Disney Dreamlight Valley Building Upgrade Guide

Looking for a Disney Dreamlight Valley building upgrade guide?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the latest life simulators and adventure games developed by Gameloft. In the game, players will need to help their favorite Disney and Pixar characters get rid of dark magic affecting their memories. 

Being a survival game, players will need to loot, find, and scrap various items in the valley to progress their gameplay. 

Your house is where you can store items in the Valley, replenish your energy, collect mail, and create a community composed of different Disney characters. However, the house you start with in the game is the run-down shack given by Merlin, which is not that magical at all. 

To turn it into something inspiring, players will need to take on a few missions to upgrade their houses. 

Today, we’ve decided to make a Disney Dreamlight Valley building upgrade guide to help you out. 

Let’s begin!

Interior Upgrades

If you have furniture items available in your inventory at the start of the game, you will be able to make your house look fresher right away. To use your items, access the Furniture page in your inventory and choose the item you want to place in your house/room.

An effective starting renovation method is redoing the walls and flooring of the shack. Choose patterns from the Floor and Wallpaper page to set the designs for your room. 

Flooring Options Dreamlight

Fortunately, players can collect some basic items during the initial missions while clearing the ground and opening chests. 

Players can collect furniture items from many places in the valley while exploring and earning quest rewards. You can also earn furniture rewards from learning new item recipes in Dreamlight Valley. 

Once Scrooge McDuck’s store is open, players can also buy new furniture from him. You can check out our detailed guide to unlock Scrooge’s store. 

Placing and Removing Furniture

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can remove furniture by accessing the Furniture tab and minimizing the item selection menu so that they can choose the items to interact within the world. 

This is also how you would pick something in the game. 

disney dreamlight valley building upgrade guide

Your house starts with a bunch of broken and dirty furnishings, which you will likely want to remove. With some items, such as the windows and cobwebbed chandelier, it is less obvious that you can remove them, but it is possible. 

As you place an item, you can also pan the camera around the area you’ll place the item. These two navigational controls can become out of sync, making for odd viewing angles occasionally. 

Making Your House Bigger

As you progress your game, you’ll likely come across more furniture that you’ll want to put in your house. However, the initial house you’ll get in the game only has limited space, and you’ll fill it up with items in no time. 

Due to this, you’ll likely want to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley to accommodate more items and furnishing. 

Add a Room Dreamlight

To upgrade the house in the Valley, players must complete the quest Dreamligth Valley Economy 101, which is given by Scrooge McDuck after completing the grand re-opening of his store. 

The main goal of this quest is to inject money into the economy. To do this, you must sell precious gemstones to Goofy at one of his stores. 

You can mine gems at mineral deposits in the valley. These look like dark pointy rocks in gaps in walls. Keep in mind that not all mineral deposits contain precious stones. 

disney dreamlight valley building upgrade guide

However, the ones with shiny points jutting out do. 

Increasing Room Size

Scrooge McDuck will have installed a special elevator in your home, which allows you to invest in your property and access upgrades for the rooms and eventually install new rooms and floors. 

  • Head to your house and enter the elevator. 
  • From there, spend the coins on increasing the size of your main room.
  • The first upgrade will cost 1000 coins, and the second one is 2000 coins. 

After the second room upgrade, you will see that the other rooms connecting to the main room are now available. However, you will need to upgrade your house a few more times to add more rooms. 

Upgrading Your House

Once you tell Scrooge McDuck that you have followed his advice, you can now renovate your house’s exterior. 

A sign outside the house will indicate that Scrooge will upgrade the property, like the ones outside other buildings unlocked up to this point. Interact with the sign and pay 2000 coins for the renovation. 

That ends our Disney Dreamlight Valley building upgrade guide. If you have questions or any other concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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