlight Valley by feeding them their favorite food. The best way to find their favorite food is by experimenting with items one at a time until you find the correct one. 

Think carefully about them too. It makes sense that a squirrel in real life would love a peanut, and the same principle applies in the game. 

disney dreamlight valley critters guide

Although the squirrels in the Plaza are cooperative, other animals in the Valley may not be so nice. The Rabbits in Peaceful Meadow, for instance, enjoy running away from players if they get too close. 

Sadly, it seems that some of these little guys are stubborn to take a free meal sometimes. 

Animals in Dreamlight Valley


  • Eats Orange Houseleek
  • You don’t need any trick. Approach them, and they will take your food


  • Eats Lobsters
  • Approach the crocodile until it crouches low. Don’t take any step further, or it will get tense. Wait for the croc to calm down, then take another step forward. Wait for it to calm down and take another step
  • Repeat the process until you get close enough to feed


  • Eats White Sturgeon
  • Walk to the fox, and it will flee. Make it flee three more times, and it will stop, allowing you to approach it. Feed the Fox to tame it.


  • Eats Lettuce
  • To feed a rabbit, approach it until it runs away. Repeat the process three more times until it tires out. Feed the critter afterward. 


  • Eats Blueberries
  • Walk towards the raccoon until it crouches down. Step closer until they stand up. When they stand, stay still until it crouches again. Step closer again and repeat until you are close enough to feed it. 


  • Eats apples. 
  • Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley won’t run away. Approach them, and they will happily take the apple. 


  • Eats Seaweed
  • When you approach, the turtle will hide inside its shell. Keep still and wait for it to pop back out. Feed the turtle afterward. 


Sunbirds don’t need to be approached in a special way. Similar to regular birds, just walk up to them and feed them. However, they require very specific food. 

  • Emerald Sunbird – Green Passion Lily
  • Red Sunbird – Red Bromeliad
  • Golden Sunbird – Orange Houseleek

That ends our Disney Dreamlight Valley critters guide. If you have questions or other concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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